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December 17: Catch the Light

Winter Sun
by Molly Fisk

How valuable it is in these short days, 
threading through empty maple branches, 
the lacy-needled sugar pines.
Its glint off sheets of ice tells the story 
of Death’s brightness, her bitter cold.
We can make do with so little, just the hint 
of warmth, the slanted light.
The way we stand there, soaking in it, 
mittened fingers reaching.
And how carefully we gather what we can 
to offer later, in darkness, one body to another.
I've been trying hard to get out on a run every afternoon this past week. It's always a race with the clock, knowing that if I don't get out at just the right moment, I'll be running back in the pitch black.

The payoff of these afternoon jaunts has certainly been the sunsets. The pinks and blues and yellows that paint the sky, the color seeping through the silhouettes of bare branches. In a season that we think of as dark, there is so much beauty in the light that is there. 

Whether you choose to catch the morning sunrise or the afternoon sunset, this very late autumn (winter solstice is coming this week!) light is a gift.

Make time to go outside and be present for it. 

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