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Where y'at? January 13, 2021

The long and short of it:

New Book Review in TNSF!

Excerpt from the review by George Hovis:

"When compared to Kenan’s earlier fiction, If I Had Two Wings reflects a Tims Creek that is less remote, less swamp-locked away from the rest of the world. ... You will still find here plenty of home-grown magical realism: ghostly visitations, the cameo appearance of a conjure woman, a maroon society fed by a giant catfish sent like manna from an ancestral spirit, and even the requisite magical hog. Frequently in these stories, however, the role of the uncanny is filled by what passes for magic in our media-saturated contemporary world: chance encounters with celebrity."

Read the full review in the latest issue of THE NEW SOUTHERN FUGITIVES!
We have some great new titles coming out this year! Be on the lookout for teasers, trailers, playlists and ARC requests!

From true stories to sci-fi, SFK Press has it all coming in 2021!
While you're waiting for our exciting new releases, check out some of our favorite SFK authors' playlists!
Mike Corwin's Tallapoosa playlist:

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Sarah Jilek's Saint Catastrophe playlist:

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Mandi Jourdan's Lacrimosa playlist:

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SFK Press partnered with the Atlanta Writers Club to publish Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia, a collection of thirty-two writers responding to COVID-19 with their best work.

"Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia. A collection of stories, essays and poems about life during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s written by dozens of writers with Georgia connections." - Suzanne Van Atten

Read all about the collection in Van Atten's article in the AJC!
Purchase Viral Literature

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Visit The Book Factory Store.
Visit The Book Factory Store
In Case Y'all Missed It

The New Southern Fugitives Volume 4, Issue 2: What does it mean to belong?

For our second issue of Volume 4, we are exploring the concept of belonging.

“The Days Without Time,” flash fiction by Caroline Fernelius, follows a young person from North to South Carolina and back to their home beaches of Galveston, Texas.

Adam Carter’s short story, “Benediction,” takes the reader through the tragic life of a man imprisoned, exploring the inevitable choices he has made.

In “A Mother’s Gift,” a short story by Michelle Tang, we witness a funeral scene through the eyes of a woman about to learn her family’s secret.

Finally, John W. Bateman’s creative nonfiction piece, “Southerners Don’t Lie: We Tell Polite Stories,” follows the author as a young boy and his family’s humorous assumption.

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