HealthPathways Update February 2018
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What's New?

In 2018, the ACT & SNSW HealthPathways Team will be focussing on highlighting the pathway development and review process in our HealthPathways Updates.

We will showcase the clinical and collaborative efforts that go into making each pathway a localised tool for health professionals. We will also be introducing the clinical team behind the pathways and the Governance Committee members that guide our program.
New pathways launched since December 2017 include:

Travel and Accommodation Assistance (Resource)




Non-urgent Ophthalmology


Sexual Assault/Abuse (*UPDATED*)

Iron Deficiency Anaemia


Pain Management

Pathway Progress!
390 live pathways and counting!

158 pathways in progress!

Click here for an overview of our pathways 
Pathways Coming Soon!

The ACT & SNSW HealthPathways team is continuously working towards updating, reviewing and localising new pathways.

Right now, we are working on pathways in the following clinical streams: 







Sexual Health 

The team is also collaborating with a range of clinical and advocacy organisations on a suite of LGBTQIA+ pathways to go live later in the year.

In partnership with the Canberra Hospital Health Services, the ACT & SNSW HealthPathways team will be working on a pathway to assist the trans-border patient journey between ACT & SNSW health services.
Video Killed the Radio Star!

As HealthPathways users, you will already be familiar with some of the benefits of using HealthPathways.

But, do you know how a pathway is developed?

Exactly what and who is involved?

Have you heard direct feedback from your colleagues about their experiences using HealthPathways?

The ACT & SNSW HealthPathways team has just finalised the first in a series of videos to answer these questions and demonstrate the wider benefits of HealthPathways in our region to both existing and potential users.



So what are you waiting for?

Grab a cuppa, hit play and sit back …you might see some familiar faces!


An introduction to HealthPathways ACT and Southern NSW
The Eating Disorder Pathways are now LIVE on HealthPathways

This pathway is the result of a collaborative effort between local mental health teams in ACT and SNSW, paediatricians, eating disorder service coordinators and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN). The clinical pathway provides assessment and management for children, adolescents and adults, with clear advice on indicators for medical or psychiatric admission.

To complement the
clinical pathway, there are two referral pages outlining treatment services for children/adolescents and adults

These pages contain links to referral forms, advice regarding required pre-referral work up and both public and private service options. SCHN has also provided information regarding their Eating Disorder Services, including a Telemedicine Outreach Program.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the development of this pathway; it was a long time in the making, however the end result is a testament to fantastic collaboration across two state/territories and three local health networks. Please have a look, your feedback is always welcome. 

Patient resources such as the Eating Disorders in Australia infographic (above left) and Seven Tips for Families and Carers (above right) are available in the Eating Disorder pathway or via the National Eating Disorder Collaboration website.
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The ACT & SNSW HealthPathways Team
Project Team
Carina Robinson - ACT & SNSW HealthPathways Program Manager
Sharon Cain - ACT HealthPathways Program Coordinator
Andrea Scroope - SNSW HealthPathways Program Coordinator
Catherine Barkley - SNSW LHD Coordinator
Bianca Coffey - SNSW HealthPathways Program Support Officer
Melissa Morthorpe - ACT HealthPathways Program Support Officer
Clinical Editors
Dr Janet Watterson - SNSW Clinical Lead
Dr David Gregory - ACT Clinical Lead
Dr Louise Tuckwell - SNSW Clinical Editor
Dr Melanie Dorrington - ACT Clinical Editor
Dr Konrad Reardon - SNSW Clinical Editor
Dr Kate Molinari - ACT Clinical Editor
GP Registrar Jessica Sloane - ACT Clinical Editor/GP Registrar
GP Registrar Meghan Kendell - SNSW Clinical Editor/GP Registrar

Meet our Clinical Editors...

Dr Melanie Dorrington

Dr Melanie Dorrington is a General Practitioner with years of experience working with patients in various practices across the ACT and NSW.

She has been with HealthPathways since 2014, advocating for stronger referral pathways and clinical best practice. 

Dr Dorrington is a busy mother of two children and even finds the time to run to and from work on occasion.

Professional Snapshot

- University of Sydney
- Internship and residency in Canberra

GP training
- Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service
- Garema Place Surgery
- Brindabella Family Practice
- Academic Post – ANU 


Current roles

- Bungendore Medical Centre – General Practitioner

- HealthPathways – Clinical Editor 
- General Practitioner Liaison Officer for Monaro
- GP Registrar Supervisor


- ACT & Region Medical Women’s Society
- Australian Federation of Medical Women
- RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Education Committee
Q&A with Dr Melanie Dorrington

Q: Tell us about your work with HealthPathways?


A: My work with HealthPathways largely consists of providing clinical expertise on a condition by condition basis and effectively liaising within a broader health team of hospital staff, GPs and Allied Health Specialists. 

I became a Clinical Editor for HealthPathways in 2014, as I have an interest in public health initiatives promoting the improvement of health services at a community level.

Q: What have you recently been working on?

A: I have recently been involved in a review of the Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy pathway with Dr Sumathy Perampalam. We are reviewing this pathway due to the renewed guidelines by the American Thyroid Association in 2017. The hope is that more GPs will be able to manage this condition within their practice and referral numbers will drop.

Q: What pathway are you most proud of your involvement in?

A: I am proud of my involvement in developing the Chronic Hepatitis C pathway that went live in March 2016. This is one of the most popular pathways on HealthPathways and has been used as a model pathway for other HealthPathways teams.

Q: Why do you think HealthPathways is a useful tool for health professionals?

A: HealthPathways is a useful tool for health professionals because it provides one point of information for assessment, management and local referral options.

HealthPathways also acts as a point of communication between the hospital and general practice.

The site is easy to use at the point of care and provides instant access to clinically endorsed information on a range of conditions

Q: How do you use HealthPathways in your own practice?

A: I use HealthPathways in a number of ways in my GP work at the Bungendore Medical Centre and my GPLO work in Monaro.

Some of these include to:


- confirm the assessment of a patient's presented condition

- make use of the pharmaceutical information provided

- ensure my patients receive the best medication options available

- ensure appropriate imaging 
- canvas all options for local referral
- provide up-to-date service information.

Using HealthPathways

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