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Come tomorrow morning


Bless and

Be a Blessing!


 Folks from SRC and Harvest are joining forces
to tackle cleaning
up our children's playground area
and repairing the ark structure 


8:00am to 1:00pm.

There are jobs for everyone,
regardless of age or ability!

Come anytime and help as long as you're able! 

Coffee, muffins, and snacks!

Contact Drew Shaw (610.457.0178) if you have any questions.


Link for SRC Sunday Livestream

If you're unable to attend Swedesford Road Church
in person this Sunday at
10:00 a.m. ET,
we encourage you to join our livestream
broadcast here at the same time.

The livestream meeting is also available on
YouTube anytime.


There is a prayer time for Ukraine

this Sunday

in the Retreat Room

(last room on the left of the Education Wing)


9:30 AM to 9:50 AM

Jim is preaching the Word this Sunday.  

His text is Luke 23:32-43:

Three Criminals

Dear friends at Swedesford Road,
I was so encouraged to see the great turnout at the Easter sunrise service last week! You have no idea how much that helps a preacher. Thank you!
We are going to try to hold at least one other service like that this summer. Pray for the National Park to approve our application of a permit for a "Service of Thanksgiving for the Founding of the United States" on July 3. In good weather, and a little later in the morning, this could be a great evangelistic opportunity.

This week we will again come to the communion table to receive the elements of the Lord's Supper. Elder Tim Green and I will serve you the elements from the table. 
I was encouraged to hear feedback from many of you that coming to the table was a good change after our communion method of almost a year that was mostly driven by caution about the corona virus. We are thankful that the Lord gave us remarkable health as a congregation during an uncertain time. 
With a new pulpit and communion table in place, it is also more apparent as soon as you enter the chapel that music, the preaching of the Word, and the Lord's Supper are at the heart of our worship together. This makes prominent the normal means of grace through which God shepherds his people. 
Let's look forward to coming together again this week in worship and to receive the grace Jesus pours out from his mediatorial reign in glory!
Your servant in Christ's cause,
Experiencing Reconciliation

Because this is the fourth Sunday of the month, 
Meadows and Treehouse children
do not
have classes on Sunday.

But Grades 3 and above are welcome to 
join our Catechism Class
in the Internet Cafe 
from 10:00am
to just prior to the sermon.


All children must check in at the Security Station
before attending class.

Have You Heard About 



Dwell is a NEW Way to Explore Scripture through

Playlists, Stories, Passages, and Plans

GENUINE VOICES - Read by people who love the Bible as much as you do, with voices and Bible translations that you choose.
INTIMATE MUSIC - Original music composed exclusively for Scripture, with guitar, piano, cello, and other choices.

DEEPLY EXPLORABLE- Experience the Bible through stories, key passages, themed playlists, or listening plans.  


Check out Dwell Here!
Please continue to pray for all the people
experiencing various hardships due to the war.

Thankfully, there are many Christian venues through which we may
give financial assistance to the displaced.

Please pray and thoughtfully consider how
God would have you share. 

Listed here are some organizations ministering in Ukraine:
Our friend, Dasha, is still in Ukraine and
serving the needy through
Youth With A Mission Slavic Ministries.

PLEASE NOTE:  To give to Dasha,
select "Specific Ministry" and write in "Ternipol"
In case you haven't seen the YouTube video which features our friend,
Dasha, you can find it here:

Samaritan's Purse  

 V & A, Moriah Hall's co-workers in Ukraine with
the American Bible Society

Mission Eurasia 

 Ukraine Christian Ministries

Word of Life

Let's Pray For Bulgaria,

Neighbors of Ukraine
President of Bulgaria,

Rumen Radev

The Eastern European nation of Bulgaria’s modern identity is reminiscent of past glories lost. Formed in the 7th century AD, Bulgaria has experienced long periods of foreign domination. The nation was subjugated for five hundred years under Ottoman rule, and in 1946 it fell under communist rule as a soviet satellite state until a new democracy was established in 1989. The term “Bulgarian” most likely comes from the Turkic verb which means “to mix,” and describes the ancestral mixing of the Bulgar and Slavic peoples to form the modern Bulgarian people group. Home to many other ethnic groups such as Macedonian, Millet, Turkic, and Roma, Bulgaria is known for having strained inter-ethnic relations.


Despite rapid industrialization under communist rule, Bulgaria experienced great economic hardships after the fall of the socialist government. Economic reforms in 1997 helped to stabilize the economy, but high unemployment and mass emigration have persisted. With well-managed fiscal planning and low corporate taxes, Bulgaria should appear inviting to foreign investment, yet corruption, a weak judiciary, and organized crime hinder economic growth. The Bulgarian society is broken: high poverty, divorce, abortion (which outnumbers live births), emigration of youth, and the discrimination of minorities continue.


After the fall of the socialist government, the atheist population declined, and the Christian population grew. Today the great majority of Bulgarians belong to the Orthodox Church. Yet most do not practice their faith, and for many it is only a sign of identity. Both Islam and Christianity in Bulgaria have incorporated some pagan beliefs and traditions, and both are subject to nominalism. In the 1990s a large influx of foreign funding created dependency among churches and a general perception that evangelicals “buy” converts. The many ethnic minorities are in need of Christian ministry and discipleship. Cross-cultural missions are also increasing, with Bulgarians serving throughout Europe and Asia, with an increase in short-term missions

• Pray for generations-long racism to be healed through believers who demonstrate the love of Christ.


• Pray for corrupt leaders to be replaced with wise, visionary people of principle.


• Pray for unity among the Church and mission organizations seeking to evangelize this nation.

Together let's watch and pray,
The Prayercast Team

Video of and Prayer for Bulgaria
Ladies, please sign up now for . . . 

. . . another after-service luncheon

NEXT Sunday, May 1.

Yummy food, great fellowship,
and perhaps another door prize??

We'd love to have YOU with us!

Please RSVP here ~
I'm in!

Celebrate Anthony baby #4 with a Baby Sprinkle! 

Jen Frank is hosting a celebration on

Saturday, May 7th, from 10-12noon

to welcome

Matt and Ashley's soon-arriving BOY! 

Please RSVP directly to Jen at 610.310.2842

Gifts not necessary!


Men's Study

There is an ongoing Men's Study from
6-7 am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

This study meets at the church and  is working through the
Gospel of John.  

If you have any questions,
feel free to contact Chris Wright at 610.888.8669.

Church Family Contact Info 
There is an up-to-date list available of all those in our church family. This list is available by contacting Terry Hall, the Ministry Coordinator. 
Ministry Coordinator

Please note that we are still using  a Zoom link for the 
7:30 a.mprayer time on Wednesday mornings.

Zoom Link for Wednesday Prayer Gathering
Please Note:  All checks should now
be made payable to

Swedesford Road Church.

Thank you!


Some people who have been giving online or via text
are continuing to do so. 
Thank you!
For those who wish to start but don’t know how,
here are the ways:
- Text 843-21 on your phone, where you will be able to enter an amount to give.

- Or, if you'd like to give online, click the blue "Online Giving" button below, and you'll be redirected to a secure site where you can give a one-time gift or schedule withdrawals.

Online Giving
Note: For each bank account debit, we are charged $0.25. For each withdrawal from a credit card we are charged $0.25 plus 3% of the total.
If you would like to contribute to our Barnabas Fund (a fund to help those in financial need), there are a few ways to do so: go to  Next to the dollar amount you can select Barnabas, as opposed to General (the default is General Fund). 

You can also mail a check to the church, as the mail is still collected several times during the week.  
Unless otherwise directed, all giving will be assumed to be for General Fund.

Please Note All checks should 
be made payable to

Swedesford Road Church.
Offering from April 17:
General Fund     $4588.00

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