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Parish Paper, August 2019
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Trinity 7-10

All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village and The Wrythe.
It is a living Church where God has been worshipped for over 1000 years

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Regular Services


  • 8:00am     Low Mass (In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door). 
  • 9:00am     All Ages Mass 
  • Between & after the services, 'The Bridge': activities for the young
  • 10:30am   High Mass (choir at 2nd and 4th Sundays)
  • 6:30pm     Solemn Evensong  (Choral evensong on 4 August)


  • 10.00am Low Mass:     Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door) 
  • Morning Prayers take place Tuesday till Friday, at 9am

  • The church is open for visitors on Tuesdays from 2 till 4pm
  • Wednesdays from 11am till 1pm
  • Thursdays after the service (10:30) until 3pm
  • Fridays from 10:30 till 12:30pm
Both North and South doors will be open
Major Saints Days in August
  • 3 August
    The Transfiguration
  • 15 August
    St Mary the Virgin
  • 16 August
    Women of the Old Testament
  • 29 August
    The Beheading of John the Baptist
  • 31 August
    St Aidan (of the Lindisfarne community), 651 - see Gospel image above
The new Youth Choir project is underway, with several enthusiastic applications to join. However, it's not too late to register an interest as the choir will not meet until September when everyone is back from their Summer break. Contact Antony Matthews for more information - (he's the one playing the organ...)

Church News

The Bishop’s Certificate – why not do it?

I have just finished a programme, which is run by the Diocese of Southwark, called ‘The Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship’. It was really good and I would recommend it. It's not just for people who are exploring lay or ordained ministry – it's for anyone (yes anyone) who wants to get some structured input, to learn new things and deepen their understanding, and to meet others who are on the same journey and want to grow in their discipleship. My course included all sorts of people, which was one of the real plusses of the programme.

The course runs from the autumn to the following summer (mine was September 2018 to June 2019) and it included 6 modules covering a wide range of topics including: the Gospels, Old Testament, The Church, key doctrines, ethics and mission, Spirituality, and Vocation.

The learning is in groups with input from experienced ministers, with the opportunity to discuss with others and to ask questions. Yes, it included writing a few assignment reports that are assessed, but it wasn’t that onerous really and you get a lot of support. It finished with a residential weekend at Wychcroft – a lovely place – which gave time to reflect, make sense of things, listen, (and party!) 

I’m looking forward to September when we are all reunited to receive the Certificate (a scroll apparently!) from the Bishop at a service at the Cathedral. 

To find out more, there are some leaflets on the table by the refreshment area in Church and there is lots of information on the Southwark Diocese website. I’d also be happy to tell you about it if you are interested. You will need to move quickly though if you want to join the course this autumn. 
David Kellett

21 Years Young!!

One of the things about being a priest is that you can celebrate with church services as well as parties - though having both of course is best!  So on Saturday 6 July, we gathered for a High Mass of Thanksgiving to mark the 21st anniversary of Fr David's ordination as deacon.  Friends, family and colleagues, (past and present), as well as current members of the congregation were there to make this a special event, at which The Venerable Paul Davies, Archdeacon of Surrey, gave the address. In fact, it was very much a family event with Gill Fisher reading from Ephesians, while Ceridwen and Owain led the prayers.

After the eucharist, Fr David was anointed with Holy Oil - these words being said:

I anoint you in the name of God, that you may continue as a living stone in this place, acceptable and precious in his sight.

As Fr David has been saying in recent sermons, we are all living stones, and in this spirit, we were all invited to return to the altar to be anointed likewise, as a sign of personal re-dedicaton. All who were able accepted this invitation, and for the less nimble of us for whom one trek up the church is quite enough thank you, the ceremony was repeated on Thursday morning at Low Mass, by request of a member of that congregation. 

The service was, of course, followed by celebratory refreshments, while we talked about just how young and angelic Fr David looked in his ordination photograph from 1998 - and noticed how well All Saints fitted in with the gallery of previous 'postings'.  Here's to another 21 years!

A Phoenix rises from the Ashes
In September 2018, I attended a Forum meeting of the Archdiocese of Southwark Christian Unity Commission. A discussion took place on ecumenical activity in local areas to share and offer support. I was very pleased to be able to give an encouraging report on the work of Churches Together in Carshalton since its inauguration in January 2017.

Many years previously, Carshalton Council of Churches (as it was then known) had flourished, organising the annual Good Friday Walk of Witness, Lent House Groups, Joint House Visiting Schemes and other activities. High Profile speakers were invited to the Services during Christian Unity Week. In time, communications between clergy and laity weakened and joint working lapsed.  This was a source of great sadness to local Christians who were supporters of ecumenism and who felt the loss of a unifying forum. 

In 2015, knowing that the will of the people was to reinvigorate ecumenical activity, John Dodwell, parishioner of Holy Cross RC Church contacted all interested parties to establish a Working Party which reinstated the Good Friday Walk. New local Council regulations governing insurance and risk assessments had led to its cancellation the previous year. The Working Party then proposed the adoption of a simple constitution to be agreed by all member churches.

How was interest to be generated and financed? The answer was an event to bring all together as one.  A special screening of the film “Walking the Camino – 6 Ways to Santiago” was held at the Carshalton Methodist Church Hall.  After the screening, John sought to gauge opinion on the future vision for Churches Together and the strength of support from local people. The result was a number of people provided contact details to show interest in future events and a commitment to being involved. Donations given on the night were used to help finance the setting up of the Forum.

The constitution of Churches Together was based on the national Churches Together model with some amendments to reflect local circumstances. Seven member churches were signed up with an agreement to pay a small annual levy towards running expenses. The Forum was formally inaugurated in January 2017 with election of officers and two members from each of the member churches.

During 2017 Churches Together planned and organised the Good Friday Walk of Witness, held a service during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, supported the Lent House Groups, organised a talk by Bishop Paul Hendricks on the lessons learnt from Luther. In 2018 the range of events has expanded to include a Service held to celebrate Pentecost, and a CTiC stall at the Sutton Environmental Fair.  A documentary showing of the Life of Frank Buchman highlighted his world peace initiatives. Links with other Churches Together Groups in South London are encouraged.

Churches Together in Carshalton has grown in strength and influence in the short time since January 2017.  There is still much more that can be done but with the support of local clergy and with lay people taking on key roles, ecumenism is beginning to bear fruit locally.  

I hope that our story can give hope and inspiration to other localities who would dearly love to encourage ecumenism among their fellow Christian Churches. 

Our mission statement is “Growing together as Christians, through prayer, worship exploring faith, responding to need and witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ.”
Alex Faircloth
Churches Together in Carshalton
January 2019
Churches Together in Carshalton currently comprises: All Saints, Carshalton Methodist, Good Shepherd, Holy Cross, St Margaret’s, Carshalton Salvation Army (the one in Green Wrythe Lane), Strawberry Lane  Baptist,  and Olive Tree Ministries. 

The Bridge and young church
In recent sermons, Fr David has been talking about Living Stones - the young people at The Bridge have taken this to heart and see the beautiful painted pebbles they have produced to represent themselves. 

All Saints Church is faced with flints which Fr David also likened to us all - small but paying our part. The photos below show the rather random, natural stones from the older, lower outer wall of the Lady chapel, and (I'm guessing) the Victorian, carefully split and tidy version around the South Door.    
(I know which type I identify with...)
Giving at All Saints
You have probably noticed a big shiny brass collection plate at recent services. Times change and so few of us actually carry cash any more that we thought a contactless unit would make life easier for everyone. If you haven't already used it, it's as quick as putting coins or notes in the plate - just touch your card on the reader and the transaction is instant. It's preset for £5 but touch the arrows on either side of the screen to lower or raise it to suit. (If anyone wishes to make a donation in excess of £30, the unit can take chip and pin when removed from the plate, just ask Fr David after the service).

And the free standing unit that was so useful for the Christian Aid collection has been reconfigured for us.  This will be on the North Door welcome table for use by visitors - it works in the same way. 

Contactless has proved popular at our music event bars and has been requested by baptism and wedding congregations...

And if your budget is very tight, don't forget we've registered with 'easyfundraising' which is a clever website where you can help All Saints simply by doing your everyday online shopping with over 3,600 big name retailers like:  Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS,, eBay, Boden, and M&S.

Every time you shop, we receive a small donation to say ‘thank you’ and it’s completely free too!

Please sign up and you could can help the church at no cost to yourself - just do your usual on-line shopping  - Click and Collect also qualifies. 

There are posters and leaflets in church to explain how it works
Thank you!

'Refreshing Church' Conference
On Saturday 14 September at St Bede's School, Carlton Road, Redhill RH1 2LQ, the Croydon Episcopal Lay Conference for 2019 will be held from 10-4.

This is planned as a day for lay people, with a key note address from Paula Gooder, theologian and Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, who will speak about church in the New Testament.  
(Fr David notes that:  Paula Gooder and her husband are friends of ours - she taught me Old Testament at college and ended up marrying one of my contemporaries (was in Oxford with him last week)!  She’s a really engaging speaker and will be worth listening to!)

There will be workshops, worship, refreshments and a closing address from Bishop Christopher, and costs £10 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments

The topics include:
  • pastoral care as a church 
  • the relationship between church and schools
  •  overseeing church finances
  •  being a Christian parent 
  • older congregations
  • relationships with those of other faiths
  • nurturing children in faith
  • healing and wholeness

For details, please see the leaflet on the screen at the rear of the church, but for more information and help with booking, email, or call her on 020 8256 9633.

Or book directly through
Marion Williams, PCC Secretary
News from Malawi

July Update... 

You will find more of the latest news and updates in church - please take a copy from the tray.

Update on flood relief and bridge
Following the cyclone and floods in March in Malawi, there is still work to be done to rebuild homes and restore infrastructure. Immediately after the storms we provided maize through our partners, Fisherman’s Rest, to those most in need, which was distributed through local churches. Fisherman’s Rest also repaired broken boreholes in the area so people have access to clean water again. 

Due to the generosity of donors we can now rebuild the bridge at Chipwepwete. This bridge was destroyed during floods in 2015 and there are many days when the river is impassable due to the rains. Generous donations following our appeals in March mean that we can build a footbridge with deeper foundations over the river near Chipwepwete Primary School. As over 2/3s of the children at Chipwepwete have to cross the river to get to school, and people need to cross to get to the market, this will be a tremendous benefit to the community.

We are currently packing a 20-foot container with books, computers and other school resources, which have been stored in a warehouse generously provided by one of Hope4Malawi’s supporters, Amish. 
UK schools have been generous in providing books and uniform and others have given computers. We thank God for this provision.

Links with UK schools
Several UK schools are linked with us and generously provide resources and raise funds. Trinity Croydon and Sutton Grammar also take trips and are at Fisherman’s Rest now working on projects. 

For the results of the inspiring Talents Project at All Saints School , see the School News below!

All Saints School News

A Summer Wedding...
On Friday 12 July, Year 2 began their day with a wedding in the church. This is part two of their programme learning about pastoral services and their meaning. We had a full wedding party, including bridesmaids, ushers, best man, and father of the bride - the bride and her maids had made beautiful bouquets and a headdress, (you can see the aisle group in the photo), and Fr David wore his celebratory vestments - (Gold, or Best White as a previous church used to call them). The children ended their lesson with wedding cake and lemonade in champagne glasses to celebrate the event. What a lovely way to end the school year!

One of the school values is Friendship - As God's children, we treat each other as family - and to live this out, the children choose and raise funds for several charities. One of these is Hope4Malawi, and inspired by the Parable of the Talents, children in years 5 & 6 were offered £2 each to do with as they pleased. To keep it safe, to save it and earn interest or to use it to generate more money. This initial investment by the school fell on very fertile ground and between them, using innovative and imaginative ways of fundraising, the children have raised an amazing £1,773.08  so far to help their fellow children in villages of South Malawi to access education through the feeding, reading and solar light programmes.

On the side table, you will see a pile of Smoothie recipe books which Chanelle from Year 5 has produced  - please help her by buying one and putting the money in the small box. This will remain over the summer so plenty of time to try these recipes - they come highly recommended! She also sold delicious cakes and biscuits - and on Sunday 21 July gave these free as a 'thank you' to all who had supported her effort. (Can I say the cupcakes were beyond delicious?!)

Well done to everyone - your work and donations will do so much for your friends in Africa!

The Ringmaster's Dream

The Years 5 & 6 end of year production for 2019 was 'The Ringmaster's Dream' - a musical production which included songs from the 'Greatest Showman'. The cast were outstanding, not just the solo roles; everyone was enthusiastic, well-rehearsed and indeed word-perfect - no mean feat considering the number of lines some had to learn.

The year 6 children had just been to a production of 'The Lion King' in the West End and realised that everyone on and off stage are needed, important and invaluable in their contribution to the whole production. Year 5 provided the choral support from each side of the hall so we were surrounded by wonderful singing. At the rehearsal, even Nursery were enthralled for the whole 90 minutes - surely the best of accolades!

Thanks and congratulations must go to all - both children and adults - who worked so hard to make this such a success.


The Leavers' Assembly is always a very moving event and this year was no different, except there were 60 instead of 35 children for the first time, so twice the number of tearfully proud parents! The children led hymns, did readings and read prayers, then shared some happy and amusing memories of their time at All Saints. These particularly entertained the children in the lower school when the memories referred to their teachers or events that happened when the children were in their year of the school...

They shared with us their hopes for the future, and the skills and talents they had developed while at All Saints (including a lovely guitar recital). We met the football teams and heard from a breakdancing award winner - truly a multi-talented group of children!

The Sportsperson Award was presented to Molly (could one person possibly play in more teams!), and the Good Citizen Award to Astrid (an amazing achievement considering the overwhelming competition - I'm sure we don't envy the staff who had to make that final decision). Mrs Hart Dyke gave a special, one-off award to Alex for musical contribution to assemblies, services and school productions - he will be difficult to replace.

The Year 6 parents presented gifts of thanks to all the staff who had worked with this year group, including the Head Teacher.  


Southwark Celebration
On the 19 July, the children attended their Year 6 leavers' service at Southwark Cathedral where they shared a special celebration with other Southwark schools from across the Diocese. Our children performed 'This is Me', one of the songs from their recent production, which linked well with the service theme 'A time of belief'accompanied by one of Year 6 - Alex - on the grand piano. It was a wonderful and very moving performance. 
Not forgetting...

The children had a fantastic residential trip to the Isle of Wight, and were blessed with beautiful weather. They returned exhausted but uplifted by the wonderful experience they'd had.
We wish them every success at their new schools in September
and will miss them all.

All Saints School, Golden Anniversary

You may recall previous articles asking for contributions of your memories of the school for the children to put in their commemorative publication. This is now nearly complete, and thanks to all who responded.

The school opened in September 1969, and to mark this there will be a special service in church on Wednesday 25 September at 2pm, with Bishop Jonathan.

All are welcome to this very special All Saints Church Family event to start the Primary School's 50th academic year...

From readers and friends

From left to right, a sweet chestnut and a walnut tree in Carshalton Park - roll on harvest - though the squirrels seem currently unable to resist green walnuts...

Let's talk about trees...

It's a thing now, generally recognised, that it is good for our well-being and mental health to spend time in green spaces, with which we are particularly blessed in this area. As a dog walker, I spend a lot of time in local parks, and while the dogs have their noses to the ground, I have time to notice trees as we go round. Every day they change a little, from bare brown twigs, through pale green new leaf, flower and on to full fruit, they are of constant, ever-changing, interest. 

And I thought it was just me, till in June we joined a group tour of The Grove, led by Ben Morris, the Senior Arboricultural & Woodlands Officer for Sutton. Now, he's a real enthusiast!  

We were introduced to a wide variety of trees, spotted signs of disease and infestation, and heard how the purple or copper beech trees had been top-grafted onto native, stronger, beech stock, leaving a noticeable thickening of the trunk about four feet from the ground. Ben told us that it is unwise the cut down false acacias (rubinia pseudoacacia) - they retaliate by springing up saplings over a wide area. Something he learnt early in his career to the detriment of a client's tennis court...

Ben felt trees prefer growing in natural groups - they like the companionship, share water and nutriments and communicate with each other. And finally that the wonderfully perfumed lime trees some dislike are not to blame for the sticky deposits on your car - these are caused by aphids, but that it seems a little less troublesome this year. Indeed, we should thank the Victorians for planting lime trees and London planes throughout the city - they are the best trees for taking up pollution and without their help over the years, our air quality would be very much worse. 

He and his team have every tree mapped on a database of the borough and they are inspected regularly for health (theirs), and safety (ours).

Obviously those near playgrounds or busy thoroughfares are checked more often, but they are all known and cared for! 

Oh - and exercising in this way is a perfect time to Martha and Mary, as Fr David suggested in a recent sermon.

And finally, baby acorns, again from Carshalton Park.

From the Archives

Historical giving at All Saints
Over the centuries, people have left all sorts of things to our church in their wills. In 1486 for instance, William Say of Carshalton left one quarter (500 lbs) of malt to the upkeep of three candles before the crucifix in the church.

In 1487, another parishioner left 20d (5p in modern coinage, but £50 in modern value) to the high altar of "Allhallows' Church" (as it was sometimes called), and a Joane of Leicester willed it her best girdle and her best gown. In 1498, Nicholas Gaynesford (buried in the Lady Chapel) left to the Prior of Merton 5 marks (a mark was worth 13s 4d, so 2/3 of an old £1, over £3k nowadays but was then nearly 6 months wages for a skilled tradesman), a brooch and an annual load of coals, to pay for a mass to be said for his soul every year. 

Not sure what our sacristan would do with a best gown and girdle or half a ton of grain, nor indeed how we would keep up with the candle and mass requests!

From Medieval Manor to London Suburb, A.E.Jones

Music at All Saints

Sutton Symphony - Music from the Movies

On what was the hottest day of the year so far, All Saints Church hosted another wonderful concert from the Sutton Symphony Orchestra. The church was filled to overflowing - (quite literally!) - and surprisingly we had to keep the doors closed to stop hot air blowing in from the churchyard. (I never thought I'd ever say that...)

The play list was varied and very entertaining, with pieces from John Williams (Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Harry Potter, ET, Empire Strikes Back), Monty Norman's work for the James Bond films, Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean), as well as more traditional pieces from Walton and Mahler. The finale was a rousing rendition of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

I, for one, was struck by how much great music we hear without realising it when watching films - so glad to have the opportunity to really appreciate it.

Looking forward to having Sutton Symphony Orchestra back here next year, but if you can't wait till then, their next concert is at St Andrews in November, when the programme will include Stravinky's Firebird Suite, (see the flyers in church or go to their website.

See the Mailbox below for comments about the evening...

From our mailbox

Feedback about the Sutton Symphony concert, from Twitter:  

Strings sounding fab in Mahler 5 and it’s nice and cool in @CarshaltonAllS

Great programme. @CarshaltonAllS packed out. Perfect way to spend a summer’s evening. Next time...Firebird...!

Other News

On the side table you will find this inspiring book of photos of women clergy from a special exhibition commissioned by the Rt Revd Christopher Chessun from photo storyteller, Jim Grover, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Church of England.

These 12 women priests are very different as individuals, and all from the Diocese of Southwark. Please look through it and be inspired - or take a copy if there are any left!
Hiroshima Day commemoration in Carshalton

6th August, Hiroshima Day, is an annual commemoration of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 and, three days later, on Nagasaki.
Sutton for Peace & Justice will be joined by campaigners and local residents at Carshalton Ponds to remember the victims of those the events and to reaffirm our call that nuclear weapons should never be used again.
The commemoration will take place at dusk on Tuesday 6 August, with readings, a minute’s silence and floating petals on the pond.
Please join us at 7.45 at the War Memorial, Carshalton Ponds, Honeywood Walk, Carshalton, SM5 2QJ.
(Short walk from Carshalton Station and Carshalton High Street.)

There are currently 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world. This is the largest youth population ever. But 1 in 10 of the world’s children live in conflict zones and 24 million of them are out of school. Political instability, labour market challenges and limited space for political and civic participation have led to increasing isolation of youth in societies.

12 August was first designated International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999, and serves as an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, and an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world’s youth.
If you ordered a photograph of Father John Thewlis from Adrian, and have put your money in the box but not received the print, please speak to Adrian in church as a matter of urgency. He still has some payments but no order details!
Cinema on your doorstep
Films at Carshalton Methodist Church, Ruskin Road, Carshalton, SM5 3DE 
Admission free; donations appreciated. 

The next showing is on Saturday 21 September, programme to be announced. Visit their website for details as they come out. 
Honeywood Museum 
The Museum on the ponds next to Festival Walk is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 till 5pm.
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