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Creative Fuel Challenge #48

In the midst of chaos, pain, and hardship, making art can be a coping mechanism. It can be the one thing that keeps us grounded, or at least clinging to reality. It can be a way to process, to work through emotions. It can also simply be a way to cultivate a small moment of beauty in our everyday lives. The bright spot that keeps us going. 

Today is for intentionally bringing in a bright spot. It is for taking the time to be present even when you think you can't. It is for focusing on the good, when the good feels cloudy, smoky, hazy, hard to see.


  • Paper or sketchbook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Watercolors or markers
  • Anything else you need

This prompt is partly inspired by a set of Angel Cards we had when I was younger. A collection of small affirmation cards, each one had a single word printed on it. We kept them in a bowl, and I would often pull one or two in the morning. 

I like the idea of affirmations and intentions, because sometimes your brain just needs a reminder to reset. Something to focus on. This challenge is intended to allow you to make your own small deck of cards, but of course, you don't have to turn them into cards, you could just create a page filled with ideas in your sketchbook and continually return to it when you need to reset. 

To start, think about how you are feeling today/this week/this month. Write down what you are feeling, either in single words or short phrases. 

Take a look at that list and see if you can find an "antidote" to every emotion/feeling that you have written down. In other words, find the contrast. 

Now consider this question: "what do I want to bring in to my everyday?" Maybe that conjures up a few additional words that you want to jot down. 

Now you have a list of several words, maybe a few short phrases. Aim for at least five, also know that you can continue to build on this later. 

These words are your intentions, the things you want to welcome in and cultivate in your everyday life. How will you represent them visually? Think about colors that come to mind for each word, or specific visuals. Maybe there are symbols or shapes that help you identify with them, or maybe certain objects. 

Draw/sketch/paint out your ideas, always remembering that they will most likely evolve and it doesn't have to be perfect on the first try!

If you want to turn these into cards, consider working with a thicker weight paper. Determine your card size, then draw/paint/write, and cut into individual cards. Shuffle, pull as needed. Reset. 

Don't forget to send me your collaborative creativity prompts!

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ps: I'd love to see what you create, so share your work! feel free to send me photos of your work, or send me what you have written. I'll try to share some of the work here and on my Instagram feed, so you can tag me @annabrones and use the hashtag #creativefuelchallenge

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