April 2019
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Gardening Techniques You Can Use Now
Building a Gopher/Mole/Vole Proof Bed
Plagued by unwelcome garden visitors? Follow our sure fire step by step instructions to exclude these three top critters that gardeners love to hate. 

How And Why To Thin Carrots
Trial Garden Manager Lindsay Del Carlo shares her secrets for abundant carrot harvests by explaining how and why to thin twice.
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Grow Your Own Spice Saffron!

Saffron crocus have rich, violet-purple blossoms with brilliant orange/red stigmas that are the source of the aromatic, exotic and pricey (!) culinary spice saffron. As the blossoms open, it’s super easy to collect and simply air dry the stigmas from the flowers for your own fresh, first quality, intensely flavored saffron “threads” for cooking. Easily grown in the garden or containers, saffron crocuses are planted late summer and will bloom and be ready to harvest in the autumn. INFO & ORDER

Pollinator Friendly Culinary Herb Trio

We offer top quality culinary herb seeds, but not all varieties grow readily from seed. Our solution is to offer a trio of deliciously edible, pollinator friendly custom-grown starter plants for the most requested varieties, ready to pop into your garden. INFO & ORDER
Recipe Of
The Month
Curried Fresh
Carrot Slaw

Carrots, peanuts and a creamy curry dressing combine perfectly in this fresh pretty vegetable slaw/salad.
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