What do you think of this initiative?

Boomerang bags is a global grassroots movement for connecting and empowering local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source. Plastic Free Axminster would like to introduce it to our town.

 Basically, it involves making bags from fabric that might otherwise go to landfill and providing them to local businesses so that their customers can use them if they don’t have their own bags. The hope is that next time the customer comes back into the town he or she can give the bag back to any of the participating shops.

Plastic Free Axminster has already spoken to a number of businesses in the town and says the majority have expressed an interest in supporting the scheme. 

An information session is being held at the Repair Cafe in the Guildhall on 1st October at 10am. Feel free to go along and discuss, or you can email any questions to Plastic Free Axminster.

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