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Creative Fuel Challenge #41


I was working on a series of various assortments of leaves this week, and at some point in the middle of one of them I thought to myself, "is this really getting anywhere?"

I looked down at what I was making, and in that moment, it certainly didn't feel like it. But I kept going. I kept repeating, taking inspiration from a leaf and seeing what I could do with it. I made so many leaves that I started hating leaves. But then when I looked at the works I ended up with, they felt cohesive and unique all at the same time. I didn't make what I thought I was going to make, but I allowed things to change. 

There's a tendency with creative work to feel like we have to make something new. That's no surprise given that the core understanding of creativity and creative thinking is that there is an element of originality or innovation. But we shouldn't let that allow us fall into the trap of feeling like we always have to start from scratch reinvent the wheel. We can build on what we already have, we can find variety in repetition.

In repeating something, we may in fact end up with something entirely different than we envisioned in the first place. 


  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper
  • Anything else you need (watercolor, scissors, etc)

Choose an object or element. Coffee cup, leaf, heart, cloud, rock, etc. Opt for something simple here, or if you are really drawn to something complex, see if there is a simplified form of it. 

Now, draw that object. Draw it again. See how many different ways you can draw this object and/or use it in a graphic. 

You're not necessarily going for a pattern here (although if that's of interest, head back to the pattern prompt), you are working on making the same thing in a variety of ways. Change the size. Change the number of objects. Change the color. Change orientation. Bring variety to your repetition.

As always, allow this to develop however it develops. Detach yourself from the outcome. Allow yourself to not have any idea of where you will end up. 

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ps: I'd love to see what you create, so share your work! feel free to send me photos of your work, or send me what you have written. I'll try to share some of the work here and on my Instagram feed, so you can tag me @annabrones and use the hashtag #creativefuelchallenge

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