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Dear  <<First Name>>:

What does your marketing and PR team need to be more successful?

More budget? More people? More tools?

We never seem to get it but there’s a bright side: constraints drive creativity. It makes sense when you think about it, because when you don’t have what you need, you have to think creatively to solve the problem. 

The Marines have a saying: we’ve done so much, with so little, for so long, we can do anything with nothing.

That leads us to the top story in this edition of the Monthly Scripts.    

Yours in marketing and communications,
Frank Strong

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The Must-Read Articles

Every month I peruse hundreds of articles about marketing and public relations. Near the month’s end I use Jedi powers and analytics to identify the most relevant articles to include here. 


1) Creative constraints: How limitations can fuel creativity (UX Collective) “Applied the right way, and at the right time, constraints can actually be incredibly helpful and can enable teams to unlock ideas that would have otherwise gone unrealized.”

Leadership and the CMO

2) Female CMO salaries eclipsed men's in 2019, study finds (Marketing Dive) “Female salaries on average were about $213,000 and their bonuses $56,000, while males earned an average of $210,000 and bonuses of $53,000.”

3) CMO Role Becomes More Diverse as Average Tenure Drops (Loyalty 360) Average CMO tenure drops to “41 months is the lowest mark since 2009, when the average was 34.7 months. ” 

4) Should the Public Relations Report to the CEO or CMO? (Sword and the Script) Many corporate public relations shops report to the CMO but PR professionals argue the function should report to the CEO; the “right” answer probably depends on the organization.


5) Trust And Transparency Becoming Essential To Engage Current B2B Buyers, According To New SiriusDecisions Research (Demand Gen Report) “Transparency is important for building trust with buyers, and content can be the go-between.”

6) Advertorials Can Work -- If You Get It Right (CXL) “1. A loophole to get past ad blockers 2. A way to increase engagement over display ads 3. More space to sell potential buyers on your product”

7) The 10 Traits B2B Buyers and Managers Value Most in Salespeople (MarketingProfs) Active listening (42%); problem-solving (38%); confidence (38%); and relationship-building (34%).

8) ‘Thoughtful marketing’ can become a point of brand differentiation in a crisis (Econsultantcy) “merely sounding human is not always effective”

9) Most B2B marketers don’t like their own content (B2B Marketing) 59% of B2B marketers: “If nobody else had to sign off our content, the results would be a lot better.”

10) Advertising Boycotts and Mascots (Marketing BS) “most customers don’t actually care about the moral positions taken by brands. As such, the companies that decided to “take a stand against hate” likely considered the possible impact of three factors:” a) potential loss of sales b) positive PR and c) employee views. 

Public Relations

11) The top 7 challenges facing PR and communications in 2020 -- and best ways to adapt (Bulldog Reporter) “Sometimes it can feel like you spend more time justifying your work than you do getting things done.” 

12) How Negative Company Reviews Can Engender Consumer Sympathy “A new Journal of Marketing study classifies these negative reviews as “unfair” and demonstrates that they have positive consequences for the reviewed firm.

13) PR Industry Survey: The Tactics and Skills Rising in Importance (MarketingProfs) “Public relations and communications professionals say analytics and storytelling are the two tactics or skills that they anticipate will increase most in importance in the next 12 months.”

14) Your success is not a story (Taylor Lorenz's Newsletter) “These     stories [pitches] aren’t interesting to readers primarily because they have no tension aside from the subject (who is only framed positively), overcoming some perceived obstacle.”

15) Don’t Let Communications in a Crisis Lead to Crisis Communication (The Imaging Channel) “Communications during a crisis is not the same thing as crisis communications…”

16) Public Relations and COVID-19: Studies Surface Challenges, Changes and Optimism (Sword and the Script) Public relations has wrestled with messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but studies also show it has improved business collaboration and internal communications.

Content Marketing

17) How to Optimize Your How-to and List Posts (Content Marketing Institute) “Each on-page SEO method is related to how your posts are structured and how good search engines read your page to understand what the content is about.”

18) 100+ Blogging Statistics That Will Help You Create A Better Content Strategy (Blogging Wizard) “There are now believed to be more than 600 million blogs on the internet.”

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19)  How the In-House Creative Trend is Spreading Creative Thinking Across the Business (TrinityP3) "...this greater appreciation for creativity is being parlayed into more strategic business duties." [disclosure: client]

Search and SEO

20) 33 examples of great meta descriptions for search (Econsultantcy)  “Any improvements to your meta descriptions can be measured (if measured in isolation) as increased click-through rate.” 

21) The History of Search Engines (Carl Hendy) A very easy to read overview of the evolution of search. 

Social Media

22)  What does Twitter consider an “engagement”? (Twitter / Dev) “Engagements include, but are not limited to, Retweets, Favorites, Replies, URL Clicks, Hashtag Clicks, Mention Clicks, and Media Views.” It also includes “detail expands.”

Marketing & PR Technology

23) This Retargeting Service Lets You Serve Ads to Another Site's Visitors (Entrepreneur) "Repixel is an app that allows businesses to send Facebook and Instagram ads to people who have recently visited another website..."

24) The Most Recommended PR Tech Vendors [PR Tech Sum] (Sword and the Script) Survey Identifies Most Recommended PR Tech Vendors, Meltwater Adds Signals, TVEyes Spots Logos in Broadcasts, Cision Shows Pageviews of Coverage, Burrelles Names First Women President.


25) Communication Professionals Feel the Challenge of Proving ROI  (Marketing Charts) “One part of the measurement problem is a lack of activity: half (51%) of the respondents said they only measure the results of their communications or PR efforts either infrequently or not at all.”

26) 8 Marketing Metrics to Focus on in 2020 (Social Media Today) "Businesses often neglect tracking referrals, but it's an important consideration, especially in digital marketing."

27) PR Measurement: How is Communications Proving Value? (Sword and the Script) A study shows PR and communications can improve measurement with a little more effort; here’s a look at the metrics most commonly cited.

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