For those of you who use our devotional app on a daily basis, you'll have noticed some changes this past week, and perhaps some problems too. We wanted you to know, we're working on it, working hard to smooth out the problems, both those that prompted our changes in the first place and the problems that have come about because of those changes. We ask for your patience.

There's one week left in our "What needs reforming today?" contest. Be sure to check out the notice below for more details, and share it with anyone who knows what needs changing.

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WHAT’S INSIDE: Kingdom Workers Wanted / A call to teach / Group of 50 BC doctors are challenging Dr. Henry’s vaccine mandates / I have a bridge to sell you / Come and Explore the Armor of God / The mimic octopus: masters of disguise / We can’t save the world, and that’s OK / Can two denominations become one? / Four days in the life of Albert Tenfold / Porn use and the “couldn’t be my kids” delusion / Comics for young and old / 7 biblical principles of environmental stewardship / Jamie Soles: they that speak of Me

Mo Willems' goofy, fun 8-book Pigeon series

Pigeon books are great fun, and some of them can be great conversation starters for a parent and child...

Four days in the life of Albert Tenfold

During World War II Albert lost his father and also, in a sense, his mother. Four Days is Christine Farenhorst's annual year-end story, a tradition going back 30 years.

Is there a sexist wage gap between men and women?

What Kuyper can teach us about managing social media / I am not my body? / Andrew Lawton: If Canada's incoming "assisted dying" laws were in place a decade ago, I'd be dead / Honoring parents when they don't deserve it / Overly-excited soccer announcer

FREE FILM: A Vow to Cherish

John and Ellen Brighton are a 50-something couple living a blessed life. But then Ellen faints, and the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s, and John has to wrestle with what it means to vow to be with someone “until death do you part” in health, and in sickness. This is a cut above most every other Christian movie and one that every couple should watch.

AD: Graceview is looking for an assistant GM

This Ontario-based company is looking for someone to take on their leadership role. Find all the details by clicking the picture above or link below. 

The What needs Reforming today? contest

There's just one week left in RP's latest contest. Martin Luther did a lot of reforming in his time, but  since we haven't reached perfection that means we should be "always reforming" too. But what exactly needs reforming today? This is your chance to share your best suggestion with us. Deadline is Dec. 10 - click for details. 

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