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Rules! Rules! Rules!
It seems like when we are children we are always learning new things we are not supposed to do. We then, through self-preservation or the council of a friend or sibling, learn our ways around those rules. Some of us learn how to break the rules. Some of us learn how to follow them. Some of us learn how to bend them just enough so that they always are in our favor.
If we were playing a game of Family Feud and Steve Harvey asked, “According to 100 people surveyed, what do you think of when you think of rules in the Bible?” I believe the #1 answer would most certainly be the 10 commandments. These decrees from God give us the basics for what rules we need to follow to stay in line with the Almighty.  Again, to those who know these commandments some follow, some break, and some learn to bend in their favor.
In Matthew 5:21-37 (our gospel text from Sunday, February 16) Jesus intensifies the rules given by God. Like a stern disciplinarian he seems to take out any room for bending or breaking the commandments.

If you have made anyone angry you have committed murder. If any body part causes you to lust than you must cut it off or gouge it out. There’s no room for broken relationships. There’s no room for swearing oaths to anyone in God’s name or our own.
Rules! Rules! Rules! That’s all that can be seen from the surface with the 10 commandments and these words from Jesus, but what if instead of “Rules! Rules! Rules!”, we see a vision of human potential and the kingdom heaven on earth. What if we took our imaginations off of the giant list of rules from God and Jesus and instead imagine how wonderful our world could be if these rules were followed. We can dream. We can imagine. Powered with the love of God in Christ Jesus we can have faith that this will one day come to fruition.
As an imperfect person, continually breaking one rule or another set by God, do not lose heart. Jesus died for forgiveness’s sake. That stern disciplinarian made sure we would always find forgiveness with God. Now we are called to envision, act, and form a world that reflects that love. We need to follow the rules that protect, preserve, and promote life. We need to bend and fight the rules that do the opposite. And if a law of this world goes against any of the rules set by God…perhaps we are called to break them.
Dear God please guide us as we seek to acknowledge your rule and follow your rules. Allow us to always seek to be better human beings and better disciples. Give us the strength to envision, act, and form your heavenly kingdom. Give us the strength to follow, break, and bend the laws of our communities accordingly. All of this we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.
   Liturgical Nerd Notes
         Communion                 Logistics Change
At our recent worship committee meeting we wanted to try something different with how we do communion. We wanted to keep communion every Sunday, but we wanted to try doing communion at the rail every Sunday.
Communion at the rail was intended to be used every time our church had communion in worship. The railing is literally called the communion rail. Some members of the worship committee felt it would be nice to be able to kneel at God’s altar every Sunday as opposed to walking by it on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday.

We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to try communing at the rail every Sunday. Normally communion at the rail involves a lot of waiting. You wait for the rail to be open, you wait to kneel until the whole group made it to the rail, and you wait to stand up until everyone had received communion. Rather than have such a prolonged communion every Sunday, the committee agreed to seek out a way to have continuous communion at the rail. What does that look like?

The committee agreed on a pattern that increased the rate at which we can commune while staying close to the communion process we are accustomed to. This new process can be seen with the accompanying image to this article, and is based on communing individuals rather than communing groups. Here is how it works.
Individuals walk up the side isle towards the altar. Please note: This is done by both sides at the same time.

Individuals take their place at the rail “outside-in”. This means you start by kneeling closest to the wall and fill in towards the middle of the altar.
Once the individual has received both elements they then go back to their seat.

When that individual leaves the altar for their seat the next individual fills that spot on the communion rail.
We will keep the schedule of bread and cup on 1st and 3rd Sundays and intinction being of 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays, but it will all be done at the communion rail. This also involves having a communion team of four people: pastor, acolyte, and two other communion assistants. With the added communion assistant, those signed up to be communion assistants will be scheduled to do so about every 6 weeks. (We could always use more!).

We tried this pattern of communion on the first and last Sunday of February with positive results. I am excited for all of us to have a time to kneel before God and receive God’s sacrament. Please be patient as we get used to this new style. The worship committee and I welcome feedback regarding the new process. If people like it we may make it our regular practice. If we do not like it we will go back to the old pattern for communion.
The following have been elected to positions of leadership and trust at Augustana Lutheran Church:
Kathy Atwell, Bonnie Bandelow secretaryBryan Johnson  vice chairmanNicholas Swanson, Emily Maertens, Jeanine Lees, Mindy Poppy, Linda Papoccia, Jeanine Westerlund, Michael Carlson and Pastor Reed Pedersen

Contact info. for all Council members found on Website Leadership Page...Link HERE
May God bless them, and direct their deeds in peace, that they may be faithful servants of Christ.
Congregation Council Highlights
  • Luther Hall Renovation Progress:  Ceiling has been painted.  Walls will be painted today.  Next step is to get on Chicago Street’s schedule to get the flooring installed. 
  • The Property Committee is contacting companies for quotes on repairs needed on the steeple.
  • Lenten Services will start with a meal at 6 pm, service at 7.
  • Spring cleaning is set for Saturday, 28 March, weather permitting. 
  • April Council meeting will be Sunday the 19th.  There will not be a Council Meeting in May.  June meeting scheduled for 14 June
  • Pastor Reed will be in Germany in May for the Oberammergau Passion Play.
  • Council approved a 2-week paternity leave for Pastor after the baby is born. 
  • Next Meeting, 8 March, after church.  Jeannine W. & Mindy to provide lunch.
WELCA Circle Meetings March 2020
Joy Circle 
Tuesday, March 10, 9:00am
Peace Circle     
Thursday, March 12, 1:30pm
Faith Circle        
Thursday, March 12,  7:00pm
Please bring your 2020 monetary gift if you have not already and remember to bring your own drink.
March 19  -  9:00am 
Mission Sewing Day
Work on these days consists of sorting materials, pressing, cutting, sewing and tying quilts. All are welcome for this worthwhile  project.
Women, Wine and the Word
Thursday, March  26th
7:00 pm  In the  Church
Dear Augustana Lutheran Church,
2019 came with several ups and downs. I weathered them all with your prayers and thoughtfulness. Heart felt thanks to my church family. You are truly a blessing.
Thank you!
Doris Lindquist
Luther Hall Renovation Project 
Special Thanks and
All of the updates to Luther Hall are almost done. This big project involved getting new windows, new paint, new LED lights, new ceiling fans,  new laminate wood plank flooring, and new blinds for Luther Hall. All of this could not have been done without the help of some special people. It is for their legacy and memories as Christians of this church that Luther Hall could be updated. Here are the memorials that made this all happen:
LaVerna Stromquist
Karen Anderson
Florence Egnell
Helen Allison
Vern Wilson
Wayne Dismer
Jim Peterson
Dolores Larson
Lucy and Doc Johnson

March Birthdays
02   Morgan Engnell Watson
04   Betty Josephson
11   Thomas Newman
12   Dennis Larson
14   Jennifer Hutchison, Zach                    Zurcher, Katie Angelos
17   Madison Farr-Schroder
19   Donald Norberg
24   Joey Foley
26   Mindy Poppy
27   Chuck Bizarri
News from Churchwide
Herbert Chilstrom
1st ELCA Presiding Bishop
dies at 88

The Rev. Dr. Herbert W. Chilstrom, 88, the first presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), died Jan. 19 at his home in Green Valley, Ariz. He was born in Litchfield, Minn., on Oct. 18, 1931. Presiding Bishop Eaton had this to say about Herbert Chilstrom:
“Bishop Chilstrom was the first presiding bishop of the ELCA. Many of you knew him in those early days when the ELCA was just getting started – there was no furniture at the Lutheran Center, files were in boxes, phones were on the floor, and the skeleton staff worked on card tables and folding chairs. He was once told by a corporate executive sitting next to him on a plane that this was no way to start a corporation and it would never work. Thirty-three years later we are still here, entrusted with the ministry of the gospel and serving the neighbor.”
Along, with the entire Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, please keep the family and friends of Herbert Chilstrom in your prayers.
Daylight Saving Time
begins Sunday, March 8th,

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour  before going to bed on March 7.
Midweek Lenten Worship
We will continue having an evening meal and service for every Wednesday in Lent. Different groups will be cooking the light meal and the Luther League will be serving it.
6:15 p.m. Light Meal
7:00 p.m. Service
 Midweek Lenten Worship Theme
 Seven Deadly Sins
Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride are considered to be the seven deadly sins; or capital vices. In our world today these vices still exist. Where do they come from biologically, emotionally, culturally, spiritually, and socially? What does the Bible say about them? Can we spot it in our world and in ourselves? The theme of Lent is “obeying God’s commandments”, so what are we called to do against these seven deadly sins? All these questions and more will be considered each week of our Wednesday night Lenten Worship that begins on March 4th.

The style of worship will be similar to last year’s worship style. Pastor Reed will prime the topic with a brief reflection. Then questions will be opened up to all those gathered. There will also be time to talk to each other in small groups. In Pastor Reed’s sermon on Ash Wednesday, February 26th, he covered the capital vice of pride. Feel free to go to the sermon page on our church website to see that sermon. Here are the topics being discussed by week:
March 4: Lust
March 11: Greed
March 18: Gluttony and Sloth
March 25: Wrath
April 1: Envy
Luther Hall
Contemporary Worship Service 
Sunday, March 29th @7:00 pm

Pastor Reed and Nick Swanson are leading a contemporary worship service on Sunday night, March 29th.

This service will involve using more modern Christian worship songs accompanied by guitar. The Bible texts will still be the same along with some of the liturgy.

If you want to trying something different with your worship please join us for a fun time
April 5th - Palm/Passion Sunday Special Events
The first Sunday in April will be Palm/Passion Sunday. Before worship, starting at 9:30 am, we will have our Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt. There will be egg casseroles, breakfast sweets, fruit, and morning beverages for all who come. There will also be a chance for our little ones to have an Easter Egg Hunt before worship!! This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some good food and each other’s company as we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.
We will start our 10:30am worship in the Narthex. People will get a chance to walk through the church sanctuary and lay palms at the cross just as people laid palms at Jesus feet as he marched into Jerusalem. Usually during this worship service the congregation then reads through the passion story together. This year the congregation will be treated to a Passion Cantata to tell the story of what happens to Jesus once he enters Jerusalem.
Communion Set Up 
March 2020

March 1 –    Lori Foley
March 8 —  Kathy Atwell
March 15 —Wally/Diane Ladewig
March 22 —Ken/Diane Poppy
March 29 —Steve/Nancy Gray
Counter Schedule - March 2020
March 1 - Mindy Poppy/Jeannine Westerlund
March 8 -  Bonnie Bandelow/Linda Papoccia
March 15- Michael Carlson/Jeannine Westerlund
March 22- Jeanine Lees/Bonnie Bandelow
March 29– Michael Carlson/Linda Papoccia 
     March 2020         
     Nancy Gray                    
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if unable to serve.
Acolyte Schedule
Note: please be at church no later than 15 minutes before the service. Find Pastor for instruction.
If you cannot acolyte on your scheduled date, trade with someone else and let the church office know ASAP about the date. (309.521.8127) Save this schedule and parents phone numbers.
Laura / Katie Angelos            309.235.5910
Kevin / Kile Johnson              309.428.5433
Jennifer / Kile Johnson          309.428.5433
Laura/Ashley Rickey              309.235.4259
Michele/Sophie Selander       309.721.3162
Diane/Emma Poppy               
March 1    Ashley Rickey
March 8    Logan Selander
March 15   Katie Angelos
March 22   Emma Poppy
March 29  Ashley Rickey
Spring Cleaning
Saturday, March 28th @9:30am

With the weather warming that means Augustana Lutheran Church is gearing up for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning! For outside this involves raking leaves, picking up sticks, and grooming some of our bushes. For inside this involves going through our entire church and finding items we can either throw away or set out for the town garage sale. We are planning on having this event on March 28th. If weather causes us to postpone we will have it the following Saturday, April 4th. There will be refreshments for everyone to enjoy in between our spring cleaning. Remember, many hands makes light work!!!
Easter for the Yenor Family
In honor of celebrating Easter, the Outreach Committee would like to give to the five children of the family we adopted as a congregation. Making good out of the the non-religious part of Easter, we would like to give each kid an Easter basket. In the cloak room by the Narthex of the sanctuary is a number of empty plastic eggs. We invite you to take these eggs in increments of five, so that you can fill one to two eggs in each of the children’s baskets.
You may fill these eggs with bible verses, candy, money, or anything you think they would enjoy. Out of fairness it is suggested that each child receive the same item or items in their respective eggs. The names of the children are Tyler, Bre, Hayley, Aiden, and Kylie.
Thank you!
The Outreach Committee
Did you know...

that Augustana Lutheran Church's website - - contains a wealth of information about our church including:
  • Two photo albums containing over 260 photos of our church in action found on the Home and Youth Ministry pages. Laura Angelos is the creative force behind these pictures
  • Pastor Reed's blog and YouTube videos of his sermons
  • A chronological bullet-point history of the Andover Orphanage including memories from former employees and residents of the home.
These are just a few of the website's features. If you'd like to know more or how to navigate our site, please see Gordon Rehn or email at
Church Modernization Projects Update

Augustana Lutheran Church would appreciate your continued support towards the Church Modernization Project. Our goal to raise $105,000 in three years to help pay back the Endowment Fund used to pay for these projects. Current status:
Goal = $ 105,000
# Pledges Received = 31
$ Pledged = $ 65,590
Total $       = $ 90.277

% of Goal (Pledges) = 62.5 %
% of Goal ($)             = 91.7 %
News from the Synod
Presiding Bishop Eaton to Headline the 2020 Congregational Resourcing Event
                  The 2020 CRE will be Saturday, March 14 at Kishwaukee Community College in Malta.
              Keynote speaker: ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

In addition to workshops from the keynote speaker and NIS Bishop Jeffrey Clements, other workshops feature topics including: Congregational Leadership, Evangelism/ Outreach/Hospitality, Faith Formation & Growth, Social Justice, Spirituality/Wellness, Stewardship, Worship, and Youth/Family/Children. Session and room assignments will be based on how many people register for each workshop.

Sponsored by the Northern Illinois Synod Congregational Life Committee, the Congregational Resourcing Event (CRE) is one of this synod’s finest yearly events. Church council members, teachers, musicians, staff, volunteers, and leaders – just about everyone in a congregation – can take advantage of this learning event to strengthen skills, gather resources, network with others, and discover new ways to enhance congregational and individual ministries. Come, experience and bring home new ministry tools. Many groups, agencies, and institutions have displays.

Supervised childcare is provided with pre-registration, but parents will need to bring a sack lunch and snacks for their children. A free-will offering will be accepted to cover child-care costs.

See Upcoming Events on our website for the most Up-To-Date schedule information

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