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8 Days a Week

As we look to April, the beginning of the month starts off with the most important part of the church year. We start on the 1st with Maundy Thursday (no foolin’!). Then we have Good Friday and on April 4th we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Easter Sunday is the most special day because all other church holidays mean nothing without the resurrection. It is through that resurrection that we know Jesus has power over death and that we do as well through him. Another name for Easter Sunday is the 8th day.

I assure you that the church is not trying to rip off the Beatles, although it could be said that God loves you so much that 8 days would not be sufficient to show how much God cares. The reference to the 8th day and Easter comes in line with the idea of a new day and a new Creation.

This idea of a new Creation comes from the Bible. “So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!” (1 Corinthians 5:17) It is common to think of Genesis when we think of God the Creator, but the resurrection story is also a re-Creation story. It is a re-Creation story because it changes the way of the world. The world is one of decay and eventual death. The new Creation we receive in Christ is a new life that does not decay or die as our bodies will. Thus, we are re-Created and reoriented to look at life through the lens of eternal life and the love of Jesus.

The term 8th day is meant to remind us that the cycle of our daily lives has been broken. I think this is a nice reminder to all of us to live a new day and to break some of the bad cycles in our life that are not life and love building. There is room to grow as people in the 8th day. Shielded by the truth that Jesus has died and rose for us we can go into the 8th day and try to be better. We can know that God is with us and loving us as we fail and as we grow. All in all, we can know that as we try to be better we do so to live into that 8th day. By that I mean living into the eternal love and life we have received and sharing it with the world.
To break the bad cycles we must name them. For me I have a tendency to have a short fuse. This can alienate others (especially parishioners) when talking to them. This is a cycle that promotes anger and diminishes listening. I have faith that in Christ I am a new Creation. I have faith that through Jesus I can live out the 8th day and break the cycle. This 8th day and new Creation idea reminds us not only that Jesus died so that we can be forgiven. Jesus also died and rose from the dead for our redemption. Through faith in Jesus we can be saved from our sins, errors, and evil thoughts and actions. That’s when we are made new.

My hope for you this Easter is that you can embrace the 8th day and find renewal in God and in your life.
Liturgical Nerd Notes
Illinois Department of Health Changes to the Maximum Capacity for Phase 4
I began researching for my LNN with the intention of stressing caution and sticking to the
Illinois Department of Health’s suggestion for worship capacity. In my research I came upon the document sent out by the IDH explaining the ‘bridge phase’ of the RESTORE ILLINOIS plan from phase 4 to phase 5. I was interested in what our worship numbers would be allowed to be during this bridge phase. While there was no specific ‘worship’ label, I zeroed in on ‘Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions’ since they would be a similar setting. I noticed something interesting.
     Type of gathering                               Phase 4                                            Bridge Phase
 When the RESTORE ILLINOIS game plan initially came out for ‘Phase 4’, gatherings could be no larger than 50 or 25% capacity (whichever was the lower number). Because of our large sanctuary we went with the number 50. It seems that there has been a change to this number based on maximum capacity as you can see in the figure above.

Because our church can fit 400-500 people in the sanctuary the IDH has given us permission to have about 100 people worshiping in the sanctuary at one time. We will tape off every other pew rather than 2 pews at a time. Masks and temperature checks will still be required. Before COVID hit we were worshiping about 75 people a Sunday. This is exciting news that we can fill the sanctuary to our normal worshiping attendance again!
Please note: We will also still have live-streaming of worship as well.
Congregation Meeting Regarding The Church Parsonage - Minutes
21 March 2021
Bryan J opened the meeting at 11am and started with the emotional ties to the church parsonage but also how that some major updates to return it to the potential it truly has would be costly. 
The congregation was provided with a “Q and A” paper print out to get the conversation and questions started. It was there an open discussion began. 
Dave C. brought questions such as: the real estate agents percentage, septic, surveying, inspections, tax, layer and capital gains. 
Bryan J answered with the pricing estimate was given by a Rhul & Rhul real estate agent and it was priced without the lots/land. Bryan also touched on some updates that would be needed such as the boiler, HVAC work and roof. 
The combination of the crippled sound system with masks made it so Bryan literally could not hear anyone clearly. This severely affected his ability to field questions from congregants. (Bryan also wanted to express an apology to anyone who felt he did not directly reply to their specific questions due to this sound issue.)
Dick R. brought to the conversation that if we kept the parsonage we could control who lives there since it’s extremely close to the church/property. That way we could control unwanted activities going on close to Church. Ruhl & Rhul was also discussed as a rental hire. A service of where they would receive a monthly percentage as they are hired to be our landlord for the renters of the Church parsonage.
Dave W. agreed with Dick, would like to control who would be renting the parsonage. And also would be interested in knowing the potential money the church could make rent wise. 
Ron P. called Cambridge Church and discussed with them how they are using their parsonage. Their secretary is currently renting their parsonage. Ron also called New Windsor and that discussion lead to the information that theirs sat empty for some time. They were notified by a very costly water bill that a pipe burst had gone unnoticed. 
Wayne F. brought to the conversation that the parsonage is a very solid well built house. There has been some update and repairs in the last 10 years. He’s confident of the potential the parsonage has. 
Loren A. thinks we should keep the parsonage and rent it. 
Mindy P. was having mixed feelings, she mentioned how she can view both side of the vote. She mentioned how it was a very special home to her personally and also understands the work it would take to make the necessary improvements. She recommended a committee for the parsonage separate from the property committee. Mindy also mentioned that the previous pastor, Pastor Jan, did not really want to live there, but felt she had to suck it up for the church. 
Kevin J. quickly touched base on what Mindy P. mentioned about getting volunteers to form a committee to take care of the property. He asked that we all consider that when casting our votes.
At this time more heated conversations took place regarding, disappointment and volunteers. It was said that maybe the vote shouldn’t take place, maybe this should have been more of a discussion. 
Wayne F. made a notion that we vote today.
Voting results were 23 to sell and 18 to keep. 
Pastor Reed made the decision that this vote was not final and that we needed to get more information and more answers to all our questions so that at a later date the congregation can meet again with all the correct information to make a more informative vote to move forward. 
Church Council Meeting Minutes
21 March 2021
Council meeting was called to order around 11:45am. This was directly after the special
congregational meeting concerning the church parsonage. Council members present were: Linda P, Emily J, Jeannine W, Nick S, Kathy A, Micheal C, Jeanine L, Bryan J and Pastor Reed. Members not present: Bonnie B and Laura R.
Pastor polled the council one by one asking how they felt the special congregational meeting regarding the church parsonage went. There was some discussion on that topic which ended in church council members agreeing to use a portion of Deanna’s life insurance gift to the church to pay for the necessary inspections on the parsonage/property so that at a later date the congregation can meet again with all the correct information to make a more informative vote to move forward. 
Pastors Time: Pastor will be working on visiting home bound members in person as many care facilities have started to open back up.
Old Business:
Spring Cleaning date- April 24th 8am-12 noon(ish) anyone willing to help in any amount of time during those hours is welcomed. Rain Date will be May 1st.
Committee Reports:
Property: Met Saturday morning March 13th. Bryan J, Kevin J, Nick S, Rocky A and Steve G. They walked through the parsonage and had discussed what it would take to make it a nice house. 
Bryan is going to make a call this week on tuck pointing for that leak in Luther hall. 
Status quo on a steeple update. 
Worship: Met Wednesday March 3rd there was discussion for what Palm Sunday and Holy Week would look like. Pastor will either record his own voice or a group of people for readings. Summer worship will be at 9:30 am. And mid week Thursday services will take place in June, July and August. 
Endowment: No meeting, but Michael mentioned the nice feeling of money in trust and the options of what to could go towards. 
Outreach/Service: Not much new to report, flyers will be put up to inform the people of the town about the park lunch being planned. 
Memorial: Met on Wednesday March 10th, with the help of Pastor and Gordon we were able to conclude that the Luther Hall Modernization Project has been paid in full. We decided to keep the smaller additional gifts left as a Buffer fund and also discussed what we could use that money for around the church. Restroom and office signs were decided on at that meeting and were purchased within a day or so after the meeting. 
New Business:
a. Pastor and council had decided to use this special meeting as more of a discussion vs. a vote. So the Game plan for church parsonage is to move forward with the necessary inspections on the parsonage to be able to meet at a later and conduct a more accurate and knowledgeable vote with the church congregation. 
b. The council has decided to use a portion of Deanna Swanson’s life insurance gift she left to the church. (Please note: This is different than the memorial gifts given in her name.) We all agreed that Deanna was always there to help the church and she would be happy knowing that she is continuing to help us and showing us her love. 

c. Synod Assembly Delegates. The assembly is all online and set for June 18th and 19th. Augustana will sit out if no one is interested to attend the online assembly. 
Next meeting was decided on and will take place Sunday April 18th 2021 after worship.
Jenny Lind 200th Anniversary
Jenny Lind, the famed Swedish soprano, will be remembered at a special service celebrating her 200th anniversary.  While this service was to have been held in-person last year, it had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 situation.  On Sunday, April 25, 4 pm, it will premier virtually from the Jenny Lind Chapel, and can be viewed at
 A quartet of members from the Jenny Lind Vocal Ensemble, an advanced choir of treble  voices from Augustana College, will feature pieces associated with Miss Lind’s performances.  Dr. Michael Zemek, associate professor of music at Augustana College, will deliver a homily with highlights based on the life of Jenny Lind.  He is the coordinator of music education at Augustana College, where he conducts the Jenny Lind Vocal Ensemble and Augustana Academic Chorus, teaches music methods and conducting courses, and supervises music education students.  
This service, held every year and known as Founders Day, commemorates the founding of Augustana Lutheran Church in Andover in 1850, Augustana College and Theological Seminary in Rock Island and Augustana Lutheran Church in America, both in 1860. The Jenny Lind Chapel, constructed in the early 1850's, is named for Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, who gave a generous donation to Pastor Lars Paul Esbjörn, leader of the Swedish immigrants to Illinois.

April Birthdays
02   Logan Selander
06   Laura Rickey
07   Patty Stinson
07   Pastor Reed Pedersen
12   Daniel Lindstrom
12   Aubree Gordon
13   Steven Klundt
14   Emma Poppy
16   Emmett Green
17   Tom Johnson
17   Wally Ladewig
18   Eli Hutchison
19   Doug Nelson
20   Amanda Nelson
21   Alec Gray
21   Leyton Carlson
25   Kathy Atwell
26   Bonnie Bandelow
26   Kyah Johnson
27   Anika Ruthaivilavan
30   Mikayla Poppy
30   Tabitha Barham

15    Dave and Patsy Crippen
18    Chuck and Mary Bizarri
19    Mark and Ruby Anderson
24   John and Lori Foley
28   Daniel and Kelli Anderson
28   Adam and Sarah Kettler

Readers for April:

1     Maundy Thursday   (None)
4     Bev Josephson (9 am)
       Jens Rehder (10:30 am)
11    Kevin Johnson
18    Bonnie Bandelow
25    Dave Westerlund

Communion Setup for April:

1     Kathy & Rocky Atwell   
4     Lori Foley     (Both Services)                                
11   Nancy & Steve Gray 
18   Diane & Wally Ladewig              
25   Laura Rickey 
Garage Sale 
Augustana Lutheran will host a garage sale on Andover’s garage sale days, May 7 and 8. Donation drop off at the Parsonage Garage: Saturday, April 24 from 8 am - 2 pm  or Sunday, April 25 from 9 -10:15 am or after church until 12:30 pm.  If you can’t make it to either of those dates please call/text Megan Pedersen at 630-818-6277 to arrange a time that works to drop off donations or to let her know if you are interested in helping with the garage sale.
All proceeds will go towards the Luther League’s trip to the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering
Women, Wine and the Word 
Women, Wine and the Word will meet on Wednesday, April 28 at 7 pm in Luther Hall. 
ATEENTION!  Free Lunch at the Park
Date: May 1, 2021
Time: 11:00 am—2:00 pm
Place: Andover Park Shelter (by the VFW)

Meal: Barbecue sandwiches, chips, baked beans,  and water.
You can carry out or eat in the shelter. This is a free meal for everyone. It does not matter who shows up. All are welcome! First come. First serve.
Starting April 11th there will be a sign up sheet in the narthex for food and assisting during lunch. Foods needed: hamburger buns, chips, baked beans, water, tomato soup, barbecue sauce, and ketchup
Dear Augustana Family,
We would like to thank Pastor Reed and Augustana for allowing us the use of the Fellowship Hall on March 6th for a coffee hour after Frances Riley’s burial at the Andover cemetery.  As many know, Fran has strong local roots that she maintained for 101 years!  This was her church until the age of 18 and she felt so strongly about her Lutheran faith that she requested her confirmation song, O Jesus I Have Promised, to be in her funeral service.  She also has many friends and relatives that are members.  We are very grateful that we could honor her relationship to Augustana by enjoying some laughter, tears, fellowship, sweets and especially coffee after her service.  We know how challenging these times are and Fran would be very pleased to know that we were able to have a small bit of “normal” to celebrate her.  It sounds like the only thing missing was us!  We are truly blessed to have friends, family and the church to stand in on our behalf! 
God’s blessings,

Mary Anne, Unni and Frances  

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