We still have a few days left in the year, but unless there's going to be a last minute surprise, this here looks to be the Top 10 articles of 2022.

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A call to teach

It's a problem that's not going away: teacher shortages. So what can be done? There are some ideas in the works, as Mark Penninga reports.

Report from the schooling front lines

Six high school teachers with a combined 104 years of experience offer up the pros and cons of a career in teaching.

There's no free lunch!

We asked economics professor Peter Jacobsen what economic principles Christian teens (and for that matter, adults) really need to know. He started with "opportunity cost": the simple truth that every choice we make means there is something else we chose not to do. Or, in other words, everything costs something.

Santa Claus at Nicea

Was Saint Nicholas a big jolly elf? Nope. So who was the original Santa Claus?

The Christmas Trust of 1914

Are liberal arts useless? / What a wing! / I thought my 4-year-old was transgender. I was wrong. / 7 ways to have better online discussions / It's not kooky to say anti-capitalists are using Climate Change as a pretext for a planned economy when they come out and say it

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