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Where y'at? January 27, 2021

The long and short of it:

Call for submissions for our Special June Issue in honor of Juneteenth:

Are you a Black writer or artist who has a story about or related to Juneteenth or the overarching theme, "Black Stories"? We'd love to review your work!

Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Flash, Visual Art

Submissions opening on
Submittable NEXT WEEK: February 1 until April 30.

Looking forward to reading your work!
The first new book from SFK Press is coming soon!
Parker's Choice by Mike Nemeth releases on March 16th

Parker’s Choice is the story of a man in a disintegrating marriage who suspects his wife has murdered his worst enemy, making him the cops’ main suspect. At work, he is coerced by his boss to commit fraud, is rejected by a man he believes is his birth father and is tortured by a romantic attraction to a colleague who urges him to risk his life and betray his putative father to expose the fraud. The identity of his birth father seems to be a superfluous distraction, but when his birth father is unmasked, Parker deduces that the fraud and the murder are connected, and his innate sense of right and wrong is challenged by the moralistic choices he must make.
We are looking for ARC readers for Parker's Choice. If you would like to read and review this title for us, please email us:
We've been hard at work behind the scenes and our new website is ready!
It includes information about our books and authors
As well as links to all our imprints!

Check out the newly revamped Southern Fried Karma,
Blissful Beings,
Hearthstone Press,
and Brown Chicken Books!
Two New Book Reviews in TNSF!

Excerpt from the review by Christopher Louis Romaguera:

"The Big Door Prize is a novel about a small town but also a a novel about big ideas. In a world where we are asking with more and more sincerity, 'What's the worst that can happen?' The Big Door Prize poses the question: 'What's the best that could happen?"

Read the full review in the latest issue of THE NEW SOUTHERN FUGITIVES!

Excerpt from the review by :

"Wood expertly builds suspense through well-placed scenes, all the while fulfilling the reader's curiosity instead of delaying it. Divided into three parts: nymph, capture, and dissection that catalogue the evolution of Alisson and Mr. North's relationship, Being Lolita simultaneously seduces, shames, and redeems us—us who, like Alisson, like Dolores Haze, have been to high school, have grappldd with juvenile feelings, have felt the need to be taken seriously. In Wood's words, 'It seems as if no mater how ctive or passive a girl is, she is still doomed' (17)."

Read the full review in the latest issue of THE NEW SOUTHERN FUGITIVES!
In Case Y'all Missed It

The New Southern Fugitives Volume 4, Issue 2: What does it mean to belong?

For our second issue of Volume 4, we are exploring the concept of belonging.

“The Days Without Time,” flash fiction by Caroline Fernelius, follows a young person from North to South Carolina and back to their home beaches of Galveston, Texas.

Adam Carter’s short story, “Benediction,” takes the reader through the tragic life of a man imprisoned, exploring the inevitable choices he has made.

In “A Mother’s Gift,” a short story by Michelle Tang, we witness a funeral scene through the eyes of a woman about to learn her family’s secret.

Finally, John W. Bateman’s creative nonfiction piece, “Southerners Don’t Lie: We Tell Polite Stories,” follows the author as a young boy and his family’s humorous assumption.

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