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Creative Fuel Challenge #38
Create and Destroy


Can you let go of what you make?

Throughout this series of prompts, I have focused on offering you small, manageable projects that bring a dose of creativity into your everyday. My hope is that in doing them you become a little less precious about that what of the thing you're making and a little more committed to the act of making instead. 

And what better way to recommit ourselves to the act of creativity than by making something only to destroy it?

The destruction of art by artists has a long history, and the choice to destroy what we make can have a lot of different purposes. When something is intentionally destroyed, we obliterate the tangible object, but we celebrate the act that got us there. There is freedom in destruction, a sense of release. In destruction, there are new beginnings, the opportunity to start again. The celebration of a blank slate. 


  • Depends on what you choose to make. Anything works!
Two options for going about this:

Prompt #1: If you find that you have accumulated a bunch of things that you have created lately, choose one to destroy. How you destroy it is up to you. Tearing, shredding, burning, drawing on top, cutting, etc. Before you get to the destroying part, think about what you felt like when you were creating. Why did you create this piece? What purpose did it serve? Did you learn something? Take a couple of moments to honor the piece and whatever role it has played in your creative process. 

Prompt #2: Make something with the knowledge that you will destroy it once it's finished. Knowing this may help you to choose what you will make, because what you are really asking yourself what creative act will give you the most in doing it. Is it writing? Is it drawing? Is it using a thread and needle to stitch a piece of fabric and then pulling all of the stitches out? Is it stacking a pile of rocks in a beautiful way and knocking them over? 

If you create with destruction in mind, you are inevitably committing yourself to the process. You are saying, "the outcome does not matter, but how I use my time does."

And one more thing: remember that destruction does not necessarily mean entirely getting rid of what you start with. You are simply altering its state of being. A piece of paper burns into ashes, a painting is torn into pieces.

Perhaps in destruction, you will find the materials and inspiration to make something new. 


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