Sylvia NovinskyA Note from the Director

Last week, Chief Justice Martin sent an email to North Carolina attorneys encouraging them to share information about their pro bono legal service with the NC Pro Bono Resource Center. Included in this letter is the following quote: "We are fortunate to be a part of a profession working toward the ideal of equal justice under law, which is one of the ultimate goals of our legal system. One integral way that we as North Carolina lawyers move closer to this ideal is through providing pro bono legal services to the citizens of our state who are unable to afford private representation."

By reporting and encouraging your peers to report their pro bono legal services, you are helping to capture a picture of pro bono volunteerism in our state that can help us to improve it. This picture helps us celebrate the good work being done, identify gaps in services that are still needed, and strategize the recruitment of additional services to be provided. Don't miss your chance to share this important information -- the deadline to report is March 31, 2018.

-- Sylvia Novinsky,
    Director, NC Pro Bono Resource Center

Voluntary Reporting of 2017 Pro Bono Legal Service Hours Now Available
January 1, 2018 launched North Carolina's voluntary reporting process for 2017 pro bono legal service hours. Attorneys who report 50 or more hours of pro bono work will be inducted into the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society and will receive a certificate honoring their achievement from the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Submissions will be accepted through March 31, 2018.
Appellate Pro Bono Program CLE Launches New Pro Bono Opportunity
The NC Pro Bono Resource Center is hosting the inaugural NC Appellate Pro Bono Program CLE on April 13, 2018 as a way for attorneys to begin representing pro bono clients referred to them from the NC Court of Appeals. A collaboration among the PBRC, the Court of Appeals, and the NCBA Appellate Practice Section, this program has been approved by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of NC.

Pro Bono in the News

North Carolina Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 encourages each NC attorney to provide at least 50 hours of pro bono legal service each year, without expectation of a fee, to clients unable to pay. To help you fulfill this professional responsibility, visit for available pro bono opportunities and support.
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