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An Australian couple, stopped from
fostering for being Christian, wins their case

" enormous shortage of families willing to provide foster care in Western Australia, the agency did not believe that the Hordyks were fit to give a home to needy children, simply because of their Christian view of homosexuality."

"good" vs. good

Who gets to define what "marriage" is, when "life" begins, what "gender" you are, how to have "safe sex," and what's "good" for you and your neighbor?

FREE: 13 hours of animated fun for the family

These dialogue-free, 5-7 minute comic gems will tickle parental funny bones too. And there's more than 13 hours worth available for free!

BC teacher fired for refusing to back down

A teacher was fired this week for saying that residential school deaths were due more to TB than torture...

The most dangerous type of parenting

Don't just vote / What do Christians make such a big deal about sex? / Is this the dawn of the sexual counter-revolution? / The 2nd Commandment, the Westminster Larger Catechism, and images of Jesus / Cell membranes are amazing!

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