The 5-book Wingfeather Saga (reviewed here) is being turned into a TV series, and you can watch the first three half-hour episodes for free here: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3. One caution: some scenes with the nasty lizard-like villains could be a bit much for pre-teens (turning down the sound, with its tense background music, might help).

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The bad king who prompted the Great Charter

How Robin Hood’s nemesis Prince John was the impetus behind the Magna Carta.

USS Meredith Victory: the "Gallant Ship"

On Dec. 22, 1950, a ship that slept just 35 boarded and saved 14,000 refugees.

Card-throwing amazement!

Russia, Ukraine, and the fog of Culture Wars / Inoculate – don't insulate – our kids against bad ideas / Will my spouse at least be my best friend in heaven? / Should we force all men to get vasectomies? / How long have you been battling sin?

Sperm rates plummet

Fertility is not guaranteed, so don't put off having children...

Crypto companies losing employees,
losing public trust

"Public trust in companies involved with cryptocurrency has been steadily dropping, after several high-profile firms were found to have defrauded investors of billions"

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