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Creative Fuel Challenge #42
Change Medium


It's easy to get stuck in ruts, that spot where we keep doing the same thing day in and day out, with a waning sense of excitement and inspiration. 

When we create, we often return to what we know, we opt for that which feels comfortable. Last week we talked about how valuable repetition can be to creative practice. That's particularly true for mastering a certain craft—an understanding of our materials and medium allows for full creative expression. Creative practice is, after all, practice. To practice, we repeat.

But of course, if we aren't careful, repetition can easily evolve into a rut. To fuel our creative selves, we have to maintain the fine balance between sticking to a creative routine and habit, but feeding it enough new and different components that it doesn't start feeling old and worn out. We have to embrace change, we have to try new things

Today is for that. 


  • Depends on your medium of choice

Pick a creative activity that feels natural or routine for you. By this point, I am hoping that you have found a few small, regular acts of creativity that have become grounding points for you. Maybe it's a daily drawing, painting different colors in your sketchbook every few days, doing blind contour drawings of objects, the occasional still life, etc. 

Think of it this way: is there a prompt that we have done over the last few months that you have come back to a few times? Or do you have a regular creative thing that you do that feels routine? If you can't think of anything, feel free to peruse the prompts that we have been doing here and choose one that speaks to you. 

Now that you have chosen your activity, the prompt is basic: change your medium. 

A few examples of how that might work:

  • You love writing haikus. Make a collage haiku, cutting words out of a magazine or newspaper.
  • You enjoy doing line drawings. Try your hand at sewing lines on a scrap piece of fabric. 
  • You almost always work in black and white. Figure out a color palette and work with that instead. 
Allow for the change to be a challenge, and a source of inspiration. 

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ps: I'd love to see what you create, so share your work! feel free to send me photos of your work, or send me what you have written. I'll try to share some of the work here and on my Instagram feed, so you can tag me @annabrones and use the hashtag #creativefuelchallenge

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