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If you're unable to attend Swedesford Road Church
in person this Sunday at
10:00 a.m. ET,
we encourage you to join our livestream
broadcast here at the same time.

The livestream meeting is also available on
YouTube anytime.

Link for SRC Sunday Livestream

There is a prayer time for Ukraine

this Sunday

in the Retreat Room

(last room on the left of the Education Wing)


9:30 AM to 9:50 AM

Steve is preaching the Word this Sunday.  

His text is Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

Nothing Better
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This week we continue a new sermon series on Ecclesiastes. The main point last week was "Don't pretend it doesn't hurt." This book of wisdom teaches us to be real about the struggle to live in a fallen world under the sentence of death. Let's not be fooled: Christians struggle too.
As gloomy as Ecclesiastes can seem to be, you don't have to read very far before you get an answer. This week we'll study a large section, from chapter 1, verse 12 through the end of chapter 2. In verses 24-26 of chapter 2 we get an answer; a key to happiness. The main point will be: "When you feel the emptiness, open your hand to God."
Come looking to hear about why we are so often unhappy in this life, and the secret of living a life of joy.
Pray for the Lord's blessing upon our gathering, and upon the spread of the Gospel through Swedesford Road Church.
Your servant in Christ's cause,
The Meadows and Treehouse children
have classes this Sunday.

Birth-pre-K - Meeting in the Meadows classroom (Room 4)
with check-in available after 9:45 am.  

Lesson: God Helps Me to be Forgiving

K-Grade 2 - Meeting in the Treehouse classroom (Room 5)
with check-in at the beginning of the sermon.

Lesson: Jesus Calmed a Storm


The Catechism Class for children Grade 3 and above

will be held in the Internet Cafe

beginning at 10:00 am. 

This class will be dismissed just prior to the sermon.


All children must check in at the Security Station
before attending class.

Let's continue to pray for all the people
experiencing various hardships due to the war.

Thankfully, there are many Christian venues through which we may
give financial assistance to the displaced.

Please pray and thoughtfully consider how
God would have you share. 

Listed here are some organizations ministering in Ukraine:
Our friend, Dasha, is still in Ukraine and
serving the needy through
Youth With A Mission Slavic Ministries.

PLEASE NOTE:  To give to Dasha,
select "Specific Ministry" and write in "Ternipol"
In case you haven't seen the YouTube video which features our friend,
Dasha, you can find it here:

Samaritan's Purse  

 V & A, Moriah Hall's co-workers in Ukraine with
the American Bible Society

Mission Eurasia 

 Ukraine Christian Ministries

Word of Life

Let's Pray For Estonia,

Neighbors of Ukraine + Russia

President of Estonia,

 Alar Karis ---------------

Estonia's identity and history are beautifully signified through the colors of its blue, black, and white striped flag. The blue stands for devotion, faith, and loyalty, while the black represents the country’s dark past and immense suffering. The white symbolizes a desire to aim for higher understanding and character, in addition to signifying the birch trees and snow that characterize this northern Baltic nation's beautiful landscape. Enduring a long history of occupation and oppression, Estonia now boasts one of the most successful economies of the post-Soviet nations.


Long dominated by surrounding nations, Estonia has seen its share of invasion, occupation, and violence. After a relatively short independence (1918-1940), it was invaded by the Soviet Union. Deportation and murder of many Estonians during this occupation left a bitter animosity towards Russians that remains to this day. As of 2013, about 70% of the population is Estonian while 20% is Russian, brought into the country during the occupation. In 1991 Estonia gained independence and shifted from communism to a democratic parliament. Estonia has shale-oil reserves, which it uses for producing energy, making it the leading energy producer for much of Latvia and northwest Russia.


With a history of severe persecution of all faiths between 1940-1988, 54% of Estonians now claim to be non-religious. Secularism and pluralism maintain a tight hold. Many are even being drawn to pagan religions, as well as marginal Christian sects such as Mormonism. A religiously open door in Estonia has made this nation susceptible to many false teachings, while also opening up vast opportunities for the Gospel to penetrate a spiritually devastated land. For many of the 45% of Christian Estonians, their faith holds little meaning in their daily life, and their understanding of the Gospel is limited. Re-evangelization is desperately needed. Seminaries and Bible Schools throughout the nation are working to raise up Christian leaders with a deeper understanding of the Gospel.

• Pray for the truth of God's Word to be established in a land inundated by a wide array of religious ideas.


• Pray for Spirit-filled believers to witness to a cynical population.


• Pray for wise officials to stand firm on Biblical foundations during the transition to a more Western economy.

Together let's watch and pray,
The Prayercast Team

Video of and Prayer for Estonia

Men's Study

There is an ongoing Men's Study from
6-7 am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

This study meets at the church and  is working through the
Gospel of John.  

If you have any questions,
feel free to contact Chris Wright at 610.888.8669.

Church Family Contact Info 
There is an up-to-date list available of all those in our church family. This list is available by contacting Terry Hall, the Ministry Coordinator. 
Ministry Coordinator

Please note that we are still using  a Zoom link for the 
7:30 a.mprayer time on Wednesday mornings.

Zoom Link for Wednesday Prayer Gathering
Please Note:  All checks should now
be made payable to

Swedesford Road Church.

Thank you!


Some people who have been giving online or via text
are continuing to do so. 
Thank you!
For those who wish to start but don’t know how,
here are the ways:
- Text 843-21 on your phone, where you will be able to enter an amount to give.

- Or, if you'd like to give online, click the blue "Online Giving" button below, and you'll be redirected to a secure site where you can give a one-time gift or schedule withdrawals.

Online Giving
Note: For each bank account debit, we are charged $0.25. For each withdrawal from a credit card we are charged $0.25 plus 3% of the total.
If you would like to contribute to our Barnabas Fund (a fund to help those in financial need), there are a few ways to do so: go to  Next to the dollar amount you can select Barnabas, as opposed to General (the default is General Fund). 

You can also mail a check to the church, as the mail is still collected several times during the week.  
Unless otherwise directed, all giving will be assumed to be for General Fund.

Please Note All checks should 
be made payable to

Swedesford Road Church.
Offering from last week:
General Fund     $8188.00

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