Update: Community Rewards Payouts in BTC


We are grateful for your support and engagement of the Blockstack Community Rewards program. Collectively, our community has generated over what would be ~$32k in earned rewards, subject to applicable law.


It’s important for us to prioritize the launch of the Stacks Token network, deliver upon our first milestone, and add functionality to the ecosystem. As we near the launch, we’re doing everything in our power to make it as smooth for the community as possible, while maintaining compliance for continued success. This has implications for our treatment of Stacks in the rewards program, and it’s the reason we’re transitioning, for the time being, to paying our community rewards in Bitcoin.


As a Public Benefit Corp, our goal is to be as transparent and involving of our open source community as possible. There’s been a disclaimer that issuing Stacks would be subject to applicable law since the program’s start. We hope to revisit the original vision of the program, if and when the token is trading live, and we are able to release more details on our respective legal frameworks.


Blockstack is the ecosystem that it is because of our community, and we are committed to rewarding contributors to our open source code, Meetup organizers, and evangelists for decentralized apps around the world. 


We are grateful to all of our community members for coming along this journey with us, and we look forward to building upon contribute.blockstack.org together.



Patrick Stanley
Head of Growth @ Blockstack

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