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Creative Fuel Challenge #50
Build a Creativity Resource

Here we are: number 50. 

I can't really believe we made it here.

When I started Creative Fuel Challenge back in March (!) I didn't really think of its duration, or even what it would look like over the longterm. That's basically how I approach most of my creative projects—I jump in and start in an attempt to not overthink things. I started it simply because I was certain that in a time of struggle and hardship, creativity might just be the tool to carry us through

Of course so much has happened since then. We have felt countless struggles and hardships, both collectively and individually. But there have been joys too, bright spots, and moments of beauty. 

All of this has reminded me that we need creativity as a tool not just to cope with hardship, but to function as human beings in our everyday lives. Because everyday lives are a series of emotional and physical peaks and valleys. A mixture of joy and darkness and everything in between. Creativity wends its way throughout. 

I hope that being here for these prompts has offered a space to get back into a creative practice, and hopefully served as a personal reminder of how creativity (in all its forms) serves you.

Since we're at prompt #50, I wanted to make this one special. Given the importance of creativity, I wanted to offer up a kind of a Creativity Resource for you. One that was collaborative in nature, but that also challenged you to add to it. 

I also wanted to take a little bit of a break. This is not to say that there won't be Creative Fuel Challenge prompts moving forward, they'll just be a little more irregular. 

So let's get to making this Creativity Resource.


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We need creativity in our everyday lives. But that doesn't mean that we're always sure how to tap into it. Your Creativity Resource is what you go to when you need a prompt, or a kick in the pants. What you'll find here is a resource full of prompts written by other Creative Fuel Challenge readers. It is a collaborative resource.

What do you do with it? 

You could flag it in your email and come back to it. You could print it out. You could write it all down by hand as a list. You could write each one on an individual card and pull at random when you need a prompt.

This list is offered as a stand alone resource *but* I would encourage you to add to it as well. You could also add in any of the prompts from the Creative Fuel Challenge archives. Make it your own. Make it a resource that you know you can turn to when you need a spark of inspiration.

Thank you so much to those of you who sent me prompts, I am looking forward to incorporating these into my own creative practice. 

Collaborative Creativity Resource

1. Seasonally journal, using all of your senses, including your favorite things. A treasure years later for yourself and maybe future ancestors. -Janice M.
2. Journal prompt:
Step 1: Answer this: A year from now, what one creative thing will you wish you had done during this down time? (a question I heard from Joanna Penn over at
Step 2: Start doing that one thing (if you haven’t already).
-Steve B.

3. Task and Deadline Creativity
Set up beforehand: materials in the medium of your choice (paper, canvas, paints, clay, whatever your instincts reach for)in a favorite creative space

Part 1: THROW yourself into whatever intense, medium-duration, focus-demanding task is on your plate (e.g. bill-paying, working on taxes, updating all your passwords) that may or may not be at your desk

Be fully in that zone until you’ve reached a solid good stopping point.

Then STOPStep away.

Part 2: Let your brain make a 180º turn and let go into and with the materials and media you set up for yourself.
-Evelyn M.

4. Create a piece of art that is a postcard/poster of your favorite faraway place using any medium. Then create one for the place you've spent the most time since Covid started. -Gretchen P.

5. Take a slow enjoyable walk in nature using your phone to capture things that draw you in. Use as wallpaper for your phone. -Janice M.

6. Draw something with your non-dominant hand before trying it again with your dominant hand. The differences in line consistency, pressure, and even proportions can be really inspiring. -Maurie S.
7. Walk to your bookshelf, close your eyes, and pull a book from the shelf. Open the book at random, write down the first sentence that captures your attention, and use that sentence as a prompt for a journal entry, story, or poem. -C. Hudak
8. Create a card with someone in mind. Write memories, top 10 reasons, etc. of the recipient, printing on (both sides if desired) card stock. Fold. Glue/stitch/etc. a photo print of them/something special to them inside the folded card or on front. -Janice M.
9. Start a collection of inspiring quotes. Choose a blank journal and when you are reading and a quote feels powerful, add it to your journal. Or write them individually on small pieces of paper to create a card deck. -Anna B. 
10. How does your heart feel? I invite you to shift inwards, eyes open or closed, perhaps place your hands over your heart, breathe, pause, and notice all that you feel in your heart in this moment. a felt sense? Texture, movement, energy, weight? is there color, shape, or any sort of imagery? Draw the felt sense of your heart.  -Christina S.
11. Draw your morning coffee or tea mug. Use this time to exist in a few minutes of morning stillness. -Britta B.
12. Make a visible mend on a piece of clothing, scarf, or bag. Supplies needed: scissors, needle, thread, and a scrap of fabric. -Cheryl L.
13. Sit Spot: Find a (safe) spot outdoors to simply sit, breathe, be for an uninterrupted bit of time. Spend at least 10 minutes there at a time (though if you can spend more, feel free to do so!). Settle in and really get to know this spot - look close (what’s within 1 foot of you?), look down (what’s on the ground?), look straight up (are there branches, leaves, clouds, buildings?). Close your eyes - what do you feel, hear, smell around you? Visit your Sit Spot as often as you can, in every season, at different times of the day. Sit Spots can be anywhere outside - on a bench, on a balcony, on the ground in a woods with a tree against your back, in your yard… Get to know your Sit Spot over time. If you want to, feel free to keep a Sit Spot journal, sketching, marking colors around you, writing, making patterns of the sounds you hear. -Carol G.
14. Journal prompt: Tell the story of your day from the perspective of your pet or an animal you see regularly. -Gretchen P.
15. Find and Make. You’ll need found objects and either hot glue or CA (super) glue.
Step 1: Go for a walk in nature with a shopping or other bag. As you go, collect any found objects that look interesting.
Step 2: Use these to create a sculpture. It can be of anything you like, but people, animals and houses are easily made from items like pinecones, rocks, twigs and acorns. Small dried flowers add great accents.
-Steve B.
16. Talk a walk to a near by tree or grove of trees... 
inhale, from what the tree has provided; 
exhale, to give back to the tree.
ponder the relationship between you and the tree...
-Christina C.
17. Journal prompt: Write using cursive. Or, if you typically write in cursive, write in print. -Sara B.

18. Think of someone special to you, and recall your most vivid memory with them. Try to write down all of the small details about how you felt in that moment. If you feel inspired, send them this memory along with what your relationship means to you. -Laura C.
19. Take a walk and take note of five things you've never noticed before. -Gretchen P.
and finally, because this one is truly essential to creativity and forward movement:

20. [Just] Take the next step. -Renee C.


You can find all of the Creative Fuel Challenge archives here

ps: I'd love to see what you create, so share your work! feel free to send me photos of your work, or send me what you have written. I'll try to share some of the work here and on my Instagram feed, so you can tag me @annabrones and use the hashtag #creativefuelchallenge

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