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As a kid I was a bit of a daydreamer. To be honest, I can still get caught in my brain sometimes. Some of my daydreams would be about the future or about obtaining a super power, but as I got older most of my daydreaming was about the question, “What if ______?” This type of daydreaming usually takes me back to a point in life where I feel I’ve messed up and I wonder how it could have been  different if I knew what I knew today. It is an exercise in wondering what life would be like equipped with a foresight back then that is equal to the hindsight of today.

The saying, “Hindsight is 2020”, is usually used in sarcastic terms to point to a truth; we have a better idea of how to handle a situation after it happens rather than before it happens. Our vision of the past is perfect, 2020, because it already happened. Our vision for the future is clouded and sometimes scary because it is unknown. It hasn’t happened yet. The “What if____?” exercise is okay to do sometimes, but overdoing that exercise is not healthy for the mind or the spirit. At its worst, this exercise can lead to over dwelling on the past.
Do you find yourself always reminiscing about the past? Do you find yourself always focused on what has happened versus what is happening now and what is to come? Perhaps, you do this because there is a lot more past behind you than future ahead of you. Perhaps, you do this because you hate what you have done in the past. Perhaps, you stay in the past because that’s where your deceased loved ones and good memories are. There are many reasons we get stuck in the past, but Paul’s letter to the Philippians lends a good lesson on staying in the moment and looking ahead:
13Beloved, I do not consider that I have made it my own; but this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:13-14)
The New Year is coming soon. 2019 will be over and 2020 will begin. See this New Year as an opportunity to look ahead to what God’s plan is for you in the world. Yes, the vision of the past is clearer to see because it is chiseled in stone, but let us, as a church and as individuals, vision for what is to come. Let us look at the unfinished marble as a place of potential and hope for our futures. Let us move ahead into the year 2020 knowing that we have a heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus!
   Liturgical Nerd Notes
         Chasuble 2.0
During Advent I have worn a vestment (liturgical article of clothing) during communion called a chasuble. I have worn chasubles before, but not often. I usually only wear them on high church holidays (e.g. Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost). When I do wear them I’ve worn them for the whole service. After one of the Sunday services in Advent someone asked what my vestment was and why I waited until communion to put it on. This Nerd Note will hopefully clarify up the questions surrounding the chasuble.

 These are the three chasubles I own. The two on the left were a gift from the congregation for my installation in 2017.

I wrote about the chasubles very briefly in our Christmas edition of The Spire in 2017 (hence, “Chausable 2.0”):
“These are truly beautiful garments which bring the question…what the heck is a chasuble? This is a high-liturgical vestment (a.k.a fancy church poncho) worn in honor of the sacrament of Holy Communion.”
 When it comes to worship the common practice for our church, and many of the Western churches, is for the ordained minister of the congregation to wear an alb and a stole for worship. These two vestments, alb combined with stole, are a sign of occupation and authority. They let everyone know who is leading worship and the qualifications they have. (Short fact: You do not have to be ordained to wear a collar but you do need to be ordained to wear a stole.)
There has been a movement in some of the Western Protestant churches, mainly Lutheran and Anglican, to start wearing chasubles again. Like the stole, is should match the color of the season (e.g. blue for Advent, red for Pentecost, white for Christmas and Easter). As stated earlier, chasubles are worn in honor of Holy Communion. Due to its connection to Holy Communion it would be improper to wear this vestment for a non-communion worship service.

This vestment’s Holy Communion connection also gives the pastor two choices on when to put it on. (1) If you consider the whole of the service to revolve around Holy Communion you may wear the vestment for the entire worship service. (2) If you would like to highlight the vestment’s connection with Holy Communion you may wait until that portion of the worship service to put it on. For Advent I went with option (2), but I usually do option (1) for high church holidays.
I hope this is helpful. Feel free to come to me about questions you have about worship and things of the church. Who knows…it might turn into another helpful Nerd Note!
WELCA Circle Meeting resume in February 2020
Thank everyone who helped make my 90th birthday party so special. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Donnie Larson 
Thank you from our Elementary School for your donation to our Caring Hearts program and to a “special family. Merry Christmas!"
    Cambridge Elementary
Thank you to everyone who has helped me in the office in some way. Maybe you helped with the Spire, maybe you helped put the bulletins together, or maybe you helped with a special mailing, whatever you did, it was greatly appreciated. Thanks again and always remember, you are appreciated
Deanna Swanson
Augustana needs volunteers to help plan and decorate a float for the "More Fun on 81" parade, June 6th. This will be the 185th anniversary of Andover and the 170th anniversary of our congregation. Please help us celebrate our town and our church in this fun way. Contact the church if you are interested. More hands make lighter work!
Happy 90th birthday,
  Lois Westerlund!

Following worship on Sunday, December 29, Lois’ family invited everyone to join them in Luther Hall for cake and coffee to celebrate Lois’ 90th birthday
Happy 95th birthday,
  Doris Swedberg!

The family of Doris Swedberg would like you to help celebrate 95th birthday on December 29 with a card shower. Please send birthday cards and wishes to:

Doris Swedberg 
8551 Yellowstone Dr
Byron IL  61010

January Birthdays
01  Jeannine Westerlund
01  Lori Foley
02  Khloe Nelson
03  Trace Lindquist
06  Kyler Zumbrock
07  Becky Nelson
08  Jenna Zurcher
08  Kelsey Poppy
09  Carol Lambert
10 Tristan Roberts
11  Jens Rehder
12  Madeline Lindstrom
16  Bev Josephson
18  Les Anderson
19  Kent Engnell
20  Evan Swanson
25  Bob Papoccia
26  Christine Riddell
30  Jeanine Lees

January Anniversaries
02   Dan and Kathy Pysson
20   Frances and Unni Sreekumar 
of the

will be held
as part of our Worship Service.
Your attendance at the meeting is both important and encouraged.
Lunch will be served by Luther League following the meeting.

The 2020 offering envelopes are now available in the coat room. Boxes are in numerical order. Please pick up your envelopes and begin using them Sunday, January 5. If you do not see your envelopes, please contact the church office and a box will be provided for you. Using your envelopes helps ensure your contributions are counted
We extend our sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Richard Wiquist. His funeral was held at Augustana Lutheran Church on Monday, December 2
Time and Talent Sheet/Pledge Card Reminder
If you have misplaced your pledge card, please call the church office and one will be mailed to you or you may pick one up in the entrance to the church.

If you have not submitted your 2019 “Time and Talent Sheet” please consider doing so as soon as possible. You may drop off your information at the church  office or mail it to

Augustana Lutheran Church 
P O Box 157 
Andover IL  61233.
Thank you for your continued support and stewardship.             
Communion Set Up -January/February 2020
January   5   Bonnie Bandelow & Linda Papoccia
January 12   Emily Maertens & Mindy Poppy
January 19   Mindy Poppy & Jeanine Lees
January 26   Jeannine Westerlund & Emily Maertens
February  2   Linda Papoccia & Nick Swanson
February  9  Bonnie Bandelow & Emily Maertens
February 16 Linda Papoccia & Bryan Johnson
February 23  Emily Maertens & Jeanine Lees
Counter Schedule - January/February 2020
January   5  Laura Rickey
January 12   Steve and Nancy Grey
January 19   Lori Foley
January 26   Ken and Diane Poppy
February  2   Kathy Atwell
February  9  Wally and Diane Ladewig
February 16  Steve and Nancy Grey
February 23  Laura Rickey
     January 5, 2020        
     Bonnie Bandelow
     February 2, 2020         
                               Nancy Gray                    
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if unable to serve.
Acolyte Schedule
Note: please be at church no later than 15 minutes before the service. Find Pastor for instruction.
If you cannot acolyte on your scheduled date, trade with someone else and let the church office know ASAP about the date. (309.521.8127) Save this schedule and parents phone numbers.
Laura / Katie Angelos            309.235.5910
Kevin / Kile Johnson              309.428.5433
Jennifer / Kile Johnson          309.428.5433
Laura/Ashley Rickey              309.235.4259
Michele/Sophie Selander       309.721.3162
Diane/Emma Poppy               
January  5   Emma Poppy
January 12   Ashley Rickey
January 19   Logan Selander
January 26   Katie Angelos

February  2   Ashley Rickey
February  9   Logan Selander
February 16  Katie Angelos
February 23  Emma Poppy
Church Modernization Projects Update

Augustana Lutheran Church would appreciate your continued support towards the Church Modernization Project. Our goal to raise $105,000 in three years to help pay back the Endowment Fund used to pay for these projects. Current status:
Goal = $ 105,000
# Pledges Received = 31
$ Pledged = $ 65,590
Total $       = $ 90.319

% of Goal (Pledges) = 62.5 %
% of Goal ($)             = 86.0%
To my ALC family,
The wonder of a holy night
when God became a man,
to bring true peace and joy to earth
through His salvation plan.
Praying the wonder of the season
fills your heart with true peace and joy.
Merry Christmas and blessed year in 2020!
Jim Johnson - Tucson, AZ

See Upcoming Events on our website for the most Up-To-Date schedule information

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