Have you considered the cardinal fish that lives in the reefs of tropical oceans? Once a female cardinal fish’s eggs are fertilized, the male scoops them into his large mouth. But even if dad is hungry, he does not eat eggs, but rather, protects them. For the next 10 days, he incubates them in his closed mouth until they hatch. Imagine holding something in your mouth for 10 days without swallowing it! To make sure they receive enough oxygen, he will open his mouth every minute so that the eggs receive a fresh supply of oxygen-containing water.  When hatched, the fingerlings (baby fish) swim in and out of his mouth until they are ready to be on their own.

From fertilization until the young fish are on their own, the father eats absolutely nothing! Cardinal fish survive by eating small fish and other sea creatures around a reef. Why does the male not eat his own babies? How does he know to protect them in his mouth? If animals evolve by “survival- of-the-fittest,” why wouldn’t the first male cardinal fish have eaten his young? If he had, there would have been no more cardinal fish. For the male to care for his young in such a manner shows love and creativity, which points to a Creator.

God loves to amaze us with His creation!

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