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Where y'at? September 16, 2020

The long and short of it:

Preorder Throwing It All Away
The Kindle edition of Throwing It All Away is now available for preorder. Be sure to reserve your copy today. 
Advance praise for Throwing It All Away

"Beautifully written, Nina Owen has crafted an honest and haunting trek through the grief and depression leading to the horrific suicide of her son, Sam. Through Sam’s writings, conversations, and multiple attempts at recovery, Owen carries the reader on a heartfelt search for answers, while offering the hope that Sam’s story can help others avoid the same fate."

– Zachary Steele, Executive Director, Broadleaf Writers Association

Preorder the Kindle Edition
Read an Interview with 
Throwing It All Away Author Nina Owen
In advance of the release of her book, Nina Owen sat down with us for an exclusive interview. Learn more about her reasons for sharing her story. Throwing It All Away will be available on September 22. 
"In February 2016, my 20-year-old son, Sam, ended his life. For a year, all I was able to do was grieve. However, in early 2017, I became inspired to write this book after uncovering Sam’s writing—journals, school papers, and other documents. I believed that the story told from both Sam’s and my points of view could help those who were suffering from suicidal ideation. I felt compelled to share this with the world with the hope that by laying bare our struggles, the book would touch another person and perhaps prevent another suicide."
Read the Interview
In need of a new read? 
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Visit The Book Factory Store
Advance Readers Needed for
Saint Catastrophe by Sarah Jilek
What do you do when a cult kicks you out?

All Beth Riddle wanted was a family, but having failed to rescue her childhood friend from the clutches of a dangerous cult leader, the 20-something graduate student must gather her own legion of devotees to take revenge. Beth’s return to her childhood home sparks a war between the cult, a powerful local family, and a violent biker gang. When she flees, the armed conflict only follows, luring her back to her own destructive destiny. A darkly hallucinogenic modern noir romp through sex, crime, and comedy.  
Saint Catastrophe by Sarah Jilek will be released on October 13. Request an Advance Reader copy today.
Request an ARC
Attend an Event with T.M. Brown
T.M. Brown has been busy hosting author events this month! If you can't make any of the events listed below, you can watch a video of T.M. Brown being interviewed by Newnan Carnegie Library Director Susan Crutchfield.
  • September 17, 7 p.m. at Hometown Novel Nights, Newnan Carnegie Library, Newnan, GA (virtual)
  • September 18, 5 p.m. at the Main Street Newnan Fall Art Walk, Corner Arts Gallery, Studio, & Gift Shop in Newnan, GA (in person)

In addition, T.M. Brown is offering a virtual workshop on "authorpreneurship" During this event, he will be teaching authors how to market their books:
  • September 19, 2 p.m. at the Sip & Learn, Inklings, Creative Expressions, Canton, GA (virtual)
Learn More
In Case Y'all Missed It

The New Southern Fugitives
Decadence and Depravity: Volume 3, Issue 21

"Both Thompson and Steadman become willing participants in the debauchery that ensued.

Steadman’s frenetic drawings scream out like rotoscoped Goya canvases and give a sense of the depravity swirling around them. By the end of trip, he was left physically shaking and asking for water.

'It’s the only thing they have that’s fit for human consumption,' he pleaded."

-Michael Ward, "Decadence and Depravity at 50: Revisiting Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo"

Calls for Submissions
Submission Period February 1-November 30
The New Southern Fugitives seeks previously unpublished writing and art.
We pay contributors:
$50 per book review
$15/page of prose, min $45, max $105
$40 per poem
$40 per photograph or piece of visual art
Submit to The New Southern Fugitives
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