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Changes, changes, changes... for 2019

The beginning of 2018 was seeming pretty rocky. I was feeling restless in my house of 19 years and we started sorting and moving towards downsizing. I presented workshops at 3 difference conferences on the kinds of psychosocial conversations needed at end of life by dying persons and their families. I was beginning to feel like an expert in the field after only a few short years. And I was really getting used to the empty nest and spending more time with my wonderful husband - sans kids.

And then on November 20, things really got shaking. That morning on my commute to Bethell Hospice on Hwy 410, I suddenly hit black ice, lost control, and fishtailed on the concrete meridian and totalled my little VW Golf. I walked away miraculously, but took the sign that it was time to stop commuting to work. So I'm staying close to home doing Private Practice again and loving the 10 minute walk to the office. This leaves lots of time for my many other explorations. If we haven't gotten together lately because the last few years have been too hectic for me, give me a call and lets do a walk/chat (This is my year of walk/chats.) I'm looking forward to 2019, a year of slowing down a bit, finding some restfulness between my activities, and appreciating the beauty of this world more.

Private Practice is open again!
I am delighted to return to my private practice at the Village Healing Centre. I have day and evening appointments available, as well as Saturdays. I am accepting clients with a wide range of issues and really enjoy the variety. I have considerable experience with teens/young adults and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. I also have experience with couples counselling, and see couples starting out as well as those considering ending the relationship. 
Of course, I have a special set of skills relating to illness, death, & dying for both the dying person and their loved ones in both anticipatory and post-death grief. I am skilled at helping families make better decisions during the anticipatory grief staff that reduces regrets after the death. I also specialize in dealing with fear of death and other death anxieties.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)
I am registered to attend the EMDR training in a few weeks, and will begin offering this modality for trauma later this month. I am particularly interested in getting referrals for EMDR to apply the training, in addition to my usual crisis and trauma skills. 
I have 17 years of clinical supervision experience, and I am available for both individual or group clinical supervision. My supervision qualifies for psychotherapists applying to the CRPO college. Rates are the same for clinical supervision as other counselling services. 

Village Healing Centre Website

We've got ourselves a Tiny Home!
We've built our first Tiny Home on Wheels! It's only 8' x 12', and built onto a trailer, so it can be moved. For now it's placed on my friend's hobby farm outside of Hamilton. We purchased a ZenShed (, which is a pre-fab package that clicks together like Lego in a day. No, it doesn't have running water. It's got a tiny flush toilet in one corner. We are currently using an electrical cord from the barn to power things, but hope to find some off-grid power options soon. This home is really not made to live in full-time ever. Think of it more like a bedroom for a night or 2 on weekends for now. We're ultimately looking for a Tiny Home Village to join, of other like-minded folks, with some shared amenities like showers and real kitchens. It's incredible how serene it feels to spend time in such a simple, tiny home, and that's what we like so much about this concept.

My Tiny Home Blog

Death Cafe #12
Date: February 6, 2019 - tentative date
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Location: The Bluebird, 2072 Dundas Street West at Howard Park Avenue
After a 2 year hiatus, we have a new date for our next Death Cafe. Since our last Death Cafe in 2017, the Belljar Cafe closed, and a new bar, the Bluebird, replaced it. So we've decided to meet in the same space, just for continuity. If you've been waiting for this announcement, please come out, and bring your friends. This informal gathering of persons interested in telling stories and asking deep and profound questions related to death and dying. We sit in small groups of 4-5 and share as much as each person wants. Cost is free to join us, but you are responsible for paying for your own drinks.

RSVP is necessary to save a space at a table (

Death Cafe Website
CBC Radio Podcast about Death Cafes

Teaching Schedule for Awaken in Toronto

We've got things going on every week at the Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, with the following schedule. I will be leading the classes, with support from the rest of the AIT group. All group classes are offered on the basis of Dana, which means "pay what you choose", as an opportunity to put in the bowl what you value and can afford to keep the learning accessible.

1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays - 6:30-7:30pm - Meditation class.
Dates: January 3, January 17, January 31, February 7, February 21, March 7, March 21
Meeting Room: Middle Room on the 2nd floor, opposite the Yoga Studio
Will include a dharma talk for the first 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of meditation. I will incorporate some concentration meditation practices, like mantras or loving kindness, with some time for insight questions. 

2nd Thursdays - 7:00-8:30pm - Abundance Practices. NEW!!!
Dates: January 10, February 14, March 14

Meeting Room: Corner office #5 on the 3rd floor
Will consist of a theme for the evening with lots of time for group discussion and input. Maybe some writing exercises, or reflection time. Or watching a YouTube video or podcast together, followed by a discussion about how to bring that aspect of abundance into your life. Our first topic will be abundance of ENERGY. Possible future classes might be financial, love, clarity of purpose, sexual appreciation, or other suggestions by attendees for areas of abundance to grow into.

4th Thursdays - 7:00-8:30pm - Death, Dying, & Community
Dates: January 24, February 28, March 28

Meeting Room: Corner office #5 on the 3rd floor
Will continue the exploration of death and dying, and the various decisions one makes to prepare for death. The aim is both practical and existential, and is discussion based. There is an opportunity to share information amongst the group if you have your own area of expertise. A theme will selected for the evening, with relevant materials and handouts provided. Sure to be thought provoking. The idea is that the more you prepare for death, the more joyful your life becomes. 

Awaken in Toronto Website
Awaken in Toronto Facebook
Awaken in Toronto Meetups

Meditation Classes - 5 Love Languages  

Dates: Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday of each month starting January 3, 2019
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Place: Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue 
(enter at the back of the Howard Park United Church parking lot)
Room: Middle Room on Main Floor, opposite Yoga Village; enter door to church from parking lot

Over 5 classes, you will be invited to learn about the 5 Love Languages, and practice applying them in your many relationships at home and at work. Based on Gary Chapman's book and New York Times Best Seller 25 years ago and just as popular today, we will begin by taking the Love Quiz to find out how we wish to be shown love. Then class to class we will look for opportunities to show love to the people around us in each of the 5 ways. After attending these classes, you are sure to find your relationships more loving and fulfilling. Not just for people in romantic relationships, but applicable to all people wanting to feel love deeper and share it with other more effectively.

As always, these meditation classes include basic mindfulness techniques including noticing thoughts, feeling, and perception, but are "beyond mindfulness" in that they include challenges to some of the limiting observations. They are great for persons who have tried a bit of mindfulness meditation but would like a bit deeper dive now. Each class includes a 30 minute silent meditation practice time. Suitable for beginners to advanced, ages 12+. Attendance at single sessions is permitted, but you'll get the most out of it by attending the whole series (Jan. 17, Jan. 31, Feb. 7, Feb. 21, Mar. 7) . Classes are offered on the basis of Dana, which is also "pay what you choose", which allows you to pay what you value.
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Private Meditation Sessions
At the request of numerous meditation students now, I have begun offering private meditation sessions to students who attend the group classes, but are looking for a deeper relationship with a meditation teacher. The teacher-student relationship is considered one of the most transformational, as the teacher is encouraged to help the student face their fears and move quickly through their limiting views of themselves. It can be scary but it makes the meditation practice more real. Private session times and locations are negotiated individually, and all sessions are offered on the basis of Dana, or "pay what you choose". 

To Request a Private Session

Meditation Retreat - Meditation Practice Time
Dates: February 1-3, 2019
Time: Begins Friday at 8pm and goes till Sunday at 3pm
Place: Dharma Centre of Canada (2.5 hours north of Toronto near Kinmount)

Do you have a personal meditation practice? Would you like an opportunity to practice together with others for a weekend in a beautiful nature setting? This weekend is a opportunity to do a chunk of your own practice in the community and support of others. You may intersperse your meditation in the temple with winter walks in the woods. We will be sharing together in the cooking tasks, with time to read from the voluminous library on-site. We will have group sits throughout the day to participate in.  I will be available throughout the weekend to answer any questions about meditation that come up for you. This is not a silent retreat, and will work for those who enjoy the refresh of meditation sessions within a group session.

Note: The next weekend retreat will be May 10-12, 2019 - Awakening Through Relationships, based on the book chapter in Wasteland to Pureland: Reflections on the Path to Awakening.
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Events Led by my Buddhist Teachers - Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

The Pearl Without Price - On-line Series: Mondays, January 21 - February 11, 2019 

“Why awaken?” This may be the most important question a spiritual practitioner ever asks. This course provides context and direction on the journey to spiritual awakening.

This series of webinars is offered by my Buddhist meditation teachers, Senseis Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat. Webinars will take place live on Monday evenings 9:30-11:00pm (7:30-9:00pm MT). Recordings are also available to listen to or watch at other times throughout the week if that time is too late to watch live.

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May you find much joy and laughter in 2019, and please share it with me!

Linda Hochstetler

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