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Canoeing the Mountains: Where do we go from here?

Tod Bolsinger wrote a book on Christian leadership in uncharted territories. He titled it, “Canoeing the Mountains”. He sought out to talk about leading the church in connection to what it was like for Lewis and Clark to travel west and ‘discover’ the western half of the United States that had just been purchased from France.

Lewis and Clark were chosen for this expedition because of their expertise in navigating river ways. They literally expected to make it to the coast by canoe, but they had to change their idea of exploration and movement once they got to the Rocky Mountains. They suddenly realized they would no longer be able to paddle their way to the Pacific Ocean. They adapted and eventually finished their conquest.
The point of Bolsinger’s book is the importance for churches and church leaders to do the same. A leader has to first prove they can do the current job before they can be trusted to move into uncharted territories under the label of, “we’ve never done it that way before.” I believe as a church we did a good job of providing a liturgical worship experience for all who gathered on Sundays. During the pandemic we have showed the ability to adapt and can now not only bring worship to an in person group, but also to the virtual world.
As mask mandates for fully vaccinated people are lifted we are reminded that getting ‘back to normal’ is almost here, but I do not want us to get to hasty and miss out on an opportunity to widen our outreach. We now have a group of people, approximately 15-17, that watch our worship on Sundays live online. We also have people that worship with us later that week via YouTube. When it comes to worship we are a hybrid church, both in person and online. As we continue into uncharted territory I think we can ask ourselves, “Are there other ways we can be a hybrid church than just for worship?”
I ask you to ruminate on this question. What would this look like? How would we even do it? Is it even worth it? I am calling for help from you. I believe we have the ability to do this together and I believe outreach to our geographical and virtual communities can be benefited. We saw that more people worshiped with us by having an online component. Now imagine how many more people may be fully active on more than Sundays from our church community on the internet.

Our culture and world are always changing. May God bless us as we discern whether we are called to canoe through the waters of outreach or climb the mountains of change. God’s blessings to you all!

Pastor Reed Lee Pedersen
16 May 2021

The meeting was called to order at 11:28 in Luther Hall with a prayer. Present were: Bonnie Bandelow, Bryan Johnson, Emily Johnson, Jeanine Lees, Pastor Reed, Laura Rickey, Nick Swanson, and Jeannine W. Kathy Atwell, Michael Carlson & Linda Papoccia were absent.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  No treasurer’s report.
SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Because the Minutes of the 18 April meeting was published in the Spire, copies of the minutes were not furnished for review. Laura motioned the Minutes be accepted as published. Emily seconded. Motion carried.
PASTOR’S REPORT:  Pastor had called Lois Peterson to schedule a visit and communion. He ended up giving communion to 10-15 residents of her building. The garage sale brought in about $1500. Nick motioned we accept the Pastor’s Report. Jeanine L. seconded. Motion carried.
Church ParsonageBryan reported that a whole house inspection has been performed. The house needs a roof and the a/c needs to be repaired. He will be scheduling a Property Committee Meeting and forming a Parsonage Committee in the near future.
Steeple UpdateBryan has contacted the Rockford steeple repair company to request they refund our $1,000 down payment. He has contacted another steeple repair company in Ohio but has not heard back from them yet.
Property Committee – The 2 heat pumps have been repaired. A fan still needs to be repaired. Parts are on order. A white pine has been planted on the southwest corner in memory of Reverend John Leaf. The stumps from downed trees have been ground up and we want to thank Steve Gray for distributing the debris.
Worship Committee – Met in early May. May 30 will begin services at 9:30. Jeannine W. asked if something can be done about the volume of the on-line worship. Pastor indicated that he will look in the problem. There MIGHT be a simple fix.

Memorial Committee – Is waiting for final quote for new Baptismal and Lenten banners.

Outreach CommitteeJeanine L. reported that the free meal in the park was well attended and she was grateful that several Luther Leaguers were on hand to help.

Scholarship Committee – Pastor had received 1 application so far.

God’s Work. Our Hands – Should we do it on August 29 or wait until after Labor Day, September 12.
Bryan motioned that we select September 12 as the date for God’s Work Our Hands.Nick seconded. Motion carried.

Church Secretary OpportunityNick Messina, Jenna Zurcher’s boyfriend, has the skills and time to fill the position from June-December. The plan is for him to become acquainted with the various duties and to flesh out a binder detailing the various jobs, how much time each might take and procedures for doing the jobs.
Emily motioned that Nick be offered the position (15 hours per week @ $12.50 per hour). Laura seconded. Motion carried.

NEXT MEETING:  Sunday, June 27, after worship. Due to Pastor’s July vacation plans we’ll skip meeting in July.
Jeanine Lees asked for prayers as she awaits spinal surgery on July 12.
Laura motioned that we adjourn, Emily seconded. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 12:25 with The Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
  • New mask policy based on new CDC and IDPH guidelines: You do not have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated and over the age of 2 we strongly encourage you to still wear a mask.
    • Children’s Programming (VBS and Sunday School) will still require masks until our children can be vaccinated.
    • Communion Assistants are still required to wear masks when serving communion.
  • We have returned the singing parts of our worship liturgy to the service. We will also now sing the Hymn of the Day together.
    • At least for June we will not have a gathering hymn
    • Temperature Checks are no longer required. Please stay home and watch online if you do not feel well.
    • Offering will continue to be in the back of the sanctuary
    • Passing of the Peace is still suspended
  • Coffee Hour after worship will resume June 13. We will have a signup sheet in Luther Hall for people to host.
  • The worship liturgy being used for the month of June is ELW Setting 3. This setting is one of the originals from the LBW (green hymnal).
Altar guild
Diane Poppy
Kathy Atwell
Communion Assistants
13     Doug Nelson
20     Nikki Rehn
27     Rachel Swanson
13     Bonnie Bandelow
20     Connie Dismer
27     Linda Papoccia
13     Doug Nelson and Family
20     Sally Reinhart
27     Linda and Bob Pappoccia
Steve and Nancy Gray
Sally Reinhart
Ila Wilson
Thursday Outdoor Worship Schedule:
  • Worship is @7:00 pm under the evergreens behind the church.
    (Luther Hall if rain)
  • June Theme: Emotions
    • June 3: Anger
    • June 10: Sadness
    • June 17 (VBS): Hope
    • June 24: Jealousy
  • July Theme: Proverbs
    • July 1: Proverbs 14:4
    • July 8: Proverbs 8
    • July 15: Proverbs 17:22
    • July 22 and 29: No Worship
  • August Theme: Triune God
    • August 5: God the Father
    • August 12: God the Son
    • August 19 (Last Day): God the Holy Spirit
Welcome our New Church Secretary: Nicholas Messina!
Starting June 1st Nicholas will be taking on the position of church secretary for Augustana Lutheran Church through December. He will be working Tuesday-Thursday from 8am-1pm. Here is a little bio from Nick:
“My name is Nicholas Messina and I am 20 years of age. I went to a private Christian school for 2 years and have been practicing apologetics for about 8 years now. I was raised a Christian and was baptized in Virginia while my father was in the Marine Corps. I am currently working towards an Exercise Science degree and plan on joining the Air-Force.”

The Outreach Committee would like to have people thinking about ideas for how our church can reach out and serve our community. There will be a meeting at the end of July or towards the beginning of August to discuss possible Fall options.
Jeanine Lees

June Birthdays
01 Lena Newman
02 Joshua Dobbels
06 Wilbur Floming
09 Brayden Newman
10 Kathryn Crippen
12 Evan Johnson
13 Nic Norberg
14 Dorothy Norberg
15 Connor Dismer
17 Dwayne Newman
18 Lance Nelson
18 Kody Peterson
21 Michael Carlson
22 Chrissy Zurcher
24 Jan Gritton
26 Kile Johnson
27 John Foley

June Anniversary
18 Ed and Carol Williams
18 Jay and Stephanie Peterson
23  David and Jeannine Westerlund
25 Carol and Rodney Lambert
26 Brian and Becky Nelson 
27 Don and Dorothy Norberg
27  Mark and Julie Carlson
30 Evan and Vanessa Johnson
Church Parsonage Open House – June 13th after Worship

Following worship on June 13th we will open up the church parsonage for members to walk through. Also at this time, the property committee will be collecting questions, concerns, and thoughts pertaining to the parsonage on top of those that were expressed at the March 21st congregational meeting. This is meant to be a moment where your voice can be heard and you can see the parsonage. The property committee encourages you to participate, so that they can hear the voice of the congregation. Following this, the church council will set a date for a congregational vote concerning the parsonage at their June council meeting.
As Andover celebrates its 185th Anniversary+One Festival the weekend of June 5 & 6, there are many events members of our congregation will be participating in.  We will be serving pie & sandwiches starting at 11 am on Saturday, having a float in the grand parade at 1 pm, & Pastor Reed will sing the National Anthem prior to the fireworks at 9:30 that evening. Our congregation is also helping plan a special community worship service in the park at 9 am Sunday morning.  

This is an important celebration of the town that called our church calls home. Let us celebrate it together! The full schedule can be found 

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