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Parish Paper, January 2019
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All Saints is the Anglican parish church for Carshalton village and The Wrythe. We welcome everyone to enjoy our traditional worship, strong musical tradition, long history, and the building's beautiful interior. 
This is the only remaining stained glass from before the 19th century reconstruction and is now located in the sacristy partition. It is marked "J.P. 1743" and shows the Magi worshipping the baby Jesus.

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Regular Services


  • 8:00am     Low Mass (In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door). 
  • 9:00am     All Ages Mass 
  • 10:30am   High Mass (choir at 2nd and 4th Sundays)
  • 6:30pm     Solemn Evensong 


  • 10.00am Low Mass:     Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(In the Lady Chapel, enter by the South Door) 
  • On Tuesdays, beginning on January 8,  the church will be open for visitors from 1pm till 3pm. Both North and South doors will be open.
  • On Wednesdays, beginning on January 9, the church will be open for visitors from 10am till 1pm. Both North and South doors will be open.
  • On Thursdays, beginning on January 10,  the church remains open for visitors after the service until 3pm. Both North and South doors will be open.
Special Services for January
Sunday 6 January
  • 6:30pm. Epiphany Carols
Major Days in January
1 January: Naming and Circumcision of Jesus
6 January: The Baptism of Christ, Epiphany
25 January: The Conversion of St Paul
13 January  - George Fox

George Fox
 (July 1624–13 January 1691) was an English Dissenter, who was a founder of the Religious Society of Friends commonly known as the Quakers or Friends. (Fox's diary attributes the name "Quaker" to a judge in 1650 calling them Quakers "because I bid them tremble before the Lord").

Fox was arrested and jailed numerous times for his beliefs and spent his final decade working in London to organise the expanding Quaker movement. Despite disdain from some Anglicans and Puritans, he was respected by the Quaker convert William Penn and the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell.

The 17th century was particularly rich in groups of people who actively dissented from the beliefs of the established Church,  seventeen of which are named on Wikipedia, including the interestingly named Diggers, Enthusiasts, Fifth Monarchists, Levellers, Muggletonians, Ranters and Seekers. (Well worth reading about...) Many of these movements died away as the centuries turned and today we recognise far fewer - including Baptists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, Unitarians and, of course, Quakers. 

There are Friends Meeting Houses in Sutton and Croydon. 

Church News

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that the Great War memorial board has been renewed and is once again hanging at the back of the north aisle. Many thanks to Fr Dave for rescuing it.
Carol Services this year
At the time of writing, there have been two, wonderful, carol services. The Advent Carol Service: 'From Darkness into Light' included all those inspiring and less often heard hymns that it seems a shame to only give a once-a-year outing. 'Lo! He comes with clouds descending...' is particularly lovely.

The second 'Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols' on Sunday 16 December included more traditional fare, but made new with different words to 'Unto us is borne a Son'. The augmented choir were in exceptionally fine voice and sang several beautiful anthems, including pieces by Rutter (1945-) and Herbert Howells (1892-1983). Equally lovely were 'Remember O thou man'  (Thomas Ravenscroft, 1588-1635) and 'Es ist ein Ros entsprungen',  (Michael Preatorius, 1571-1621).

Particularly memorable was the Ninth Reading - with the church softly lit only by candles held by the, very full, congregation. And there was of course mulled wine, mince pies and a delicious Christmas cake afterwards...

If you weren't able to attend, there are some excerpts below for you to listen to - and inspired you to attend the Epiphany Carol Service on January 6th! The singers are the All Saints choir, with members of Carshalton Chorale and other friends and relatives who joined them. 

Gabriel's Message (trad Basque, arranged by Edgar Pettman & David Willcocks)
Verses 2 and 4
"For know a blessed Mother thou shalt be, All generations laud and honour thee, Thy Son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold. Most highly favoured lady," Gloria!   Listen here

Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born In Bethlehem, all on a Christmas morn, And Christian folk throughout the world will ever say "Most highly favoured lady". Gloria! Listen here

Here is the Little Door (Herbert Howells)

Here is the little door, lift up the latch, oh lift!  We need not wander more, but enter with our gift; our gift of finest gold. Gold that was never bought or sold, myrrh to be strewn about His bed; incense in clouds about His head; all for the child that stirs not in His sleep, but holy slumber hold with ass and sheep. Listen here

Bend low about His bed, for each He has a gift; see how His eyes awake, lift up your hands, O lift! For gold, He gives a keen-edged sword. (Defend with it thy little Lord!) For incense, smoke of battle red, myrrh for the honoured happy dead; gifts for His children, terrible and sweet; touched by such tiny hands, and Oh such tiny feet.  Listen here

Social events at All Saints

The ever-popular Church Quiz is back to brighten up your January!

Saturday 19th January in All Saints school hall - 7 pm for a 7.30 pm start, with  Gary Miles as your Quizmaster, with questions to suit everyone.

£10 per person, to include a Fish & Chip supper or vegetarian equivalent, tea & coffee will be provided but bring your own drinks... And there will be a raffle.

So bring friends to make a table of 8, or come along and join others on a table. 

Tickets from members of the Social Committee: Richard Stone, Janice Scott, Rosie Newton, Marion Williams, Tracey Hall-Green

See you there!

Sutton Youth Music Services Concerts at All Saints in November

Friday 30 November
"Wow! Fantastic ‘Last Night of the Proms’ #AutumnConcerts this evening at All Saints’ Carshalton with Sutton Youth Symphony Orchestra & fantastic piano soloist Harry Ashworth. Congratulations to Jeanette Szeto, this year’s winner of the Cheryl Jenkins Memorial Award."

...from the Twitter feed of Sutton Music

The concert given by the Sutton Youth Wind Orchestra on the preceding night to a very full audience was equally as inspiring.

'Moon river' was played brilliantly by Gina Hazell, a Grade 8 (with distinction) saxophonist. And anyone who was feeling sleepy in the unaccustomed warmth of the church was soon woken up by the blood-curdling scream which introduced the excerpt from the 'Phantom of the Opera' - Fay Wray lives on!

All Saints School News

The latest edition of the school newsletter is displayed on the notice screens at the back of the church, where you will see the highlights of this term. 

In particular, the Infant production of 'The Bossy Christmas Fairy' which was a joyous and moving production. We were all so sad as the decorations not coming up to scratch were put back in the box... the non-illuminating fairy lights, the crumpled snowflake, the lack-lustre star, the torn chocolate Father Christmas, the tatty tinsel and even the scratched Holy Family crib figures. 

All was well in the end when the children rescued them as the most loved and most important part of Christmas - and the happy memory of shimmying, shimmering tinsel (children) will remain with me!

On Wednesday 16 December, the juniors held their Carol Service, and there was standing room only in the congregation...
They had a full service, with nine Bible readings - beautifully read by children from the pulpit, and nine carols - two of which were sung by the school alone. 

The service began with the school orchestra enthusiastically playing 'We Three Kings', and the Rockin' Robins sang 'Winter Wonderland' just before the last reading. Friends and families joined in with the congregational hymns and filled the church with joyous singing.

A special mention must be made of the children who performed tableaux to illustrate the events described in the Bible readings, and of Alex from year 6 for his masterly piano accompaniment.
We all left feeling Christmas had really begun!
News of All Saints alumni

Children from All Saints take their many talents on to their secondary schools, and if you attended the Sutton Music Services 'Christmas Cracker' concert at St Andrews on Friday 14 December, you will have been moved by the angelic solo voice of Eleanor Barnes singing the opening verse of Once in David's Royal City from the balcony of the church.

A wonderful start to a very enjoyable event -  congratulations to Eleanor (who is now at Ewell Castle school) and all the talented young performers (supported by their hard working tutors) for their inspiring singing and playing at this concert. 

Special Days in January

World Braille Day is annually celebrated on January 4, the birthday of its inventor, Louis Braille

Louis Braille’s code was arranged in small rectangular blocks called cells with raised dots in a 3 x 2 pattern. Each cell represented a letter, number or punctuation.

Since Braille is a code, it can be used for all languages and even certain subjects like mathematics, music and computer programming. Truly an inspired invention that lightens the darkness of many...

Holocaust Memorial Day
27 January
The theme in Sutton this year is
                Torn from Home
The event will be held at Sutton Grammar School and involve students and young people from schools across the borough. We are honoured to have a survivor of the Holocaust, and a survivor of the Rwandan genocide as the guest speakers for the event. Email the organiser if you wish to attend:

From the Archives

As the January Sales hit, we find that shopping was very different during the 1800's in Carshalton, although some of these 'retail outlets' remain familiar.

There's a barber's, with tri-coloured pole at his door;
He's not the only barber, but he's something more;-

He keeps the post office, and sorts out the letters,
And every day handles the thoughts of his betters.

There's a stationer's shop, where they lend "Little Dorrit",
But I'm sorry to say I don't much care for it.
What the Dickens Boz means we shall by-and-by see,
But there's too many characters in it for me.
They also sell toys for the dear little pets;

There's the Ordnance School, where they train the cadets.
There's one or two butchers, and more than one baker,
A couple of doctors and one undertaker
Who's a carpenter,  joiner and clerk of the church,
So 'twill take a good deal to lick him off his perch.

There's a follower of the famed Tubal Cain,
As a worker in iron his living does gain;
He makes pitchforks, horseshoes, ploughs, drills, rakes and harrows,
And his neighbour, the wheelwright, makes carts and wheelbarrows.

There's a ninety-ninth cousin of famous Sam Slick,
Who keeps all the watches and clocks on the tick;
There's a corn chandler's also, where you can get hay,
And chaff, too, sometimes, that I'll venture to say.

There's a shop to buy teacups and saucers and plates,
At the opposite side to the ale brewer's gates.
There's an oil shop, to which the old women repair,
Because they can get almost anything there, -
Such as mustard and pepper, salt, treacle and blue,
Starch, lucifer matches, dip-candles, or glue.
There's a painter and glazier to mend the cracked panes.
And he hangs rooms with paper to add to his gains.
There are two or three grocers, with license to sell
Tobacco and snuff, tea - and birch brooms as well.

There's a couple of tailors, and, do what he can,
One is literally but the ninth of a man,
For he's had the misfortune to lose one limb, 
A circumstance very unlucky for him.

To be continued...

From George B Brightling's 'History and Antiquities of Carshalton', first printed in 1872, and facsimile of the 2nd (1882) edition published by the London Borough of Sutton Libraries and Arts Services in 1978.
The photographs are of  the High Street pre-1914 (the shop immediately on the left is T.W. Funnell, Cabinetmakers) and again in about 1870. The figures, especially the man on the left, are 'ghostly' owing probably to the length of exposure - and they moved!

From Readers & Friends

In the Gutter
A reading of Luke`s account of the Good Samaritan parable always brings to mind a vivid recollection of my home town of Cork seventy years ago. (Luke 10: 29-37).

Returning home from French class on a Saturday afternoon and walking along Robert Street towards Patrick Street at the intersection with Oliver Plunket Street, there he was – a man stretched out cold and unconscious in the gutter. This was a first for me.

         As I looked at him, I recognised him – the son of a well respected North Main Street milliner who lived in Tivoli. An unknown passer-by enquired “Do you know him?” Yes – “Where does he live?” – Tivoli. That gent bent down, picked up the man in the gutter, put him over his shoulder and carried him up Patrick Street to the No. 8 bus stop at the top of the street. There was a bus waiting and the man was deposited on the side seat just inside the open platform double deck bus.

Ned Harty was the, always impeccably well-dressed, conductor on board. And when the bus arrived at the second last stop at the bottom of Trafalgar Hill, Ned gently took hold and carried the man off the bus and safely set him down on the footpath,  propped against the wall. From there in due course he would make his way up the hill to home.

         The problems caused by alcohol – in those days there was little understanding of alcoholism. The memory of those two good Samaritans has stayed with me, leaving an indelible impression. Back then buses had conductors, (complete with ticket machine and their `little metal box`), who had a cheery word for passengers. There was such a humanity in Cork in those days, when a person in the gutter was a “God help us” case to be looked after. 
    Edward Walsh -
wishing us a Happy New Year from warm and sunny Bogota
From our mailbox
This is great stuff, as ever!  I love the historical bits, the pictures and the poem!  Interesting to read about the Duchess of Albany, who I find was the mother of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (her husband was the brother of Queen Mary) and the great-grandmother of the present King of Sweden.  A really important visitor to Carshalton...
The Duke of Albany was Queen Victoria's youngest son, Prince Leopold the haemophiliac, and his daughter Princess Alice was the last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria.  I saw her once at a charity concert.  She was a Vice-Patron of SSAFA (Soldiers', Sailors' & Airmen's Families Association as it was then called) and died only in 1981.  (I worked there for many years and am now Hon Archivist).  The Duchess of Albany herself died in 1922.                                                          
                           Juliet Chaplin

Local News

More Christmas celebrations...

Before we leave the subject of Christmas at All Saints, we must mention the joyous carol services held by the children and staff of the Harris Junior Academy, one of our Parish primary schools. 

It was lovely to welcome them back again this year - and  with a warmer church this time, for which everyone was grateful! Harris Junior Academy have been an important part of our Christmas at All Saints for several years now. 

Years 4 and 6 came on Tuesday 11 December, with years 3 and 5 on Thursday. There was an afternoon and an evening service on each day, and the church was full of families and friends at all events, supporting the some 180 children (from each set of year groups), who sang beautifully, as well as doing the bible readings and leading the prayers.  

We wish them all a very peaceful New Year and very much look forward to their next visit. 
                Events at Honeywood Museum

Sutton Through a Lens     Thursday 10 January 14:00-16:00
Come and explore some of the people and places of Sutton's recent history in photographs from the Borough's extensive local studies and archive collection.

Abby Matthews will be on hand to answer questions about the wider photographic collection and what we can offer anyone interested in local history.

If you have local photos you'd like to donate to the archive, bring them along! We'd love to hear your story.
​Drop in Session, no booking required.

Honeywood Adult Colouring Club
NEW Starting Thursday 17 January 11:00-13:00 (fortnightly)

Join us for a calming, creative morning at Honeywood. Be inspired by our beautiful surroundings. Free, all materials supplied.

​Tea, coffee, cake and lunch is available from the Tea Room. 
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