All Saints Carshalton
Parish Paper, November 2020
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  All Saints' till Advent Sunday 

All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village
and The Wrythe

It is a living Church where God has been worshipped for over 1200 years
With each passing month, the impact of COVID takes away many of the events that provide us with markers through each year. The Carnival, the Firework display, Spring and Summer fairs. Yes, they change with time, but how many of us use occasions like these as waypoints through the calendar?

Perhaps, most poignantly, this year COVID will prevent the large public gathering at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday where Carshalton has, in ever increasing numbers, paused to remember and give thanks for the brave men (and they are all men) commemorated there.
Whilst the Ceremony will still take place (hopefully broadcast live on the Church Facebook Group) and we will still pause to remember, it does also give us an opportunity to look beyond the formal Memorial into our own churchyard at All Saints.
The Willie Bird Memorial commemorates the 45 “heroes of the Wrythe who have died in God for the King and for you”. We should be thankful that now it’s hard for us to imagine so many young men from a small area going off to war... and not returning.
Many of you will have noticed the Commonwealth War Graves within the churchyard. There are 58 memorials from the First and Second World Wars covering all three services and a member of the Home Guard. You may not be aware however, that the War Graves Commission also records 78 civilian casualties laid to rest at All Saints, many without any physical memorial. Ordinary women, men and, tragically, children who lived in the streets of Carshalton and were innocent victims of the horrors of war.
Yes, we must remember at 11am on the 11th November each year, but perhaps also whenever you pass through the churchyard, pause for a moment and remember.
Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Gordon Reid

Welcome to your monthly Parish Paper


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 All Saints Church, High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3AG
Regular Services in November
   Regular services, in church and online

9am:          All Age Mass
10.30am:   High Mass

In order to meet COVID safe regulations, there is still a limit in numbers able to attend, so if you'd like to come, please call, text or email the church office (, 07402 662 362) to let us know and we can reserve a place for you. 

6:30pm: Evening Prayer  Please contact the Rector if you'd like to attend in church, and use the South door (in the churchyard) to enter

Low Mass
Tuesday, Wednesday (Common Worship) and Thursday (BCP) at 10am 
Use the South door to enter 

Mattins (morning prayer - contemporary setting)
Tuesday to Friday, live at 8:30am in church. If you'd like to come to this, contact the Rector

Compline (evening prayer - traditional setting)
Every evening, Monday to Saturday live online at 9pm

All orders of service are now on the church website, under Home, Worship Services and click on the button you need. Instructions on how to access the Daily Prayer app are also on that page. 

All Age Service
From November 1 - our patronal festival, All Saints Day, you will see that the 9am All Age service is resuming. This means High Mass will move to 10:30 again. Be aware that as the COVID restrictions are still in force: both services will need to be booked in advance, with social distancing and mask wearing etc rules continuing to be applied...

Remembrance Day Services

Our annual service when we remember the departed will be at 6.30pm on Sunday 1 November.  If you have names of loved ones which you would like read out, please send them by email to the Rector by 30 October(Please note that the list of names is renewed every year).

The annual Remembrance Day Service will be on Sunday 8 November, with a Combined mass at 9.45am in church, attended this year by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and other dignitaries. This will be followed by the Civic ceremony at the War Memorial by the ponds which is by Council invitation only, owing to the current restrictions.  We plan to livestream both events if you'd like to watch from home, or from the church if you attend mass. 

The church is also open for private prayer
& visitors

The sign will be out and the North and South doors open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after mass - 10:30 till 3:30pm. (If you'd like to attend mass, come to the South door), and Fridays from 10.30 till 3.30pm

So if you need a quiet space to sit and pray,  experience a time of spiritual reflection or light a candle for a loved one during these very difficult times, or just look round the wonderful building, our doors are open for you.
The Rector writes...
The ‘Russian Gold’ Altar Frontal

As many will be aware, the four colours of the Church’s liturgical year are:
Green (Ordinary Time),
Red (Pentecost, Kingdom Season, some Saints’ days),
Purple (Advent and Lent) and White (Christmas, Easter and some saints days).
In addition, on certain days, Gold is suggested; whilst many places will have the four main colours, not many places have a gold Altar Frontal.  Yet in our possession is a stunning gold frontal for the High Altar, known for decades as ‘the Russian Gold’.
Fr Robert Corbould (Rector of Carshalton 1919-1957) had a deep interest in Eastern Orthodoxy, and much of the work which he encouraged his good friend Ninian Comper to do here has an obvious Orthodox influence.  In particular, Corbould had an interest in Russian Orthodoxy.

Little is known for certain about his ministerial life prior to his arrival in Carshalton in 1919.  However, it was known at the time that at least prior to the First World War, he had been friendly with the Russian Imperial (and wider Romanov) Family.  He is recorded as having been present with a group of senior Russian Orthodox clergy who were studying the Library at St David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire and after the war, he was presented with an award for his work in developing links between the Anglican and Russian Orthodox Churches (a photo of him hanging in the Sacristy shows him wearing it); the award is still in our possession.
We do not have any receipts, but it is known that Fr Corbould was clear that a new gold frontal for the High Altar in All Saints’ was the gift of what remained of the, by now, exiled Romanov family.  It has been repaired at least once and carries no label, so it’s unclear who made it, although the likelihood is that it was made by Corbould’s usual supplier, Watts and Co of Westminster.  It contains a huge amount of gold and silver thread and, owing to the rather fragile state, is never removed from the altar, the other frontals going over it.  It is used on those days when gold is directed in the lectionary, such as Christmas and Easter. 
We are grateful to Adrian Warner for a series of photographs which are being turned into Christmas cards, one of which is detail from the Russian Gold.

Your friend and Rector,
Fr David

Photo by DSF: the ‘Russian Gold’ on the High Altar, with the Reredos by George Bodley, embellished by Sir Ninian Comper behind.

Church News

Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Once a year, just before Easter, we hold the only legally required formal church meeting. This is to elect -
  • the church wardens, who have the care of the building, fixtures and fittings on behalf of the Diocese 
  • our Deanery Synod representatives, and
  • new members of the PCC, who are the Trustees of All Saints as a charity 
In the past, the PCC collected tithes from the parish and used the money to mend the roads, support the poor and out of work, repair the church, manage the education of children, and sundry other things now since taken over by the Council and similar public bodies. Now we look after the church, oversee the finances, work with our school but more importantly, continue to develop the role of All Saints in the parish for all. 

The meeting this year was postponed till 11 October, and we were pleased to welcome around 30 people who stayed after mass to take part. The church wardens for this year are Andrew Langley and Matthew Drayton (see below). Heartfelt thanks were given to Janice Funnell as she stepped down this year after many years of faithful service. She will remain as one of our Deanery Synod representatives, together with Alex Helliwell. 
And to the PCC, we welcomed Marilyn Carpenter (re-elected), Sally Westley & Penny Meakin (who have been serving as Synod reps) and Helen Smith, currently also Chair of Governors at All Saints school.  Additionally, Neil Fulton, one of the All Age mass congregants, has been co-opted. 
We wish them all well in their new roles and look forward to negotiating the necessarily choppy waters of the current situation with energy and, indeed, good humour!

If you would like to be more involved in any way at All Saints, (and there are lots of opportunities to suit everyone's interests, abilities and availability), get in touch with the church office, or speak to us after a service. One thing to bear in mind is that you need to be on the Electoral Roll for 6 months before full election. The next APCM will be by the end of April next year, so if you've not already done so, please fill in a form as soon as possible and pop it in the box on the table near the refreshment area. There are no implications to joining the Roll - your details will not be shared with anyone nor used for any marketing purposes. 

Introducing our new Church Warden...

Matthew Drayton moved to Sutton in 2011 with his wife Maggie and settled just opposite Royston Park. With the birth of James in 2012, Matthew and Maggie moved and now live by Carshalton Park and James attends Collingwood School. Annabelle, born in 2015, attends All Saints School and both James and Annabelle have been attending the All Age service on Sunday, where James is part of the church choir.
Matthew graduated from Kingston University with a Bachelors in Music and then went on to study Computer Science at Oxford where he gained his Masters. Working primarily in the telecoms industry now for 20 years, Matthew is currently settled with a company called Odigo which specialises in cloud contact centre services.
Both Matthew and Maggie also started Carshalton Opera which for the past few years has seen great success and growth bringing opera and professional musicians to All Saints Church providing something unique to the community and allowing the access of Opera to families and children. Carshalton Opera’s website is
Lights, Camera, Action!
From Monday 19 till Thursday 29 October the church was closed to everything bar Thursday and Sunday Mass, and choir practice. This was because Light Perceptions were replacing all the spotlights (most of which had failed - hence the gloom in the aisles!) with low energy units which should last for years and cost much less to run.  This was the company who designed and installed the original system in 2006, so understood exactly what was needed and how it was meant to work. So - we now have uplighters on the pillars under the organ loft and working (and focused) spotlights in the aisles and chancel. Not an inexpensive job but an essential one, with lasting cost benefits. 

And if you've been watching services on line, you may be pleased to know that this will be continuing. However - with more services, more people will be needed to manage the filming and streaming. If you can help, please get in touch with the office or speak to us in church. Everything will be explained and then we should always have someone who can be camera (by which I mean iPhone) operator at a service. (Don't worry, we have a professional leading on the project!)
Coming up soon

Hopefully by the time you read this, our new range of Christmas & Greetings Cards will be on sale! Adrian has taken some wonderful photographs of less well-known parts of the church, and Neal has very kindly donated one of his pastel drawings for us to use as well. (Go to his website, where you will find more beautiful pieces of art - would make perfect Christmas presents...)

Advent Fair  11-3pm
Saturday 6 December

And talking about Art - the Wallington & Carshalton Art Group will be holding their winter exhibition in the church from Thursday 3 December till Sunday 6 December. the church will be open over those days, and as the Frost Fair has been cancelled this year, we are planning an Advent  Fair on the Saturday. If you know of any local crafts people who would like to book a stall, please get in touch with the church office. So if you missed the September show - come along and see their new work while browsing the other stalls and ending up with a relaxing coffee or indeed, mulled wine to keep out the cold... Despite the virus, and though masked and socially distanced -  Christmas begins!

Jazz in the Night
So that's the art - how about the music I hear you say? Well, communal singing is probably not going to happen this year, but we have something planned which will be safe, and very different. 

Matthew and four of his fellow saxophonists friends - (all professional musicians) will be putting on a jazz concert. If you like Ronnie Scott's you'll love this!  

Watch out for more news...


Let us pray...

Prayer is at the heart of worship - in and out of church -  though doesn't perhaps feature as much in everyone's life as it once did. Some of us recall the school prayer, the school hymn and daily worship assemblies, (with children of other faiths exempt) even in secular establishments. 

The great Priories which were established in the 11th century had a daily prayer and worship schedule for the monks which left little time for sleep, or indeed work, (though this was mainly copying manuscripts), the manual labour being left to lay brothers who built the abbeys and managed the fields and farms to provide food for the community. They too, however, attended a couple of simple services a day, in the public part of the building. 

This was the daily schedule at Rievaulx Abbey in the 1100's:

1.30am     Rise
2am          Nocturns (later called Matins)
3.30am     Matins (Lauds)
                   Rest - Reading
6am         Prime
                  Chapter meeting
8am         Terce
11.30am  Sext
2.20pm    None
6pm         Vespers
                  Collation reading
8pm         Compline
8.15pm    Retire to bed

(And in winter, they had a lie in till 2.30am...)

The rich and powerful would pay monks, (all ordained priests), to say prayers and masses for them and their families, both living and dead, so you will find the remains of small chapels lining both sides of the Rievaulx nave, one side of each transept and behind the High Altar (the most important) for just this purpose.

And even in the parish churches, like here at All Saints, chantry priests and chapels were employed in the same way. Where the Scawen monument is now found  was, until the 1400's, a Lady Chapel, moved to a purpose-built half-timbered structure in the corner of the front churchyard, by Church Walk. This housed a chantry priest and a chapel for the same purpose, until the Reformation of course...

These 'power houses of prayer' are still found today in contemplative and enclosed orders (in the Catholic, Anglican and Eastern orthodox churches) which remove themselves from the world to concentrate on prayer and worship. 

On 15 June this year, we were allowed to open our doors for private prayer again, and a rota of people kept the church available Monday to Saturday for three weeks, and then from Tuesday to Friday ever since. From then till now, nearly 400 people have come through our doors, and though some come to look round the building, by far the majority (particularly in the early days) come to sit in prayer. And practically everyone lights a candle on the votive stand...

Christ said:
'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.' Luke 11, v9,10

Of course some prayers, such as those for World Peace, are made more in long term faith rather than immediate expectation, but He is also a God of Small Things... and that is what we are.

In the Lord's Prayer, He gave us a template which pretty much covers all the bases, so if we are asking but not receiving, knocking but not gaining entry and seeking but not finding, perhaps we are asking the wrong questions, knocking at the wrong doors or looking for the wrong things?  Whatever the response, we have faith that it is what is best, however hard to bear on occasion...

"All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”  
Julian of Norwich, 1343 -c1416 in her book, (the first written by a woman in the English language),  'Revelations of Divine Love'.

Days of Commemoration in November
Don't forget your poppy! There's a box by the North door...
If you prefer to give online or in other ways, click on the image to go to the British Legion Poppy Appeal page where you will find everything you need. 
This is the frontispiece to one of our old altar books - we seem to have several but they are very large and heavy for the most part so probably suffered in use!

Monument of the Month

All Saints has fifty-eight war graves, and numerous memorials to those who fell in the First and Second World Wars. The one below is found in the Lady Chapel, under that of his forebears, who also lived at Carshalton Park. The family money - like that of many wealthy families of the time - sadly came from sugar plantations in St Kitts, made profitable by enslaved workers, but this does not detract from the sacrifice of George, who died as a result of his wounds in France in the November of 1917, and according to his commanding officer was 'the best subaltern and leader of men I have ever had the luck to have in my battery, or to meet elsewhere.'
There is now a list of all our war graves, together with a map of the churchyard, up in church to help you find any that you might have an interest in

All Saints School News

A new Head Teacher is appointed!

At the end of September the Chair of Governors, Mrs Helen Smith, wrote to the whole school community to let them know that a new Head Teacher appointment had been made. Mrs Laurielle Jackson will be joining the school in January - bringing with her more than 15 years experience of teaching in three London boroughs. She has held several senior leadership roles, (including two within Church of England Primary schools), and will be coming from a school within the Diocese of Southwark.

We are all very grateful to Mrs Hart Dyke for delaying her resignation until the end of this term, and wish her every success with her post-All Saints' plans. She will be very much missed, but know that Mrs Jackson will find a warm welcome here in Carshalton. (She has already been impressed by the behaviour of the children she met at the Worship part of her interview!)


Learning a Language - how is it for you? 
I'm not sure I had much fun learning French at secondary school (lots of writing, not much speaking in those days), but thankfully the children at All Saints school have a very different experience.

Their recent Languages Day (organised by Mrs. Springate, the Languages Specialist) gave them the opportunity to think about what it feels like learning to speak a foreign tongue, and express those feelings in creative ways. 

Here are some of their wonderful  thoughts on the matter:

Toby: "It's like finding treasure!"

Poppy W: " getting new friends"

Raina: " having a piece of treasure that no one else can steal"

Alice: " playing an instrument and reading music... but finally understanding the notes"

Muriel: "...means there's a whole new country and culture to enjoy!"

Leo: " travelling in a spaceship into different worlds"

And, from Neve in Beech (appropriately enough): " being a squirrel without a nut"

Well, when you put it like that, I think we all know what you mean!

From Readers & Friends

A poem many of us probably recall from our childhood is 'November' by Thomas Hood, (1799-1845)

Parts of it seem particularly apt this year...

"No recognitions of familiar people -
No courtesies for showing 'em -
No knowing 'em! -
No travelling at all - no locomotion,
No inkling of the way - no notion -
"No go" - by land or ocean ...
No news from any foreign coast -...- no afternoon gentility
No company ...
- November!"


A weekend of free events on the future of cities

And talking about 'no go, by land or sea', you may not be able to travel just at the moment but here's a way of visiting wonderful buildings and sites all over the world from the comfort of your own living room!
Over the weekend of November 14-15 2020, Open House Worldwide will stage its first collaborative event: a free 48-hour streamed festival of discussions, tours and more.
With contributions from architects, designers, urbanists and citizens in over 40 cities across the network, they will tackle the most important issues facing our built environments across the world, from the climate crisis to housing; transport to post-pandemic design.
Click on the logo above to go to their website and join in!

If you give to the church using contactless, your Gift Aid contribution can now be collected on each donation. Just follow the instructions above - (it's really very simple, even I had no problem) - and you can keep track through your account page.
Then, whenever you tap the GoodBox terminal to donate here at All Saints, (or any other charity collection point, museums being a case in point), your 25% Gift Aid will be claimed from HMRC and passed to the charity concerned. If you are a taxpayer, please sign up!  Isn't technology wonderful, and in this instance, also very cute...

Other painfree ways of giving...
You can help raise money for the church through For every pound you spend on Amazon, the church gets a donation of 0.5%.

Although you will be prompted to login on Amazon Smile, you can use your normal login details (and your normal delivery address billing details & prime membership are automatically available).

Please remember that the Church’s full name for charity law purposes is: The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of All Saints, Carshalton. 

To make life easier, you can also use this link to support us:

And if what you want isn't on Amazon, you'll find that easyfundraising have arrangements with a huge range of retailers - including John Lewis & Marks & Spencer. If you set up their auto-prompt facility you will be amazed at just how many retailers are part of the scheme. Donations are small but every little counts!

Other News

Black Friday used to be when their normal sales finally put retail companies into the 'black' on the the balance sheet. It's now become a day when everything is marked down and we all try to get our Christmas presents for half price. Not sure how this works in the scheme of things, and we all know how hard shops have been hit during the epidemic, so perhaps (counter-intuitively) taking part in Buy Nothing Day and choosing to pay full price for stuff - (if we can of course) - might actually help!

Click on the image for more information on the website

    Advice and Information from Sutton Council

 The Council has set up a webpage on how Covid-19 is affecting Council services. It can be found at  It covers everything you need to know about local services and is constantly updated.

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