Issue 54.0: Tax Overhaul Passes, CHIP Extension, #DreamerPledge
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re:act is a weekly list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency.

This has been a big week, and a tough one. The brazenness of the tax plan is something we’ll be dealing with for a long time. The best way to deal with it is the most obvious: do everything we can to replace the people who made it happen. When elected representatives do something so big, so against the wishes of the broad majority of the American public, the American public needs to remind them who their bosses are.

On top of that, the next two days are pivotal for the future of CHIP and DACA. Everyone — but particularly Dems in Congress—needs pressure from us to stand for what’s right. Let’s do it:

1. Sweeping tax overhaul clears Congress

What’s happening: (Washington Post)
“Congress on Wednesday passed the most significant overhaul of the U.S. tax code in 30 years, delivering a landmark legislative victory to President Trump and the Republicans that had once seemed impossible for the fractured party … The sweeping measure imprints a clear conservative vision on the tax code that will affect nearly every household and business. Corporations will see a massive tax cut, while most Americans will see temporary savings of various sizes. And in a move that may prove politically perilous, Republicans delivered the biggest gains to the wealthy … The legislation also will play a huge role in the coming campaigns for the 2018 midterm elections.”

What you can do:
✓ Senate: Use this ActBlue page to support the eventual Democratic challenger of 2018 GOP senate seats who voted “yes” on this bill. If you’d like to be more targeted, select “Click here to allocate amounts differently or view all recipients” and get a page that lets you split up the amounts. (Click to tweet)

✓ House: Use this SwingLeft page to donate to the Democratic opponents of Swing District House Republicans who voted for the Trump Tax Scam. (Click to tweet)

✓ Read and share: “The Republican tax bill got worse: now the top 1% gets 83% of the gains” (Click to tweet)

2. With Children’s Health Program Running Dry, Parents Beg Congress: ‘Do the Right Thing’

What’s happening: (New York Times)
“With more and more states running out of money for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, parents took their case to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, pleading with Congress to provide money before their sons and daughters lose health care and coverage. But the program, known as CHIP, which insures nearly nine million children, took a back seat as lawmakers raced to pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut. CHIP’s fate, it appears, is now caught up in a messy fight over an end-of-the-year deal on spending that must be struck by Friday to avert a government shutdown.”

What you can do:
Call your rep to demand the renewal of CHIP funding. 9 million children are at risk. Every Dem needs to stand the line here, so get on the phone no matter the party. Any attempt to kick the can is unacceptable: a clean, long-term renewal is necessary. Here's a graphic worth sharing on the topic

Use this script to ask your Governor to pressure Congress to fund CHIP and community health centers.

✓ Read and share: With Children’s Health Program Running Dry, Parents Beg Congress: ‘Do the Right Thing’ (Click to tweet)

3. With a Paltry CHIP Extension and No DREAM Act in Spending Bill, Republicans Hurtle Toward a Shutdown

What’s happening: (The Intercept)
In addition to shorting CHIP, the bill also does not grant legal protections to so-called Dreamers, children brought to the United States without documents whose legal status is in jeopardy. House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been pressing Republicans to include the DREAM Act as part of the spending measure. Without it, Republicans will need to find the votes to keep the government open on their own … Drew Hammill, a spokesperson for Pelosi told The Intercept that Democrats are whipping their members to vote against the continuing resolution.” Every single day, 122 people lose their DACA protections.

What you can do:
Demand your member of Congress take the DREAMer pledge using this Indivisible Action. This pledge says they will vote against any Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government without a vote on the Dream Act. Senators Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, Markey, Sanders and Warren have already taken the pledge.

Use this script to demand your reps pass a Clean DREAM Act now.

4. “There will be a [Senate] vote” to reinstate net neutrality, Schumer says

What’s happening: (Ars Technica)
“US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he will force a vote on a bill that would reinstate the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules … Legislation to reverse the repeal “doesn’t need the support of the majority leader,” Schumer said during a press conference Friday, according to The Hill. “We can bring it to the floor and force a vote. So, there will be a vote to repeal the rule that the FCC passed.”

What you can do:
Use these tools on to write your reps. The fight is not over: Congress can overturn the decision by passing a “Resolution of Disapproval.”

5. A ‘coup in America?’ Fox News escalates anti-Mueller rhetoric.

What’s happening: (Fox News)
“President Trump and his supporters at Fox News have used many words to describe the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III into the possible collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives to influence the 2016 presidential election … Apparently these strong words weren’t strong enough. Saturday night, Fox suggested that the Mueller probe might be “a coup in America.”

What you can do:
Commit to a “Mueller Firing Rapid Response” event near you. Over 100,000 people have committed to over 500 events across the country. 

Additional Reading: 

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  • Republicans Help Take Down a Trump Nominee (Bloomberg)
  • Trump team’s meeting with Mueller’s office poised to ratchet up tensions (Washington Post)
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  • Mueller Sought Emails of Trump Campaign Data Firm (Wall Street Journal)
  • Senate intel committee investigating Jill Stein campaign for possible collusion with the Russians (Washington Post)

Thank you all. This is probably the last edition of re:act for a couple weeks, as my wife and I are expecting our second baby boy any day now. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Take care of each other.


Editor's note: This list is not meant to be authoritative, exhaustive, or even expert. I'm just a guy letting you know some things I am doing every week.  I'd love for those with more legislative experience to recommend better levers to pull. I'd love for you to point out what I missed, because I will definitely miss things. 

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