Issue 61.0: Kavanaugh, Midterms, Separations
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re:act is a list of a few concrete things you can do to take action during the Trump presidency.

A momentous week. Guilty verdicts, guilty pleas, implications of the president (under oath), indictments, immunity deals. Even with all that, our work ahead in the coming weeks and months remains largely the same:

1. ‘Stop Kavanaugh’: Week of protests in D.C. asks senators to oppose Trump’s pick for Supreme Court

What’s happening: (Washington Post)
“Two weeks before the Senate is to begin confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh, hundreds of protesters converged in the District this week demanding that their senators reject his nomination by President Trump … Multiple days of protests highlighted several issues: reproductive rights, health care, workers’ rights, unions and those issues’ disproportionate effects on women of color … After guilty pleas Tuesday by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, on charges of campaign-finance violations, Democrats have sought to slow Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.”

What you can do:
Join the national #UniteForJustice action this Sunday, August 26. Across the country people are coming together to demand that the U.S. Senate stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court.

Sign up to make #SaveSCOTUS calls with Indivisible. You can use this tracker to see where your senators stand currently. 

2. Trump, Republican corruption issues give Democrats opening for midterm elections

What’s happening: (USA Today)
“Leading Democrats in Congress are seizing on the tidal wave of legal troubles hitting President Donald Trump’s allies to cast the Republican Party as deeply corrupt ahead of the fast-approaching midterm elections … Trump and his allies suffered a triple hit Tuesday: The conviction of Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, a guilty plea by his former attorney Michael Cohen that implicated the president, and the federal indictment of one of Trump’s earliest congressional supporters, California Rep. Duncan Hunter … Democrats need to flip just 23 seats in order to take back control of the House. But they are competing in dozens of districts that either swing between the parties in elections or solidly backed Trump in 2016.”

What you can do:
Sign up to volunteer on The Last Weekend: the weekend before the most pivotal midterm elections of our lifetimes.

Fill out this volunteer intake form with the DNC to get matched up with volunteering options from now until November

Get involved with Flippable to impact state-level races. Here are some volunteering opportunities.

Get registered: Go to to get registered, get absentee ballots, sign up for reminders, and find your polling place.

Swing the house: Find the nearest SwingLeft house district near you to help flip the House.

3. ‘Divided,’ Part I: How Family Separations Started

What’s happening: 
Listen to the New York Times podcast series examining the repercussions of a policy that led to more than 2,000 migrant children being separated from their parents. This is by no means over. NBC’s Jacob Soboroff reports that 528 children are still separated; parents of 343 are already deported; and numbers are barely moving.

What you can do:
Join, help, or give to the Texas Civil Rights Project. 

✓ ActBlue has aggregated 14 other great groups working to help kids at the border here so you can easily donate to them all in one click. You can also allocate your donation to them individually.

4. Cost of New E.P.A. Coal Rules: Up to 1,400 More Deaths a Year

What’s happening: (New York Times)
“The Trump administration has hailed its overhaul of federal pollution restrictions on coal-burning power plants as creating new jobs, eliminating burdensome government regulations and ending what President Trump has long described as a “war on coal.” The administration’s own analysis, however, revealed on Tuesday that the new rules could also lead to as many as 1,400 premature deaths annually by 2030 from an increase in the extremely fine particulate matter that is linked to heart and lung disease, up to 15,000 new cases of upper respiratory problems, a rise in bronchitis, and tens of thousands of missed school days.”

What you can do:
Find a September 8 #RiseforClimate event near you. The events coincide with the Global Climate Action Summit, where every mayor, governor, and business leader in the world is invited to make a commitment to help the world reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Share your voice here. 

5. Betsy DeVos is reportedly considering allowing states to use federal funds to purchase guns for teachers

What’s happening: (CNBC)
“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is mulling a plan that would allow states to use federal funds to purchase guns for teachers, The New York Times reports, citing multiple people with knowledge of the plan … The plan would overturn the longstanding federal government policy of not paying for weapons in schools and would make use of a government program that makes no mention of providing firearms to teachers.”

What you can do:
Use this script to call the Department of Education to oppose the measure.

Some additional reading:

  • White House blocks bill that would protect elections (Yahoo!)
  • Poll: Majority of Democrats and Republicans support Medicare for all (Axios)
  • Lyft is teaming up with the Urban League, TurboVote and others to offer free and half-price rides on Election Day (CNN)
  • Major prison strike spreads across US and Canada as inmates refuse food (The Guardian)
  • Poll: Democrat O’Rourke trails Ted Cruz by just 4 percentage points in Texas (NBC News)
  • Hunter indictment could jeopardize GOP seat (POLITICO)
  • Georgia blocks move to close voting sites in mostly black county (Reuters)
  • Trump cancels Pompeo trip to North Korea, cites lack of ‘sufficient progress’ on denuclearization (CNBC)
  • ‘Dangerous and poisoned’: Critics blast Trump for endorsing white-nationalist conspiracy theory on South Africa (Washington Post)
  • Sentencing reform tests Cotton’s sway with Trump (POLITICO)
  • How Mollie Tibbetts’ death became part of the immigration debate (PBS)
  • John McCain discontinuing medical treatment for brain cancer, family says (CBS)

Finally, would suggest you check out the Beto O'Rourke video that's been making the rounds, if you haven't already. It's really something. 

...and I thought I'd pass along this tweet from Julie Goldberg:

"The people I know who are the most miserable about politics right now are doing all their politics online. The people I know who are the least discouraged about politics are doing most of their politics in three dimensions. Get involved. You'll never regret it!'

Thank you,

Editor's note: This list is not meant to be authoritative, exhaustive, or even expert. I'm just a guy letting you know some things I am doing every week.  I'd love for those with more legislative experience to recommend better levers to pull. I'd love for you to point out what I missed, because I will definitely miss things. 

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