Looking for a good listen as the kids do some crafts or build lego? The Last Archer is now streaming for free on YouTube at the link below. This is part of S.D. Smith's Green Ember series, and all you really need to know to set the stage is that rabbits are at war with wolves, and that the rabbit king was betrayed by a member of the rabbit Longtreader family, so now all rabbits are suspicious of all Longtreaders... even though the rest of them are fighting hard for the heir. Click here to listen. And get a free pretty cool coloring page here.

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RP's top articles of 2022

What were the most popular articles of the last year? 

Paul Bartels: from carpenter
to high school shop teacher

There are all sorts of reasons to consider teaching and in this interview, Paul Bartels offers up his own.

One Reformed Christian seeks his day in court

The vaccine mandates are over; the Truckers Convoy is history. So why then is Harold Jonker eager to still test his case in the courts?

The "52 in 22" challenge finale!

12 months ago, a lawyer, a minister, and an editor challenged each other to read 52 books by year's end. How did they do? And which of their reads should you tackle in 2023?

Bone growth requires brilliant design

Dutch woman draws 6 pictures as once / Benefits of working a job for a long time / Blaise Pascal, with four rules for mocking God's enemies / Preparing kids against pornography / Why does Socialism fail?

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Are you excited to learn Redeemers' academic mission through the overall development of the faculty, research, teaching curriculum and program development?

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