How did millions of woolly mammoths get trapped in the permanently frozen muck of Northern Siberia? After the flood of Noah’s day, the Arctic Ocean region would have been warm (think hot tub warm!) due to the fountains of the deep bursting forth and the multitude of volcanic eruptions. This warmth brought abundant rains and vegetation to the Arctic and resulted in a mammoth population explosion. Woolly mammoths were once widespread in the northern latitudes, especially in Alaska and Siberia. 


In the later stages of the Ice Age, the climate changed drastically. As the ocean surface froze, the climate became dry and arid. The temperature differences between the land and ocean created strong winds that carried enormous amounts of silt across the land surfaces. This change in climate resulted in the burial of millions of woolly mammoths within “yedomas” or “loess” – hills containing large amounts of windblown silt and ice. These woolly mammoth bones are a witness to God’s judgment on man’s sin. The worldwide catastrophic Flood created conditions causing both the Ice Age and the extinction of the woolly mammoths.



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