The first half-hour episode of the Wingfeather Saga TV show can be watched for free now. The full series isn't available yet, but this one episode could be used as an extended trailer to get your kids interested in the books. One caution: the visuals and music might make it scary, even for kids who've already enjoyed the books. Watch on YouTube here. And click here for our review of the first book.

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“Markus showed us how to find
meaning in suffering”

On Nov. 25, 2022, Mike and Jennifer Schouten testified before the Parliamentary Committee that is considering expanding euthanasia to children. They shared about their son Markus.

Kingdom Workers Wanted... for frontline role

Is teaching a calling? A ministry? Kingdom work? Does teaching belong in a special category when it comes to importance in the Christian community?

Real Talk on creation and evolution

This week Real Talk's Tyler Vanderwoude was chatting with Matt Morrison about creation, evolution, materialism, apologetics and more. Click the picture above to watch on YouTube, or click below to find it on your favorite podcasting platform.

Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa Claus

It's that time of year again, when children all over the world will be told there's someone who sees when they're sleeping, and knows when they're awake, and knows if they've been bad or good...

Leaders need to be readers

Bugs with gears? / One way the KJV is better / 5 new stats you should know about teens and social media / The first two minutes after the church service ends / Jordan Peterson on whether gov't COVID overreaches could lead to a "social credit" system

AD: Redeemer looking for a Vice President

Do you have a passion to drive a comprehensive vision for Reformed Christian university learning, research, and campus life where faith, living and learning are vitally connected?

Are you excited to learn Redeemer's academic mission through the overall development of the faculty, research, teaching curriculum and program development?

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