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Creative Fuel Challenge #43
Collaborative Creativity Prompts

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up."
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

I started this series of prompts back in March, not entirely sure how many I would do or how it would evolve.

I hope that you have done at least some of them, and if you have, that they have encouraged you to make space for creativity.

These prompts have certainly served a personal purpose for me throughout the summer, they have given me a deadline (which in my opinion is one of the only ways to ensure that you get work done), and they have given me the spark for staying creatively active, even when I haven't felt inspired. But they also take a lot of time to put together, and this is my 6th month of continuously writing them (!!). So I have decided that I am going to continue through #50 and then take a bit of a break to make space for a couple of other creative endeavors that need some attention.

That's where you come in, because I want prompt #50 to be a special one, and I think that one of the best ways to make that happen is through collaboration. 

Today's prompt is very simple, and I highly encourage you to take part in this collaborative effort. There are a little over 500 people subscribed here. Even if just a quarter of you take part in today's prompt, then I promise you that we are going to end up with one pretty solid resource come Creative Fuel Challenge #50. 


  • Maybe pen or pencil and paper but definitely email!

Here is what I want you to do: come up with your own simple creative prompt.

Yes of course there are a variety of ways to do this!

This could be a journal prompt, as in coming up with a question to ask. Example: "What has been a source of beauty today?" 

It could be an activity prompt, something to do in order to get your creative juices flowing. Example: "Take a walk."

It could be a specific project prompt, something to draw/make/create. Example: "Do a blind contour drawing of your left foot."

It could be entirely out of the box and not fit into any of those categories! By now, I hope that we are all on the same page in understanding that there are a whole variety of things that fuel creativity, so don't let the above parameters limit you. 

Keep the prompt simple. One or two sentences will do the trick.

Please type out your prompt and email it to me at Please also note how you would like to be credited (ie your name). 

I have visions for what this final thing is going to look like so I really hope that you take part!

You can find all of the Creative Fuel Challenge archives here

ps: I'd love to see what you create, so share your work! feel free to send me photos of your work, or send me what you have written. I'll try to share some of the work here and on my Instagram feed, so you can tag me @annabrones and use the hashtag #creativefuelchallenge

pps: feeling inspired? Send this email to a friend

ppps: Creative Fuel Challenge is free and open to the public, but you can also become a monthly supporter of my work on Patreon if you are inclined/able to. You can also support my work by checking out my shop, where I have prints, cards, etc. I did a big summer shop update this week and there are lots of new prints and original pieces!

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