All Saints Carshalton
Parish Paper, April 2019
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              Easter 3 - 6
All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village and The Wrythe.
We welcome everyone to enjoy our traditional worship, strong musical tradition, long history, and the building's beautiful interior. 

Welcome to your monthly Parish Paper
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Regular Services


  • 8:00am     Low Mass (In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door). 
  • 9:00am     All Ages Mass 
  • Between & after the services, 'The Bridge', activities for the young
  • 10:30am   High Mass (choir at 2nd and 4th Sundays)
  • 6:30pm     Solemn Evensong  (Choral evensong on 5 May)


  • 10.00am Low Mass:     Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door) 
  • On Tuesdays, the church is open for visitors from 2 till 4pm
  • On Wednesdays, the church is open for visitors from 11am till 1pm
  • On Thursdays,  the church remains open for visitors after the service until 3pm. Both North and South doors will be open
Special Services in May
  • Ascension Day Thursday 30 May, 8pm
New services...

You'll notice from the article below that Fr David is conducting new prayer services which may fit in with your busy week, giving you the opportunity for a time of quiet prayer and spiritual respite.

For the period between Ascension and Pentecost, from Tuesday till Friday, there will be Morning Prayers at 9am, and Evening Prayers at 5:30pm.

On an ongoing basis after that, Evening Prayers will take place, again Tuesday till Friday, at 5:30pm.

Speak to Fr David in church if you think you'd like to come. Enter by the South Porch and the services will held in the Lady Chapel.
Major Saints Days in May
  • 1 May
    Philip and James, Apostles
  • 8 May
    Julian of Norwich, c1417
  • 14 May
    Matthias the Apostle
  • 24 May
    John and Charles Wesley
  • 25 May
    Venerable Bede, Monk of Jarrow, 735
  • 30 May
    Joan of Arc, 1431
Two inspirational women, and a popular hymnist

In amongst the men who have Saints days this month, there are two very inspirational women.

Julian of Norwich, (also known Mother Julian) was the greatest of all the English anchorites of the Middle Ages. She wrote the earliest surviving book in the English language to be written by a woman, "Revelations of Divine Love".   

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing
shall be well”

Joan of Arc, (nicknamed The Maid of Orléans), is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Hundred Years' War; she was canonised as a Roman Catholic saint.
"I am not afraid... I was born to do this"

And back to the gentlemen: the hymns of Charles Wesley remain ever popular, probably due in part of their continued currency of thought, as in this from 1749:
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee,
Let us in thy name agree,
Show thyself the Prince of peace,
Bid all strife for ever cease...

Church News

Thy Kingdom Come is the initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York which started in 2016 as an invitation from them to the Church of England, and has grown into an international ecumenical call to prayer

Specifically, it focuses on prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost; as Archbishops Justin and Sentamu say this year, 

“After the very first Ascension day, the disciples gathered with Mary, the mother of our Lord, constantly devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  Like them, our reliance on the gift of the Holy Spirit is total – on our own we can do nothing.  That is why through the centuries Christians have gathered at that time to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit.”
Apart from use across the Anglican Communion, Thy Kingdom Come is used by a wide variety of our ecumenical partners, and is commended by the leaders of the Roman Catholic, Methodist, Coptic, Baptist, United Reformed and Orthodox Churches, amongst others.
Church House Publishing (the publishing arm of the Church of England) has produced a booklet for Morning, Evening and Night Prayer based on Common Worship: Daily Prayer.  I will be using this in church between Ascension (30 May) and Pentecost (9 June), and you’ll be very welcome to join me (or indeed at any other time) for Morning and Evening Prayer!  This is a good opportunity to pray for continued growth at All Saints’, both numerically and in faith.
There are copies of the booklet available in church and it is also available online at    
Fr David
A moment of peace...

Walk round to the South porch from The Woodman path, and you will find a new bench, erected in memory of Valerie Moffatt, a past member of All Saints who left a kind bequest to the church that meant so much to her. 

It is in a peaceful, sheltered, sun trap - looking out into the churchyard (and far enough away from the church wall to avoid the pigeons).   Sit awhile and remember her.

"Remember the former things long past, For I am God, and there is no other..."   Isaiah 46:9

Father Dave's move to St 
Barnabas, update
Fr Dave's last day with us will be on Sunday 12 May with a celebration after High Mass. If you would like to contribute food for the event, please sign up on the list on the tea table so we don't end up with all cupcakes and no sausage rolls... 
Dave's licensing service is on Thursday 20 June at 7:30pm. 

- St Barnabas Church, 37 St Barnabas Road, Sutton SM1 4NS -
New Rectory update
Not much to report at the moment except that the new Rectory is being re-wired and Fr David and his family are trying hard to hold on to a moving date at the end of May. We wish them luck!

A warm welcome to a new member of the All Saints team

As Fr Dave moves on, we welcome another David to join the team. You will know him as our link to Malawi, but there is more...

David Kellett joined All Saints Carshalton just over a year ago from his home church, St Paul's Howell Hill and lives in Wallington with his family. After studying in the UK and USA (where he became a Christian), David worked in human resource management and, after working in secular organisations, he has just joined London City Mission in a role combining HR with support for mission to the hardest to reach people of London.

In his church life so far David  has been involved in: preaching and Bible teaching; leading home groups; developing and delivering a programme for people with anxiety and depression; writing a book about Christians in the workplace; co-ordinating church mission strategy; and mission trips to Malawi.

David has just joined the PCC at All Saints and will be getting more involved in the ministry work at the church as he aims to train either as a Reader or in self-supporting Ordained Ministry. David likes music - especially piano (but worryingly he is developing a liking for jazz clubs) and Formula 1 motor racing. He is currently reading 'God's Passion for His Glory' by John Piper (a 'must read').  

The Bridge
As there are more families coming to High Mass, The Bridge is also now available after the 10.30 service. As time goes on, it is planned to introduce a Sunday Club at 10.30.  You may have noticed the exciting new 'work-sheets' which, together with a liturgy-related activity, are always available at the All Age mass.

The team are looking for helpers to come on board to expand what is available - so if you are interested in getting involved and helping to develop the children's offer at All Saints, please talk to Gill Fisher. She'll be happy to tell you more! 

The Pathway of Feet

A recent Bridge project has been the collection of foot prints of people from every All Saints congregation... look for yours!

The Pathway leads from the Baptistry towards the Cross, and is not only symbolic of our Christian journey, but also of the way members of the All Saints community walk together as one...
On Palm Sunday, children and adults wrote what they felt grateful for this Lent on a palm leaf, and attached them to the cross in the North aisle - take a moment to read their thoughts. 
APCM Sunday 14 April 
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held on Palm Sunday, after the combined mass. Thirty two people attended, seventeen of whom were not PCC members. 

The proceedings began with the Vestry Meeting, at which Janice Funnell and Andrew Langley were re-elected as Church Wardens for the coming church year.

At the APCM, reports on the business and activities of the year were presented, and new members of the PCC nominated and elected. Those new members are: Matthew Drayton, Max Holland and David Kellett, while Rosemary Lilley was re-elected. They will all bring very different experiences, talents and enthusiasms to the work of the committee, and we are so pleased and grateful that they are taking on this important role in the life and management of All Saints. 

The election of representatives to the Deanery Synod takes place next year. This very interesting role is starting to change to meet the evolving needs of today's church, so please talk to any current representatives and see if you would like to take part next year. (Alex Helliwell, Penny Meakin, Sally Westley, Janice Funnell).

All the paperwork is displayed on the notice screen at the back of the church - do take time to look at them- particularly that from the Deanery. If you would like your own electronic or paper copies, just get in touch with me.
Marion Wiliams, PCC Secretary

Thank you for Spring Cleaning for Holy Week!
On Saturday 6 April, a happy band of some 20 members of the church community came to lend a hand with cleaning up the church for Easter. The regular cleaning team had left advice on what extra needed doing so all were well guided in their efforts.
Soup lunch was supplied to fortify, and we can all see the sparkling results!  
Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to support the church in this way. 
Mothering Sunday - and this is the team we have to thank for our beautiful posies!

Later that day I saw three young boys at the tram stop in Croydon, all holding similar spring posies - and concluded they must be choir boys from Croydon Minster on their way home from singing at service....Such a lovely tradition!

 More about the Bells

Our Bells today

The ringers continue to ring the bells on most Sunday mornings for half an hour before the main Mass, and on Monday evenings from 7.45 – 9.15pm.  At the moment we are running a training session from 7.15 – 7.45pm. We welcome visiting ringers, and our ringing times are well publicised in ringing circles.  Non-ringers are also most welcome to visit – just approach the ringing room cautiously if ringing is in progress.

We also ring for weddings if required.  There is a fee for this just as there is for the choir and organist, so not all couples choose the bells, although the majority still consider them an essential part of a traditional church wedding.  We ring for about 20 minutes as the couple leaves the church after the ceremony.  The fee goes partly to the individual ringers and partly to funds needed for replacing the ropes and other fittings.

We are visited from time to time by groups of ringers from other towers.  On the second Sunday of the month you will usually hear the bells ringing for Evensong.  They ring for about 45 minutes continuously and this is called a Quarter Peal (about 1260 changes).  On the whole the ringing is of a high standard, which means a nice regular rhythm without gaps and crunches!  This is not only part of our service to the church – quarter peals are often dedicated to specific church festivals, or to individuals local or national – but they also provide training for ringers seeking to improve their skills. Occasionally our bells are used for a Full Peal (around 5040 changes), such as the one mentioned in the April Parish Paper.

On the third Friday evening of most months, we are host to an Advanced Level ringing practice run by the Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers – the local association of which our ringers are members.  Once or twice a year the Surrey Association holds a Saturday training day when sessions are held at several different churches, and our bells are often involved in this.  

From time to time we ring for local events – the turning on of the Carshalton Christmas lights, for example.  One-off occasions have included the Olympic Torch procession in 2012, and the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme in 2016.  Most recently we took part in the nationwide ringing to commemorate the Armistice in November 2018.

Our band, which is made up of both churchgoers (not all of whom attend All Saints), and non churchgoers, has been enhanced beyond all expectation by the arrival of a bellringing Rector!  It’s fair to say that we couldn’t quite believe it, as these precious individuals are relatively few and far between.  Our numbers are not as strong as we would wish, and it is wonderful that Father David, together with another experienced ringer, Chris McLean, is currently training new recruits.  It needs a lot of patience to learn to handle a bell – and patience on the part of the teacher too.  But once mastered, it is a most satisfying occupation.  If you are interested in finding out more about learning to ring, please speak to Father David or myself.

The ringers are a sociable group, and regularly get together for an evening out – though we are not always to be found in the pub on a Monday night due to being generally busy people.  We enjoy taking part in quizzes, and some of us are members of the church wine tasting group.

The church owns a set of 13 handbells, and from time to time we get together to ring tunes.  I have my own two octave set, and we have a wide selection of music – of course Christmas is a popular time for ringing handbells and at one time we took part regularly in the Crib Service.  

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAS NEVER VISITED THE TOWER – Please do venture upstairs.  You are welcome on Sunday mornings or Monday evenings, and we will try to explain something about what goes on.
Rosemary Lilley April 2019
The team who rang to commemorate Armistice November 2018
Together with many churches and cathedrals across the world, All Saints rang a peal for the sadly fire damaged church of Notre Dame, on Thursday 18 April
News from Malawi
April Update... 
Thank you once again for your support of the feeding programme at Namende.  Mark and I have just returned from Malawi, where we saw just how very fragile life is generally and particularly in the recent storms where many people in the communities round Namende lost homes and livelihoods and some lost relatives and friends.  
It was lovely to visit Namende again and quite humbling to hear the head teacher talk about the dramatic impact the feeding programme has had at the school since starting in September. 
He says ‘After the feeding programme was introduced we had more learners come to school. For example there are 193 learners in standard 1 (year 1) this year compared with 89 last year.  They are also coming more regularly. As well as learners being more encouraged to come to school, they are also participating fully in the class.  We are expecting to have more learners selected to secondary school because they are attending all the classes and can participate more fully as they are not as hungry’
There are still many challenges at the school which we discussed with the head and the deputy, including:
  • learners living far away and having to cross rivers to get to school. (As soon as the rains start the learners want to go home). 
  • most parents are very poor and are failing to give the children what they need including bags and school uniform  
  • parents often don’t encourage the children to come to school as they want them to help in the fields, sowing and harvesting the maize 
  • without a library at the school it is also difficult for the children to learn to read
 Despite this the teachers and learners are encouraged and were pleased to see us.  It was a pleasure to take assembly and encourage the children in their education, and to do some Maths lessons with the older children who are preparing for exams. 
In August we will be running the MyGirl and MyBoy programmes with the older children at Namende, a further opportunity to encourage them to stay at school.
Dzona in standard 3 said ‘The phala (porridge) helps me to not feel hungry and to concentrate in class’
Thomas in year 5 says ‘It helps me very much in class because I learn without any problem because I don’t feel hungry’
I attach some photos of the school feeding programme, and thank you again for your support of the children in Malawi.

The total of donations to our Lent Appeal for the Malawi feeding programme stands at a wonderful:
This means that 25 children can be fed a daily meal for a year.

Thank you very much to everyone who has given so generously. 
Although Lent has ended, the work continues and, like the children of All Saints School, we - as a church - currently have no plans to end our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Malawi.
News reports will continue to be posted on the North aisle table and the south aisle notice board as we get them so you can see how they are getting on, and perhaps support them in any way you can.

Sara reports that a retired teacher from Trinity, Croydon has just spent a few weeks in Malawi researching how best training can be delivered to the local school staff. When the report is ready, this may be something that you feel led to be involved with.

Finally, a team from this area will be going to Malawi in August to support the work of Hope4Malawi and doing a variety of things. If you would like to explore the option of joining the team then please contact David: or 07591 931488
David Kellett, Sara Goodman

Music at All Saints


Music for a Midsummer’s Evening  
A Fundraising Event on Friday 21st June 7.30pm
Including: Britten Folk Songs, Manuel de Falla’s ‘Siete canciones populares españolas’ & Villa Lobos ‘Bachianas Brasilieras’ no. 5
Tickets £20 from Honeywood Museum, to include a glass of wine and nibbles

And two performances of The Magic Flute (Mozart) on Sunday 20 October at All Saints -  family friendly in the afternoon and a performance for adults in the evening. More news as it is released...

St Matthew Passion, Carshalton Choral  

On Saturday 13 April, the church over-flowed with singers, musicians and a very full audience for a truly wonderful performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion.  

Carshalton Choral Society were joined by six soloists, as well as "some of the foremost baroque musicians of our time: people who have dedicated their lives to the performance and practice of early music. They performed at the Baroque Pitch and Werckmeister lll temperament which gave us an idea of what Bach might have been used to hearing. To the modern ear this can create a somewhat jarring experience in certain keys. This is not an accident. We believe Bach deliberately used keys which create tension to portray the importance of what is being sung."
  (The above is adapted from programme notes by Jonathan Eyre, the choral director).

The resulting concert, which included period instruments and a small chamber organ, indeed sounded very different from a 'modern' version - but with the, as always, beautiful and accomplished singing from the choir,  was a real joy from start to finish. And we congratulate all the singers and musicians for delivering the full 3 hours without sign of tiring - no mean feat!

A beautiful prelude to Holy Week, and we look forward to seeing Carshalton Choral again at their next concert.

All Saints School News

I know I speak for everyone who has taken one of the messages written to us by the children of Year 2 at All Saints School, when I say how lovely their thoughts are, and how uplifting. They bring a smile to the faces of all who pick one out of the jar!

An inspired idea which continues to help bring the school and church communities closer together...
And in other news...
The school has been revising their Vision and, with input from all interested parties, have decided on the following:
'For everyone to believe that they can make a difference
in the world'

This is based on two Bible verses:

1 Timothy 4:12 'Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.'

Matthew  5:16 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.'

An inspiration to both the young ... and the not-so-young.

On Saturday 29 June, there is the PTA Summer Fair. The school Gardening Club are having a stall, and would be very grateful for any donations of plants to sell with their own produce, in aid of school funds.  

If any of you are keen gardeners and have plants to offer, please get in touch directly with the school, or speak to Fr David 

Thoughts from Readers & Friends

That Mobile Phone
Recently, Thames Valley and Hampshire police forces advised that they have begun using new technology devices to show when motorists are using their phones. This technology will permit police to find drivers using devices at the wheel. A sign will flash at a driver telling them to stop using their mobiles.  However, the detectors are unable to tell whether it is the driver or the passengers in the car who are using the phone.

This news reminded me of a notice now to be found in many churches in France which, in translation, reads:

It is possible that on entering this church, you may hear the call of God.
On the other hand, it is not likely that He will contact you by phone.
Thank you for turning off your phone.

If you would like to talk to God, come in, choose a quiet place and talk to Him,

If you would like to see Him, send Him a text while driving.
Edward Walsh
Walking in Grove Park, we can see the first goslings and ducklings of the year. There is also a pair of stately swans in the upper pond -  swans have long been on the Wandle in Carshalton as you will see from the fascinating articles below.

Swans and Carshalton

When I was a child in Carshalton, every Christmas the island in the ponds was decorated with an electric swan. It lit up the lake but was also a reminder of the lasting connection between the House of Boulogne and Carshalton. In the Greyhound Inn there is a Swan Bar that also reminds us of that lasting link with the continent. The swan is the present symbol of Boulogne, and of the earlier counts of Boulogne. The origin of that swan symbol is to be found in a medieval legend about a knight that came into a town, riding in a white swan boat. In Germany it is the Lohengrin story while in French it is the Elias legend. There are different versions of the story in different cities. 

In the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, there is a collection of medieval pilgrim badges. This includes badges of Our Lady of Boulogne, found hidden in timbers on the Embankment of the Thames near where the old London Bridge stood. They may have come from Boulogne or from Carshalton, as the wood of the old London Bridge came from the woods that once stood on the Downs above Carshalton.

The Bridge records list workmen from Carshalton and the neighbouring area who cut down elm trees and then soaked and smoothed the wood in flint-lined pools by the waters of the Wandle, before taking them up to London. The Wandle was then a working river, on which swans were kept in their swanneries. 
Richard Wright

The Bohun Swan
In the British Museum is a beautiful medieval swan, discovered during work outside Dunstable Abbey in Bedfordshire. It is called the Bohun swan, after the English family of which it was the symbol. The Bohuns were descendants of the house of Bouillon/Boulogne and so used the symbol of their ancestors and kinsmen. For a while they also owned Carshalton. It’s a sort of brooch worn as part of the livery of a warrior showing his allegiance to the Bohun family.                                                                                                                               Richard Wright
From our mailbox...

"Friendly welcoming church. Brilliant opera concert on Saturday afternoon" (posted on our Google site, referring to the Carshalton Opera Gala)

And we have had very positive feedback from a reader who particularly enjoyed the articles about the bells last month.

Other News


We’re all searching for something true.
Surrounded by fake news, extreme views, everyone’s confused,
But I’ve seen that love is stronger than fear, haven’t you?
Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing we can do,

We don’t know who to trust, systems are being abused –
It can be lonely when you’re searching for something true.
We long for hope, we long for something new,
We long for that bitter mountain to be moved,
Yet I’ve seen that love is stronger than despair, haven’t you?

Society seems to be in crisis, and perhaps our hearts are too,
But there’s a different perspective you can choose
When you’re searching for something true:
If you peer behind a veil that’s been torn in two
You’ll see the promise of a world renewed –
I’ve seen that love is stronger than hate, haven’t you?

Maybe that’s not enough. Maybe we need another clue.
Maybe there are some things that will never be proved.
Yet we’re all searching for something true,
And I’ve seen that love is stronger than death, haven’t you?


Thank you so much for all the ways you support Tearfund. Remember us as we continue to bring hope wherever the need is greatest around the world.

Wishing you a very happy Easter and blessed year ahead. Christ is risen!

With every blessing,

Nigel Harris
CEO, Tearfund

May 20 is the first 
World Bee Day
There seem to be fewer bees around every year - and a third of the world's food depends on pollination by these wonderful insects. Let's do our best to look after them where we can - there are 5 things we can do in the poster below.  
Go to  for more information...
Cinema on your doorstep
Films at Carshalton Methodist Church, Ruskin Road, Carshalton, SM5 3DE 
Admission free; donations appreciated. 

The next showing is on Saturday 25 May, programme to be announced. Visit their website for details as they come out. 
Honeywood Museum 
The Museum on the ponds next to Festival Walk is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 till 5pm.

Female portraits from
the ​Knights-Whittome Photographic Collection

Extended showing until
2 June 2019

Between 1904 and 1918, a small high street photographer’s studio in Sutton quietly documented the lives of ordinary local women during an extraordinary period of history.
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