All Saints Carshalton
Parish Paper, March 2019
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        Up to and including Lent 
All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village and The Wrythe.
We welcome everyone to enjoy our traditional worship, strong musical tradition, long history, and the building's beautiful interior. 

Welcome to your monthly Parish Paper
Also available in paper form in Church or by request
Regular Services


  • 8:00am     Low Mass (In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door). 
  • 9:00am     All Age Mass 
Between services: The Bridge, activities on the day's theme, for the young
  • 10:30am   High Mass (choir at 2nd and 4th Sundays)
  • 6:30pm     Solemn Evensong  (Choral evensong on 3 March)


  • 10.00am Low Mass:     Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door) 
  • On Tuesdays, the church is open for visitors from 2 till 4pm
  • On Wednesdays, the church is open for visitors from 11am till 1pm
  • On Thursdays,  the church remains open for visitors after the service until 3pm. Both North and South doors will be open.
Special Services in March
  • Ash Wednesday Mass: 6 March at 8pm    
  • Stations of the Cross: Fridays in March - (8, 15, 22, 29)  12:30pm 
  • Mothering Sunday 31 March 
 Society of Catholic Priests
SCP was founded in 1994 by a group of priests from the Diocese of Southwark who felt that they could no longer remain within the existing fraternal organisations for Anglo-Catholic priests because of the position that had been taken on the ordination of women to the priesthood. Its objective is to promote the formation and support of priestly spirituality and Catholic evangelism, and supports the appointment of women as Deacons, Priests and Bishops. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is the group's patron and Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, the current rector.

On Wednesday 13 March the monthly meeting of the Southwark Diocesan Chapter will be held at All Saints, but anyone is welcome to attend the mass.  Have a look at for more info, or talk to Fr David who is a member.
  • SCP Mass: Wednesday 13 March 12- 3pm
Saints Days in March
  • 17 March:
    St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, c460
  • 19 March:
    Joseph of Nazareth
  • 20 March:
    Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne,  687
  • 21 March:
    Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury and martyr, 1556
  • 25 March:
    Annunciation to the Virgin Mary
  • 31 March: John Donne, poet and priest, 1631
          John Donne - more commonly remembered for his passionate secular poems, also later wrote many, equally passionate, divine verses, one of which was set to music by Pelham Humphrey in the 17th century.  

...I have a sin of fear, that when I have spun
My last thread, I shall perish on the shore;
But swear as He shines now, and heretofore;
And, having done that, Thou hast done,
I fear no more.

Church News

Crocuses brightening up our churchyard...

"The wilderness and the dry land will be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom; like the crocus it shall blossom abundantly"     Isaiah 35:1
The Bridge

This new session, especially for younger members of the congregation and which bridges the All Age Service and High Mass every Sunday, is gathering momentum! The team work with young people, helping them understand and explore the sometimes complex themes of the main service, and the background to events in the readings. This is invaluable to 'fill in the gaps' with all that information that we sometimes take for granted.  The resulting art work can be seen on the ASK (All Saints Kids) screen in the outer south aisle.

So come early or stay later and take part!
Open to all, with refreshments. 
Electoral Roll revision 
Every 6 years, the church has to completely revise its electoral roll - and this is the year! 

Forms have been available in church for a couple of weeks now, and the process started on Sunday 24 February. 

If you are over 16 and live in the parish, (or live outside the parish and regularly attend All Saints), you are eligible to enrol as part of the All Saints church community. This entitles you to vote at the APCM, and to stand for positions such as member of the PCC, or churchwarden. Even if you were on the old Roll, I'm afraid you will need to apply again and update your details if necessary. Full information is on the printed form, which also includes an opportunity to sign up to our Contact list so we can keep you in touch with church events. 

The data you put on the Electoral Roll part is a matter of public record, and will be displayed as usual in church from 24 March till Sunday 31 March – the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. (This is our statutory duty). There is a Privacy Notice on the reverse of the forms that will explain, but applies only to the Electoral Roll. 
The data you put on the Contact form will be stored electronically and only used in the way you have specified. The Contact form is covered by the general church privacy notice, available in church and on the church website 'Downloads' page.

You have till Sunday 10 March to return your form.

Thank you!
Bringing hope to children in rural Malawi
Hope4Malawi is a Christian Charity which works in rural Malawi aiming to improve opportunities for some of the poorest people in the world, where most families live on less than £1 a day. It aims to bring hope of a better future through feeding programmes, education, water and sanitation projects, and Bible teaching. Have a look at the website:
Our All Saints school is already working with Hope4Malawi, providing much-needed books donated to the primary school libraries in Malawi, and Talent Challenge raising funds for their feeding programmes.
Here is how we at All Saints Church can get more involved  
A focus for Lent at All Saints Church
Hope4Malawi run feeding programmes at three rural primary schools providing much needed school lunches to 3,200 children each day. A donation of only £12 will provide a child with school lunches, a mug of porridge fortified with vitamins, for a whole year. Such a small sum has a huge impact on their health and ability to concentrate and learn, and for some children it is their only meal of the day.
During Lent we are giving you the opportunity to contribute to the feeding programme. If you’d like to provide school lunches for children in Malawi please put your gift in the envelope that will be provided. We will say more about this in Lent. 
Beyond Lent 
In August 2019 a team will be going from the Sutton area for around 2 weeks. You might want to think about joining the team (who are self funding). They will be doing a range of community development projects, working with children, and Bible teaching in the villages. We will give you more details of this during Lent.
More generally there is a need for qualified teachers to go to Malawi to help, support and inspire class teachers who get very little more than initial training. If you are interested in this please speak to Marion or contact Sara at
Watch this space - look at the table in the North aisle for more information, for ways we can all be involved in a positive way, and for up-dates. 
Sara Goodman

Music at All Saints

Parking for services and events

As the church doesn't have its own car park, and the ancient road layout is a bit of a challenge, it can be tricky finding somewhere convenient to leave your car when attending a service or music event.

Church Hill, (at the west end of the building), has sheltered housing so they've had to put up 'Residents' Parking only' signs to help their vulnerable and less mobile residents. Please respect this request.

The free spaces outside the church are few, but available for two hours at a time, while the (large) village and (small) Square car parks only charge £1 for all day Sunday parking. In extremis, there are often road side spaces between the dropped kerbs around The Square and Talbot Road on Sundays as well. (You can cut through the churchyard from Talbot Road to save walking time).

The nearby parking restrictions end at 6:30pm so evening parking is free - even the red route regulated spaces in The Square are available after 7pm Monday to Saturday and do not operate at all on a Sunday. 

I know near neighbours will appreciate our consideration and co-operation in this, as parking has recently become such a very difficult  local issue.
On Sunday 24th March from 2-4pm at All Saints, there will be a Family Opera Gala from Carshalton Opera.

Join 5 of their professional soloists, with pianist Laetitia Federici, for highlights from the favourite operas of Mozart, Donizetti, Handel and Tchaikovsky, as well as scenes from Bizet's Carmen.

So something for everyone, as usual. If you haven't been before, rest assured that even small children love these events, and they come free!

Tickets £12, in advance from  (Children free).

These concerts are very popular so it is a Really Good Idea to book in advance....

All Saints School News

Dear God, please forgive me...

In this season of Lent, we think about things we have done wrong and for which we need to be forgiven. Here are some thoughts from year 2 Skylarks at All Saints School. 

"Please forgive me because sometimes I hurt my brother"
"Please forgive me for shouting at Mummy a little bit"

"Please forgive me for doing some mean things in my life, like not being kind to my brother."
"Please forgive me for when I talked in the line. Sorry God."


Work is underway on collecting remembrances of the last 50 years of All Saints School. The pupils would be really pleased to hear any of your memories, or if you know anyone who was associated with the school.  

We have set up an email address to which photos and anecdotes can be uploaded. (It would be helpful for chronology if these could be dated). 

The email address is:

Any photos you are unable to scan may be sent for my attention at the school.

Thanking you in advance 
Helen Smith, Chair of Governors

"There is no Planet B"
We all saw news reports of the inspiring Youth Strike 4 Climate demo last week, when young people all over the world took to the streets with placards, calling on their individual governments to include them in decision making relating to global warming. These peaceful protests, (organised in this country by UK Student Climate Network and the UK Youth Climate Coalition), caused controversy, as they were staged on a Friday - a school day - and some schools were unable to formally authorise absences.

At All Saints, four children asked their parents to apply for an authorised absence for them to take part in the event, which was particularly close to their hearts. As a Church school, we support Courageous Advocacy in important public concerns, and taking into consideration that these pupils had outstanding school attendance, it was agreed they should be granted the day to attend.

The school is in favour of the principle of this issue which is of particular relevance to the young,  and were glad these few children could represent it on the day.
School Values
The children at All Saints have chosen and agreed nine Christian Values which they explore in turn, and learn to live out in their everyday life.

In February they were looking at 'Respect', and two children were nominated by the Prayer Buddies to be presented with a certificate in Celebration Assembly for their particular achievement in demonstrating this value in school.

Next is Peace....

Thoughts from Readers & Friends

Letter from Bogotá  
There are some 53,000 registered taxis in Bogotá. To ride in  one of those bright yellow cabs which transit the traffic-choked streets and avenues of the high altitude capital city is quite an experience. During one such mid-morning trip when the traffic was exceptionally light the cabbie remarked Bogotá es una caja de sorpresitas – Bogotá is a box of little surprises….. Surprises! Yes, it is a city with beautiful architecture, excellent public libraries as well as stunning museums such as the Gold Museum and art galleries.
When flight AV9764 took off from El Dorado Airport on Thursday 17 January on a short one-hour flight to the Caribbean coastal city of Santa Marta, it is doubtful if any on the passengers was aware of events elsewhere in the city. A terrorist car bomb exploded within the police academy, killing 21 cadets and injuring a further 68 – a surprise attack carried out by the Ejercito de Liberación Nacional more often known and referred to by its Spanish acronym ELN. The Mayor`s immediate reaction was to introduce surveillance drones as an emergency response. 
These are interesting times in Colombia – with a new Conservative government just six months in office. A peace process agreed and signed between the FARC rebels and the outgoing administration of President Juan Manuel Santos endeavoured to bring an end to a bloody and violent fifty-year internal armed struggle. Initial reaction to the outrage was one of shock and sadness with renewed feelings of insecurity.
There were and are other problems, other surprises. In recent months over half a million Venezuelans fled their country and flooded over the border into Colombia where many have stayed and found employment, while others continued to trek onwards to Ecuador, Peru, and as far south as Chile and Argentina. An exodus caused by political instability, economic and social breakdown resulting in rampant hyperinflation as well as food and medicine shortages.
In Santa Marta where it has not rained since October the immediate effects of climate change and the El Niño weather phenomena are very evident – the land is parched with scrub vegetation covered in dust... be continued
 Edward Walsh

From the Archives

Carshalton Priest's Houses through the centuries

Some time this month, God willing, Fr David will be moving into what is the last in a long line of houses provided to house the priests of Carshalton. It will probably be called The Rectory, as have one or two previous buildings. However, the word Rectory did not originally mean a building but the rights and responsibilities attached to owning the church building, including receiving the Tithe, maintaining the church and the advowson - appointing (and paying) a priest. As time went on, the priest was given the rights, income and responsibilities (though not the advowson) so became the rector as well and the house he lived in could be called the Rectory.  (The church website says that from 1301 incumbents were known as Vicars, and from 1703, as Rectors. In 1961 the right to appoint the priest was given to the Diocese of Southwark).

In 1150, Faramus, Count of Bologne, who had been given the Manor by William the Conqueror, gave the church over to Merton Priory, which sent priests and monks to conduct the services here. In 1300, Carshalton was made a permanent vicarage, meaning a full time priest was appointed and a house provided for him.  It is unknown where this is, but the cottage in the churchyard is certainly of medieval construction, and would have been large enough for an unmarried priest, as would then have been the case. This was early sold into private ownership, probably when the clergy were allowed to marry and needed more space. 

In the middle ages, church records show an increasing number of bequests for the saying of masses for the dead, which obviously became so numerous that by 1359 a chaplain for this purpose had been appointed. Carshalton could not immediately afford to provide a separate chantry chapel, but in 1492 a Joan Brent (related by previous marriage to the Gaynesford family) left 13s 4d in her will 'to the new work begun at Kersalton to be builded a chapel in the honour of our blessed lady Mary, called the chapel of our lady Bullen.' The two story timbered building - (see the illustrations above from the Sutton Archives) - would have had room for the chantry priest to be housed as well. After the Dissolution of the Monasteries, of course, masses for the dead were frowned upon and and chantry chapels suppressed.  (In the 19th century it was known as Dame Duffin's Cottage). 

Some sources also suggest that the 16th century building now called The Woodman was originally built as a priest's house, but it certainly served as a butcher's shop from the 1700's.
From the 16th century, several of the incumbents lived in the parsonages or rectories of their other parishes, including Beckenham and Beddington, but there was clearly a vicarage (messuage) mentioned in the sale of the benefice in 1556 to the Fromonds, and in other records from 1568. 

By 1703, Henry Byne - the then owner - decided a modern parsonage suitable to his new appointee - (the Rev William Hollier) - was needed, and so the Parsonage House  (now called the Old Rectory) was built by the stream near the ponds - (Festival Walk leads past it). Rev Hollier's widow continued to live here till her death so the next incumbent - (Rev Edmund Lodge) - probably lived in West Street Lodge, (a beautiful white boarded house still standing in West Street Lane), till the Rectory became vacant. (From the 1840's The Old Rectory was privately tenanted.)

The other Vicarage House, (mentioned as already being in existence in records of 1724), during this time was in the High Street, where Beacon Grove now stands. Rev Cator moved into this small house in 1845, but when he married, he moved to The Grove and in 1872 to Stone Court, both of which he bought. The High Street parsonage was let out, but none of the other houses were known as the Rectory.

Rev Cator was succeeded by Lord Victor Seymour in 1884 who rebuilt and enlarged the rundown High Street Rectory, which also housed the next two incumbents - Rev Vaux (1902-1919) then Rev Corbould until his death in 1958. By then the property was inconvenient, dilapidated and (more importantly) built on a very valuable piece of real estate, so it was demolished to make way for the shopping precinct, put up in the 60's.  

The Rev Edwards took over in 1958 and a new Rectory built for him in Talbot Road. Sadly, this has had a shorter life than previous priests' houses in the parish, and is due to be knocked down any day now.

Our present Rector, Fr David, is set to move to the far end of the Parish, in Carshalton Beeches, to a house which will be the twelfth in this short list covering more than 700 years, and having being built around 1897, significantly predates the Talbot Road property - new is not always better!

 So... rectories were not really buildings, priests often lived in houses not built specifically for them (rarely formally known as Parsonages, Priests' Houses, Vicarages or indeed Rectories), and even if they were purpose-built, they were often lived in by people other than the clergy. Therefore the new Rectory, being bought out of private ownership by the Diocese, follows a long tradition of clerical housing in Carshalton.                                                                                                                                                               MW
Information taken from:  
'An Illustrated Directory of Old Carshalton'  A E Jones 1973 (out of print & unavailable)
'From Medieval Manor to London Suburb' A E Jones 1965 (out of print & unavailable)
'The Old Church of Carshalton, Surrey'  George Clinch 1909 (out of print & unavailable)
Brighting's 'History of Carshalton' 1882 (out of print & unavailable)
Ordnance Survey Map, 1910
Pictures by permission of Sutton Archives

Further reading:
*'Old Carshalton'
John Phillips 2008 
*'A Respectable Parsonage House. The story of the Old Rectory, Carshalton and the people who lived there'  Sue Horne  2018 - Sold in aid of the Carshalton Old Rectory Association (CORA)
* Available from Honeywood Museum, which stocks a selection of local history books.
From our mailbox...

"This is lovely!  The details of past Carshalton and the poem are great.  I do like a Sally Lunn....haven't had one in a long time.  Plenty of other good stuff.  I have long wondered about the reconciliation of Matthew and Luke Gospels about Our Lord's very early life.  Of course "magi" means plural including at least one man; there could have been women, though I did find a website stating the tradition that there were twelve kings and only three were chosen to make the journey.  Fascinating stuff.
Good to read about the Holocaust Memorial event, which I attended.  Eve Gill is amazing!  All good wishes, Juliet

ps: Further to the "news item", surely the Massacre of the Innocents would have been front-page news?  Juliet"

Local News

Cinema on your doorstep – our coming winter films 
Films at Carshalton Methodist Church, Ruskin Road, Carshalton, SM5 3DE 
Admission free; donations appreciated. Church

Saturday 23 March 3.00pm and 7.30 pm
France 1940.  As Hitler’s armies take over the whole of France, a young wife and her mother-in-law, living in a small town, find their lives turned upside down when a handsome German officer is posted to live in their home.  Contains some strong language. Certificate rated 15.

And for your diary... 

Tuesday 16 April.  Single showing at 7.30pm 
Our Film for Holy Week tells the story of Mary of Magdala, a small village on the shores of Lake Galilee. It is based on the gnostic gospel of Mary, found outside the Bible. Mary is attracted by the charism of the teacher, Jesus, and determines to follow Him. 2017 film. 
Certificate rated 12A.
Honeywood Museum 
The Museum on the ponds next to Festival Walk is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 till 5pm. 

Currently  they have an exhibition called 'Women in the Frame' - a selection of prints from the restored Knights-Whittome glass plate negatives of 1904-18 which came into Council possession in the late 70's after 18 High Street, Sutton - his premises - were demolished. They were untouched until 2014, when the Past on Glass project at Sutton Archives began the painstaking work of restoring and saving as many as they could. 

This inspiring exhibition runs till the 31st of March, and is free. There are leaflets in church, or visit their website:
If you'd like to give feedback or submit an article, write to us at:
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