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Steve is sharing the message this Sunday. 

His text is Ephesians 2:11-22
and his title is,
Being God's Dwelling.
Reconciliation Meditation
Dear Friends,
I was so encouraged by your joining in on the "Confession Of Faith" during last week's service. This is a way to demonstrate our unity around what we believe and to proclaim it together as the body of Christ. Be ready to recite this again this week, using an inspired confession that the Apostle Paul received and passed on to the Corinthian church. Go here to review how we'll confess our faith together. We plan to use a different statement of faith every few weeks.
Your feedback on the mission and vision statement
has helped us refine and improve it. 
Here's the latest version, which you may notice has
some subtle changes
that were suggested during the last Q & A session.


Swedesford Road Church

Senior Pastor and Elders’ Mission and Vision Statements

I. Summary statements 

    A. Mission: A statement meant  to be permanent and to express unity with all faithful churches.

        Our mission comes from Matthew 28:18-20, and is, under the authority of the exalted Christ, to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded, both through his teaching during his earthly ministry and through the apostles who completed his teaching and wrote moved by the Holy Spirit.

    B. Vision:  A statement that may be updated periodically and expresses our unique calling as a particular church. 

         Swedesford Road Church will thrive in its strategic location by preaching the riches of Christ, building up the body to do the work of the ministry, mentoring aspiring pastors, and planting and revitalizing like-minded churches. 

    C. The elements of worship will include: 

         1. Call to worship in the words of Scripture 

         2. Congregational singing 

         3. Confession of faith by the congregation 

         4. Confession of sin by the congregation
             and affirmation of pardon 

         5. Pastoral prayer

         6. Reading of Scripture 

         7. Preaching of the word 

         8. Sacrament of the Lord’s supper
        9.  Benediction in the words of Scripture

One question during the Q & A was whether we explicitly affirm our commitment to the Old Testament Scriptures. Check here on the new website. You'll see a clear answer to the question in the link to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, question 2, and the first point in the "Brief Statement of Essential Beliefs."
Your servant in Christ's cause,
--Steve Carter

All of our children's classes are open this Sunday!

Birth-pre-K - Meeting in the Meadows classroom with check-in available after 9:45 am.  
Lesson:  Joseph

K-Grade 2 - Meeting in the Treehouse classroom with check-in at the beginning of the sermon.
Lesson:  Jesus as a Child

Grade 3 and above - Catechism in the Internet Cafe with check-in at the beginning of the sermon.


All children must check in at the Security Station before attending class.



Pray For Displaced People in Sahel,

millions fighting just to survive.

 ~ A move of God is the only answer. So let's PRAY. ~

Over the last few weeks we have been praying for displaced people around the world. This week we turn our attention to a region you have perhaps never heard of: The Sahel.

The Sahel is a massive swath of land stretching across Africa between the Sahara desert to the north and the savannas to the south.

Millions across the Sahel have fled for their lives – many with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Their daily fight is simply for survival.

The fortunate ones will make it to relatives’ homes or even a refugee camp. Tragically, many don’t make it.

Audu is a former Muslim who now follows Jesus. He is also a displaced person in the Sahel.  His prayer for his people is here on this video:
Audu's Prayer for his people

Let's join Audu this week in crying out for God’s mercy and provision for these millions who suffer – each one knit together by God Himself and created in His image.

Only He can save.
Our body received a great update from Cheryl Daily,
a missionary we support in Lyons, France.  You may read it here:

News From the Dailys
Swedesford Road's Livestream services
have a
NEW YouTube location!

The new address is
Swedesford Road Church,
and the link below will take you there!

NEW! SRC YouTube Link for Sunday Services

Men's Study

There is an ongoing Men's Study from
6-7 am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

This study meets at the church and  is working through the
Gospel of John.  

If you have any questions,
feel free to contact Chris Wright at 610.888.8669.

Church Family Contact Info 
There is an up-to-date list available of all those in our church family. This list is only available by contacting Terry Hall, the Ministry Coordinator. 
Ministry Coordinator

Please note that we are still using  a Zoom link for the 
7:30 a.mprayer time on Wednesday mornings.
Zoom Link for Wednesday Prayer Gathering


Some people who have been giving online or via text are continuing to do so.  Thank you! For those who wish to start but don’t know how, here are the ways:
- Text 843-21 on your phone, where you will be able to enter an amount to give.

- Or, if you'd like to give online, click the blue "Online Giving" button below, and you'll be redirected to a secure site where you can give a one-time gift or schedule withdrawals.

Online Giving
Note: For each bank account debit, we are charged $0.25. For each withdrawal from a credit card we are charged $0.25 plus 3% of the total.
If you would like to contribute to our Barnabas Fund (a fund to help those in financial need), there are a few ways to do so: go to  Next to the dollar amount you can select Barnabas, as opposed to General (the default is General Fund). 

You can also mail a check to the church, as the mail is still collected several times during the week. Unless otherwise directed, all giving will be assumed to be for General Fund.
Offering last week:

General Fund Offering     $1164.00
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