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Where y'at? November 11, 2020

The long and short of it:

Have you listened to the Fugitive Voices Podcast? Check out the Season Two Premiere on Spotify!
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Sarah Jilek's Saint Catastrophe playlist:

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Stellar Review of Mandi Jourdan's Lacrimosa

A fantastic sci-fi/murder mystery! It is full of twists, interesting characters, and antagonists that give Andrew Scott’s Moriarty a run for his money. The mystery and overall plot is compelling and will leave you wondering the whole time about who murdered Damian Lawrence, what Lila’s connection is to it all, and what exactly is going on in this world of secret spy organizations, assassins, and corporate robotics.
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Audio version of one of our classic titles is out now!
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More events with SFK author T.M. Brown!
T.M. Brown has several author events in Georgia next month!
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In Case Y'all Missed It

The New Southern Fugitives
Contagion and Collectivism: Volume 3, Issue 25

“When I receive a positive outcome in any of these endeavors, a number of platitudes come at me through the phone receiver when I call them up and tell them the news. For me, these proclamations take away agency, take away my own hard work and place it onto something outside of me. But for them, God was part of the process, his presence in my life (whether I believe it or not) is part of the reason for my success. This is their truth, and truth isn’t always as cut and dry as I’d like it to be.”

-Phillip Russell, “True in the Way it Needs to Be”

Calls for Submissions
Submission Period February 1-November 30
The New Southern Fugitives seeks previously unpublished writing and art.
We pay contributors:
$50 per book review
$15/page of prose, min $45, max $105
$40 per poem
$40 per photograph or piece of visual art
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