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Creative Fuel Challenge #39
The Art of a Word


Have you ever stared at one word for so long that it starts to lose its meaning? Or repeat it to yourself so many times that it begins to sound absurd?

This has a technical term: semantic satiation.

I was thinking about this in the context of using words in art, and what happens when we visually repeat a word. Words, after all, have power. When we repeat a word visually, does it lose its meaning, or do we somehow find new meaning in the word, perhaps more clarity? In visualizing them, do the words gain power or lose it?


  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper

What is a word that's on your mind right now? Don't think about this too much, pull a word that pops to mind right away. 

Write the word down. Look at the word a few times. Focus less on the word and on more on the lines and shape of the word. 

Write the word again, this time adding to the shape of the first word you wrote.

Continue building like this, using the word as your structure. No expectations here, let your graphic develop as you see fit. Maybe it's very geometric in style, or perhaps it's more abstract. 

What does your choice of word say about where you are, what you are seeing, what you are feeling, what you are thinking?

Want to keep going? Choose another word. Use the same process for building a graphic with that word.

Now look at both of the graphics. Do they look or feel different? Does one have more power than the other?

There just might be more to your word than meets the eye.


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