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Dear  <<First Name>>:

Candor may well be the most effective marketing tactic ever.


First, few companies are candid in marketing copy. Instead, things tend to be highly polished or even contrived. So, candor is different, and being different is a staple of marketing.

Second, candor is endearing, especially when it comes to owning up to mistakes. We all know when a conversation is fake, so too do customers and prospects when they see, hear or feel it in marketing.

As one of the featured articles in this month’s newsletter notes:

“Being candid about mistakes is even more persuasive than customer success stories, customer references, or explicit service-level-agreements built into contracts.”

That leads us to the feature stories -- yes there are two this month -- in this edition of the Monthly Scripts.    

Yours in marketing and communications,
Frank Strong

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The Must-Read Articles

Every month I peruse hundreds of articles about marketing and public relations. Near the month’s end, I analyze those metrics with technology and human judgment to find the most important stories. 


Trust building. “Almost two-thirds of buyers found that candid discussions around mistakes, lessons learned and how to avoid vendor hype were effective ways of building trust.” (Digital Commerce 360

Candor. “B2B marketing is so pre-planned and overwrought - often, the best way to break through is via a jugular, raw alternative.” (Diginomica

Leadership, CMOs and CCOs

Hype as a leadership tool. "Hype can also act as glue. At its best, it can create a shared vision pulling the actors in the same direction and thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy." (Johannes Klingebiel

Consultative selling. “...concerns expressed by CEOs about their sales organization is that they aren’t consultative enough and that they need to do a better job of selling solutions.” (Havard Business Review)


Reasons not to rebrand. “...many rebrands are a result of businesses thinking their brands are tired. It’s very unlikely your customers think the same. (Business2Community

Do people care about NFTs?. "A mere 12% of U.S. online adults would like to see more brands release NFTs as giveaways, according to Forrester." (Fast Company

Trying to be authentic. Marketing b.s. detector (Marketoonist

B2B Marketing

The case for emotion in B2B. “When we think emotion in B2B, we tend to get stuck in the B2C emotions…[but] emotion in B2B marketing content is more subtle. Think anticipation, curiosity, pride, confidence, trust, and likeability. (Customer Think

The cost of B2B content. B2B video content costs the most at $8,448 while blogs cost the least at $1,959; people do actually binge on B2B content. (Sword and the Script

Psychology for Marketing

Irrational pricing. “...when we engage in price-setting, we adopt an entirely different orientation with surprisingly counterintuitive behaviors that contradict what traditional economists might have predicted. ” (Behavioral Economics

Choice architecture. “The data reveal a statistically significant relationship between choice architecture interventions (nudges) and behavior." (Behavioral Economics

False consensus effect. You are not your target audience (Sword and the Script

Objectivity Illusion. Nobody goes into a dialogue because they think they are wrong about everything and they want to be set straight.  (Lee Ross, TedX)

Public Relations

Are exclusives more important? “With the rapid amount of news coming out each day, reporters must be extremely selective on what stories to cover and announcements to go after.” (PR Daily
PR podcast. User-generated content, internal comms challenges, content costs. (Hanson and Hunt)

Content Marketing

Content marketing stats. “There’s no correlation between Flesch Reading Ease scores and (search) ranking” (Ahrefs

Budgets to grow for content and PR. 72% "of the executives and marketing leaders surveyed in Corporate Ink’s study said that they planned to increase their investments in content marketing in 2022, and the same number said that they intended to up the amount of money spent on PR.” (O’Dwyer’s PR

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Email Marketing 

Email metric. Average time reading a brand's email in 2021?  10 seconds. (Practical Ecommerce


Creative trends. Yesterday’s creativity won’t keep pace with tomorrow’s requirements; businesses need speed and agility without sacrificing creative quality. (Webdesigner Depot) [client]

Five design trends set to visually shape 2022:
1) Set In Motion; 2) The 90s Are Back; 3) Gooey Blobs and Liquids in 3D Art; 4) A Nostalgic ResurgenceIntense; 5) Retina-searing Colors  (It’s Nice That

Optimism and defiance. Adobe Stock 2022 Creative Trends forecast (Adobe

Necessary requirement. “Creativity is climbing up the ladder as a necessary requirement needed for anyone, who’s tackling anything. And if you’re not certain, I urge you to look at the latest LinkedIn job listings.” (Chris AlMurr / Medium


Interruption marketing. “ media's share of consumer time fell to 46.6% in the U.S. in 2021, and to 54.6% worldwide.” (Media Post


Organic outperforms paid search. “Google’s organic search results generate nearly 20 times more clicks than the paid ads on desktop and 10-times more on mobile.” (Media Post

The two-ways Google crawls. “Google has two types of web crawling - one is for discovering new content and one is for refreshing content that has already been published.” (Search Engine Journal

Image optimization tips. “Image optimization creates many advantages such as better user experience, faster page load times, and additional ranking opportunities.” (Search Engine Journal

Social Media

Long view. A look at social media trends over a decade. (Social Media Report)

Marketing & PR Technology

Market consolidation. PE firm closes on deals for Kantar Reputation Intelligence, PRgloo and Onclusive; will merge all three companies under a single PR tech company. (Sword and the Script

Measurement  & Analytics

Revenue operations. “RevOps is the shift of thinking from 'sales needs this data' or 'this technology is helpful for marketing' to 'everyone, including the customer service team, can benefit from this.'” (Business2Community

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