All Saints Carshalton
Parish Paper, August 2020
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Trinity 13 - 16

All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village and The Wrythe.

It is a living Church where God has been worshipped for over 1000 years
Creationtide is the period in the annual church calendar, from 1st September to 4th October, dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life.

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 All Saints Church, High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3AG
Regular Services in September
   Regular services, in church and online

Sundays: 10am Parish Mass

In order to meet COVID safe regulations, there is still a limit in numbers able to attend, so if you'd like to come, please call, text or email the church office (, 07402 662 362) to let us know and we can reserve a place for you. 

Low Mass
Tuesday, Wednesday (Common Worship) and Thursday (BCP) at 10am 
Use the South door (in the churchyard) to enter. Please note, Thursday morning is currently being reserved for those over 70.

Mattins (morning prayer - contemporary setting)
Tuesday to Friday, live at 8:30am in church. If you'd like to come to this, contact the Rector

Compline (evening prayer - traditional setting)
Every evening, live at 9pm
Sunday Compline
is in church and open to the public. Again, contact the Rector if you'd like to attend in person

All orders of service are now on the church website, under Home, Worship Services and click on the button you need...

How to join an online service 

There is a Church of England Daily Prayer app, which has Morning, Evening and Night Prayer orders of service for every day.

Go to the  All Saints Facebook group or our YouTube channel and use it as the Rector or one of the Worship team leads the service with you.

Mattins (Morning Prayer) uses the Contemporary Liturgy, Compline (Night Prayer)  the Traditional version. Change from one to the other by using the menu at the bottom left of your App screen, or by selecting 'More Options' on the website below.

You can reach the church Facebook group through the website; click on the icon in the top right corner - it will take you to the right page. This is a public group, you don't need to be a member of the church Facebook group to access it, but why not join anyway?



And if you don't do Social Media, these videos are also uploaded to YouTube - this is the link:

The Bridge and young church

Now Sunday mass is open to the public, activity sheets will be available in church for children in the congregation.
'The Bridge' will also continue to be streamed on Facebook.

Children's services will begin again as soon as circumstances and guidance from the Government and Church allow. 

The church is also open for private prayer
& visitors

The sign will be out and the North and South doors open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after mass - 10:30 till 3:30pm. (If you'd like to attend mass, come to the South door), and Fridays from 10.30 till 3.30pm

So if you need a quiet space to sit and pray,  experience a time of spiritual reflection or light a candle for a loved one during these very difficult times, or just look round the wonderful building, our doors are open for you.
The Rector writes...

Dear Friends
September can often be thought of as the month when things restart - children go back to or start at school or university and it is regarded as when summer moves to autumn; with harvest, we begin to make preparations for the needs of the winter months.  This year, it is somewhat different as summer for most has been very different to usual; the last few months have been challenging, difficult and extraordinary.  Living our lives in a way which is as normal as possible has been vital; yet ‘normal’ is not and will not for sometime be the ‘normal’ we have been used to.
Trying to work out what the ‘new normal’ will look like for Church is an ongoing process, both locally and nationally; we continue to find new ways of doing things and, just perhaps, lockdown has provided an opportunity for us to think ‘outside the box’ and to think creatively about how we do church and how we use the building.  It has been a delight, over the summer, to begin to restart some things, albeit most of them in a slightly different format.  As lockdown continues to ease (we hope!), so the guidance from the Government and the Church of England continues to change.  We continue to live in uncertain times, as well as times which are fluid.  Yet amidst all of the uncertainty, we find our constant in God and our relationship with him.  The regular, daily pattern of prayer and worship has continued throughout lockdown, and even expanded (thanks to my colleagues on the ‘daily prayer group’).  Saying Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel, where daily prayer has been offered for centuries, is deeply profound; doing so and streaming it live via Facebook only adds to the sense of connection with those who have prayed in this building over the centuries.
Those thousands of our predecessors form part of the great “cloud of witnesses”.  May our prayers join with theirs for an end to this pandemic, for those whose lives have been lost or scarred because of it. May our prayer life and our life together - whether in person in church or online - continue to be a constant in our lives, and continue to build us up as God’s people in this place; and in the months to come, may each of us continue to grow deeper in our relationship with and knowledge of God who, through all of the changes in life and society, remains constant and unchanging.
Your friend and Rector, 


Church News

Continuity and Change…..
Whilst congregational singing is still banned, choral music from a small, socially distant choir is now allowed and we plan to have a small choir singing at the current 10am Parish Mass from 13 September.  We have to limit the number who sing on each occasion, to allow for social distancing and be aware of those with health issues.  However, this is a positive move and many churches have already restarted their choral programme.  In addition, it’s hoped to have a couple of Choral Evensongs prior to All Souls’ Day on 2 November.  Watch this space for further news!
It’s also possible for us to begin thinking about our work with children and young people.  We hope to restart an All Age service shortly; in addition, prior to lockdown, we’d begun thinking about a Sunday Club for school age children, which would have run during the 10.30 High Mass.  We hope to set this in motion in the coming weeks as well; again, watch this space!

The old Rectory in Talbot Road has finally been knocked down and (mostly) carted away.

This building was put up with such high hopes - a modern building for a modern age, built in 1958 for Fr Leigh Edwards and his family, to replace the High Street Rectory, which had been in existence since before 1724 though updated in 1884. This Rectory housed Revs Vaux and then Corbould before the site was sold off for retail use - the current Beacon Grove. (There was a fuller article on priests' houses in Carshalton  in the Parish Paper for March 2019 - it doesn't seem to be on the website link, but I can forward it to anyone who is interested!) 

Several men went to mow...

And for those who have been concerned about the state of the churchyard, the council contractors have finally found time to come and cut down the grass.

Just need the wall rebuilt and the paths repaired now...

Thanksgiving for our own harvest!

Parish Mass at 10am on Sunday 20 September will be our Harvest Thanksgiving service and, however unwelcome, lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to grow produce and flowers in our own outdoor spaces.

It would be lovely if you could share your harvest with us - a small display of your homegrown flowers, fruit or vegetables to decorate the church would be absolutely wonderful! 

The church will be open on the Friday from 10.30 till 3.30 for deliveries - or bring it with you on the Saturday and stay for coffee? 


Any questions, please email the church office...

19 and 20 September
The church will welcome visitors on Saturday from 10:30 and Sunday from 11:30 till 5pm. No need to book, but remember your face mask, though we have emergency ones!

What's on this year?
  • An art exhibition from the Carshalton & Wallington Art Group - beautiful pieces from local artists. Come and browse, or come and buy... you won't be able to resist!
  • Refreshments - table service only
  • Activities for children and a discovery trail through the church for older children
  • Guided tours of the church - hear some fascinating facts about the people and artifacts in All Saints since Norman times

or just come to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of this ancient and sacred space

 A prayer for all those affected by coronavirus


Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Days of Commemoration in September

We may not all go on a pilgrimage like Bunyan's protagonist from August's issue, but the last few months have given some of us an idea of what it's like to be a hermit...

1 September

Saint Giles
c. 650 AD – c. 710, (also known as Giles the Hermit), was a hermit saint from Athens whose tomb became a place of pilgrimage. It was a stop on the road that led from Arles (in France, where he spent most off his life), to Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim Way of Saint James.

Giles is one of the 'Fourteen Holy Helpers' who were supposed to be particularly effective against the Black Death.  

Following an incident when the red deer, who was his only companion, was shot with an arrow, Giles sustaining the injury in its stead, he became the patron saint of the physically disabled.

21 September
Matthew the Apostle, identified in his gospel as a publican, or tax collector. Here he is on our Rood screen, carrying his ledger and bag of collected taxes

29 September
Michaelmas - (Mass of Saint Michael) or the Feast of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. The Baptistery window at the top of the news letter shows Raphael (centre) with that curious boy with a fish

All Saints School News

The school's 50th Anniversary stained glass mural and windows on the side panels of the inner entrance doors have been completed and look  wonderful!  They look even better in real life...

The children's annual All Saints Times, which this year includes articles about the past 50 years, has this interesting facts from an interview with Mrs Bramble who has been with the school catering team for 20 years:

What kind of food did you (used to) serve? 
Turkey twizzlers were very popular and the most unpopular was roast dinner! Now it is the most popular...

Which meal takes the longest to make?
Salad takes the longest - chopping for 300 people takes a long time!

If you are having a summer clear out and you come across a violin that your child no longer plays, please think of donating it to the school so that more children can learn to play this lovely stringed instrument...
If you give to the church using contactless, your Gift Aid contribution can now be collected on each donation. Just follow the instructions above - (it's really very simple, even I had no problem) - and you can keep track through your account page.
Then, whenever you tap the GoodBox terminal to donate here at All Saints, (or any other charity collection point, museums being a case in point), your 25% Gift Aid will be claimed from HMRC and passed to the charity concerned. If you are a taxpayer, please sign up!  Isn't technology wonderful, and in this instance, also very cute...

Other painfree ways of giving...
You can help raise money for the church through For every pound you spend on Amazon, the church gets a donation of 0.5%.

Although you will be prompted to login on Amazon Smile, you can use your normal login details (and your normal delivery address billing details & prime membership are automatically available).

Please remember that the Church’s full name for charity law purposes is: The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of All Saints, Carshalton. 

To make life easier, you can also use this link to support us:

And if what you want isn't on Amazon, you'll find that easyfundraising have arrangements with a huge range of retailers - including John Lewis & Marks & Spencer. If you set up their auto-prompt facility you will be amazed at just how many retailers are part of the scheme. Donations are small but every little counts!

From readers & friends

Clear, potable gold!

“This is incredible. I turn the tap and out comes water.  Are you sure I don't have to pump the water by hand?”  (Lucy, translated from Chichewa.)

Clean water is a matter of life and death.The London cholera outbreak in 1854 started the science of epidemiology, propelling the introduction of pumped water and sewage systems in the UK. In 21st century Malawi, rural communities who have no running water in their homes protect themselves from Cholera through the use of deep boreholes. A 20 litre bucket of water weighing 20kg is hand pumped from 30-80 m below the ground and then carried home. It is certainly one way to keep fit! Imagine the joy and excitement of a community tank that is filled automatically by a solar pump; you just turn the tap and fill your bucket. You still have to carry it home though.

A local driller used underground electrical resistivity data to search for water and then he drilled 80m for us, striking gold in the form of good quality water. Drilling often results in no water so we give thanks for finding water on the first drill. Even more exciting is that the quantity of water is good so it will supply the primary school feeding programme, and the toilets, lab and teacher housing at the secondary school, with surplus supplying a tank for the local community.  


Inspection Time

A few weeks ago, two senior education managers inspected the burgeoning secondary school. They were delighted with progress and confirmed their intention to open the school with the new school year. However, with the rural location, they have encouraged the completion of the three teacher houses to ensure that we attract good teachers. We have changed our schedules to ensure these are completed by September. They have arranged the interviews for the head and deputy for the last week in August, which we will be part of. 

It seems likely that schools will open in September so students in the top year of primary school can take their entrance exams.The new academic year would then start in January 2021 so this is when the new secondary school will open. Whilst we await official confirmation, the building work continues at pace. The first classroom block and 2 student toilet blocks are complete, with the Admin and Science needing plastering, floors and finishing (windows, glass, electrics, painting, etc.)  We have just completed the slab for the second classroom block, which will complete the school for 4 years of 50 students, 200 in total. The option to increase the size of the school to 100 pupils per year group through four additional classrooms is a future consideration.   

Malawi Learning Partnership
With schools closed since March, the impact on education in Malawi has been huge. Most children have been unable to access learning as they don't have books and internet. We are partnering with the Malawi Learning Partnership (MLP) to develop an app which teaches the Malawi primary school curriculum.

MLP is an online curriculum for students to access with a smart phone. These online classes are being recorded by Malawian teachers with the help of our some of our sponsored students; with video recording and lesson preparation.
Although not many students have access to a smart phone, Hope4Malawi has been donated 20 smart phones for this specific purpose. Students who wouldn't normally be able to access online learning and thus miss out on crucial education have been granted temporary access with these phones. 

Currently the programme is for standard 8 students (the final year of primary school), however with more funding, teaching content could be provided for more years. The app can also be used by schools who do not have enough teachers or when teachers are absent. 

Thank you for your continued partnership and gifts which enable us to provide opportunities for children and young people to access learning and help improve educational environments.

From just £20 a month you could sponsor a student through secondary school, giving them the opportunity of a secondary education which could help change their and their families’ lives. Please contact Sara at for more information.

Needs are great and resources few so if you would like to contribute to the development work here in Malawi we would be grateful.  You can give directly at Hope4Malawi, CAF 40-52-40 00022888 or through the website

Still in Malawi 

As airports closed  in Malawi at the end of March we are pleased we made the decision to stay. It’s been a very different six months and we are grateful for the opportunities to continue to build the school, meet with our sponsored students and some primary school students.

A huge positive for Malawi is the improvement in personal hygiene which is wide spread as hand washing and face masks become the norm, and very little physical contact is made other than within families.

However Covid19 has highlighted the fragility of many rural people who live day to day, often not knowing where provision for their families will come from. Although the harvest for some was good this year, in rural areas the impact of last year's storms (which washed fertilizer away) meant that, for many, their yield of maize was very low. It's been both humbling and a privilege to sit and pray with families who are sick and can't afford healthcare, those who don't know where their next meal is coming from and those who long to continue education but haven't the means to do so.

We are missing family and friends, and of course our dog, and are hoping to be home sometime in October. The government has announced that one of the airports will open for scheduled flights in September – we will wait and see.   


Other News

    Advice and Information from Sutton Council

 The Council has set up a webpage on how Covid-19 is affecting Council services. It can be found at  It covers everything you need to know about local services and is constantly updated.

If you'd like to give feedback or submit an article, write to us at:
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