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Volume 4 - Issue 1

For our inaugural issue of Volume 4, we are exploring themes of hope and humanity as we reflect on a tumultuous year. Volume 4 will also take a different format: we will publish five to six pieces each month instead of three pieces every other week. We will also be publishing more book reviews on a biweekly basis.

For Issue 1 of Volume 4, our Founding Editor, Steve McCondichie, has contributed an essay that delves into the many different pains we have all experienced this year and how we might move on from 2020.

Two art pieces–a triptych by C. Christine Fair and a collage from C. R. Resetarits–stare unblinkingly at the virus and its consequences, how we dare to hope for a brighter future.

Two poems by Mary Helen Callier highlight personal struggles in an isolated world.

And lastly, Laura Ohlmann’s poem considers a community at odds, a feeling of isolation even within relationships, and, finally, the emblematic resiliency of nature.

"The EZ Trail"
Poetry by Laura Ohlmann

"Wild rabbits hop across our path at the trailhead / and the sun sets blue and purple / slivers of ribbon/ across the faces of red mesas."

-Laura Ohlmann, "The EZ Trail"

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"Easing Restrictions"
Visual Art by C. R. Resetarits
"I like the edge of things. Edge as in poignant and slightly threatening and edge as in interconnection. I like things that already exist. It's not just about my ecological stance and the future but about mystery and the past. This piece, however, is really all about the now."

-C. R. Resetarits, "Easing Restrictions"
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"Making Amends to 2020"
Nonfiction by Steve McCondichie
"Perhaps I should've known how unique this year would be based upon the end of the last one. In December 2019, I was lucky enough to fulfill a long-time dream by attending a Ram Dass spiritual retreat in Maui. Fortunatedescribes participating in a community swim and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" sing-a-long with my revered teacher two weeks before his passing on December 23, 2019. It was at the Maui retreat where I met my mystical partner, and the Satsang's Bhakti yoga and Buddhist training has served as my guidepost for all that's transpired since that weekend."

-Steve McCondichie, "Making Amends to 2020"
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Two Poems
Poetry by Mary Helen Callier
"In it there is the sound a voice makes / when it finally breaks wide open. / The light that seeps so bright / it drowns all sound. A boat emerges."

-Mary Helen Callier
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"COVID Lungs: A Trilogy"
Visual Art by C. Christine Fair
"The first image, COVID 1, depicts the brewing storm driven by the wet-markets in China where trafficked animals are kept in conditions of bio-insecurity which were (and remain) ripe for zoonotic events. It depicts the warning by scientists from thirteen years ago that SARS emerged from these conditions and the next deadly pandemic will likely do so as well."

-C. Christine Fair, "COVID Lungs: A Trilogy"
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