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Volume 3 - Issue 23

"The coronavirus pandemic has inextricably influenced creative work this year – and likely for years to come. What I appreciated about the essay, fiction, and visual art in this issue is that they illustrated contagion in a way that resonates with our collective feelings toward the pandemic while more explicitly depicting the varied ways contagion presents itself. Contagion pertains to viral infections, but it also relates to how certain influences shape the world and our relationship to each other. And depending on our perspective, contagion might not be entirely negative."

-D. W. McKinney, Issue 23 curator and TNSF Web Resident

"The Phantom Bite"
Essay by Benjamin Thorp

"I often wonder if I’ve always been prone to catastrophizing, or whether that’s something that I’ve developed over time, growing it slowly in my mind through tender care—like a potted plant receiving the right mixture of sunlight and water. I had begun to catalogue the number of times I had to circle back to my front door because I wasn’t sure if I’d locked it, couldn’t help but wonder if I’d left the kitchen sink on or if the stove was still spitting gas into the apartment. I imagined scenarios where I came home to water overflowing in the sink, a biblical flood spilling out the front door and unwinding in the neighbor's yard."

-Benjamin Thorp, "Phantom Bite"

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"Pandemic Engulfment"
Visual Art by Carter Boucher
"My current paintings explore appropriating elements from Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Color Field painting and Dream Work. It is my intent to empower the viewer's mind, imagination and soul. Each time you engage with these images you find new interpretations; one minute they are eyes then planets or just shapes."

-Carter Boucher, "Pandemic Engulfment"
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Fiction by Mike Horan
"The ‘something’ that had broken the dream, the popcorn-skin-stuck-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth annoyance, was the person he used to be: slick, coherent and diamond hard. That ‘him’ brought a razor sharp realization that sliced through the soft edges the man had put around himself. It told him he was mad. It said he needed to get rid of at least some of his things. Otherwise he was going to suffocate."

-Mike Horan, "Close"
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