So cold 🥶 but no ice?! 

Penguins are birds, which means they have feathers. Penguins hop in and out of the freezing Antarctic Ocean in an environment where winds can reach 90 m.p.h. (144 km/hr.) One would think ice would cake up all over their feathers. Yet penguins are able to handle extremely cold temperatures AND remain ice-free! 

Using a scanning electron microscope, researchers were able to study the fine details of the penguin’s feathers. The feathers contained the typical network of barbs, barbules, and miniature interlocking hooks, but also had “many elaborate wrinkles.” Not only were there “elaborate wrinkles,” but the feather structure had microscopic grooves causing air entrapment on a microscale. The Journal of Physical Chemistry reported that this miniature structure, along with the penguin’s special preening oil, kept super-cooled water from sticking. Researchers then built a replica of the Humboldt penguin’s feathers and no ice formed even when the model was sprayed for hours with super-cooled water. Scientists have copied the feather’s unique structural design in an effort to develop an ice-free fiber membrane. Penguin feathers have a wonderful architectural design which means there had to be an architect. There is and He is God.


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