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“To Teach Them the Word of God”
At the installation service for our new bishop, The Rev. Stacie Fidlar, the preacher asked a question to the assembly, “Why do we want children in church?” This was not rhetorical. Silence filled the sanctuary until one voice finally spoke up. “To teach them the Word of God.”
The preacher, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, exclaimed very quickly, “Yes!” She went on to remind everyone that wanting youth in the church is not about budgets, butts in the pew, or the future of our congregations. It is about teaching them the holy Word of God. It is that Word that tells us of what Christ did for us, of how God loves us, and who we are called to be as disciples of Jesus. That is what is more precious than anything else in the Christian life.

Does this mean a church doesn’t have to pay its bills to stay open? Does it mean that a church shouldn’t be concerned about a dwindling attendance? No. What it means is that our priority, first and foremost, as a congregation is living and sharing in God’s Word. If we allow our fears concerning our churches present and future to outweigh our faith and love for the Word of God, then we lose sight of the whole meaning of church
If we do not value the Word of God above all else then our congregation is no different than a chapter of the Rotary Club. We are more like a country club asking our members for dues so they can play on the golf course and swim in the pool. We do not ask for an offering so people can sit in the pew on Sunday. That is not church. We gather because the message of the Word of God (i.e. Jesus died for us so that we can live eternally with God.) calls us, inspires us, humbles us, welcomes us, and frees us. We can live in the promise that if we as a Christian church always put Christ first we will have people who wish to share in Christ’s love together.

There are a lot of reasons people love to come to Augustana and be a part of it, “But God’s Word is the treasure that makes everything holy.” (Martin Luther, Large Catechism)
Liturgical Nerd Notes
 Welcoming New Saints
On All Saint’s Sunday (Nov. 6) we will have a time to speak aloud the Saints who have passed before us. This is a wonderful time to remember that we, the living Saints, are still connected to those who have passed on. All of us are members in the community of Saints. This has been a long tradition for our congregation. This year we are also adding something new.
This year during the remembering of Saints we will also remember those that have been baptized within the last year. This is a way of celebrating those that have been welcomed into the community of Saints. We are borrowing this from another congregation under the
suggestion of one of our members. It should be a nice.

We invite you to pray for the members of the church council. Kathy Atwell (3rd year), Michael Carlson (3rd Year), Tim Charlson (1st year), Bryan Johnson (6th year) vice-chair, Jeanine Lees (6th year), Emily Johnson (4th year), Linda Papoccia (6th year), Laura Rickey (2nd year), Nicholas Swanson (4th year), Jeannine Westerlund (3rd year), and Pastor Reed Lee Pedersen
May God bless them, and direct their deeds in peace, that they may be faithful servants of Christ.
CHURCH COUNCIL October 16 Highlights

UPDATES: Soundproofing Pastor's office and surrounding offices will have to wait until 2023 as the company is falling behind on jobs already doing.

PROPERTY COMMITTEE: Getting bids on Kitchen & bathroom remodels. Company from Orion gave a ballpark estimate of $75,000 - $100,000. Flooring to match Luther Hall, new lighting, new countertop & cabinets. Will get additional estimates when the time comes.

WORSHIP COMMITTEE: Joint Lenten Service will be held Tues. Nov. 22nd at 7:00 P.M. at St.Paul’s Lutheran in Orion with refreshments to follow. Advent potluck will be Nov. 27th after service. Julotta service will be held at 9:00 A.M. instead of 7:00 A.M
OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Game night was held in Luther Hall on Sept. 24th , was a fun night of games and fellowship. Jar collection for Florida hurricane relief raised $300.00, plans for outreach committee to match donation. Candy is needed for Trunk or Treat to be held on Oct. 30th in front of church. Ordered books for Alwood School to be delivered to school the 2nd week of Dec. Next mtg. is Nov. 6th after church.

NEW BUSINESS: A Capital Campaign committee is being set up for future needs of the Church.  Also, there will be 4 openings on the Council. Anyone who is interested, please come forward to Pastor or a council member.
  -  Next Council Meeting—November 20
November Meetings
Joy Circle   
Tuesday, November 8, 9:00 am                                             
 Sandra Johnson hostess

Peace Circle                  
Tuesday, November 8 1:30pm
 Kathy Atwell, hostess
Faith Circle                    
November 3, 7:00pm
November 18 9:00 AM
Mission Sewing Day
Mission day, which used to be called sewing day or quilting day, will be held November 17 at 9:00am in Luther Hall.
Sewing experience is not necessary. Can you tie a knot? Then you can tie a quilt! You can iron, or just lend another set of hands for putting together the layers or pinning. We have fun visiting and of course, there is coffee and lunch! These quilts are sent to
Lutheran World Relief – check out their facebook page: lwrquilters.
We would love to have you join us for fellowship and fun. All are welcome!
November Birthdays & Anniversaries
01     Ashley Carlson
02    Ruth Ann Newman
03    Wayne Swanson
03    Sophie Selander
04    Jina Newman
04    Caiden Carlson
05    Sally Rehn
05    Khloe Nelson
07    Nina Pysson
10    Kelly Peterson
12    Zachary Riddell
14    James Dobbels
15    Tammy Norberg
18    Doug Dahlberg
18    Micah Anderson
20    Karen Sayre
21    Susie Josephson
22    Lily Pysson
25    Barbara Carlson
25    Ruth Swanson
26    Steve Gray
27    Anne Cervantes
30   Rolland Carlson
01    Darin and Jody Nimrick
04    Kent and Carolyn Engnell
08    Keith and Heather Poppy
10    Mike and Wanda Lowery
25    Wayne and Kathy Swanson
Outreach Committee Meeting
The Outreach Committee Meeting will meet on Sunday, November 6th at 9:00am (before church). 
Florida Relief Donation
We, as a church, collected $300 for Florida Hurricane Relief.  The Outreach Committee will donate another $300 towards this fund.
Looking for Volunteers to share their artistic talents.

Augustana Lutheran Church is full of people with many talents. We are asking for volunteers to sign up to share their art and music during the offering. Please contact Pr. Reed or the church office to sign up. 
Bible Verses for September, October,
and November

 September 11—Deuteronomy 6:5
September 18—Genesis 1:1
September 25—Matthew 6:34
October 2—Romans 6:23
October 9—Romans 4:25
October 16—Romans 8:14
October 23—Romans 8:38-39
October 30—Romans 5:1
November 6—1 Thessalonians 5:10
November 13—Joshua 1:9
November 20—Hebrews 10:23
November 27—Philippians 4:4
All Saints Sunday—November 6  
During worship there will be a time for people to vocally uplift loved ones who have passed away. This can be any family member or friend whose name you would like to bring forth to the congregation and  to God.

If you cannot make worship or you are uncomfortable saying the name of your loved ones out loud in church, you may leave the name in the offering plate or contact the church office so that it can be added to the list of names which Pastor Reed will name aloud. 
November 12 -   Andover Community Blood Drive
The Andover Community Blood Drive will be held on Saturday, November 12, in Luther Hall. ImpactLife Blood Center will be collecting donations from 8:00am—12:00noon.

The Center now provides blood for 112 hospitals in four states. One pint of whole blood saves three or more lives.

Please call Kathy Swanson at 309.476.8548 or register at to schedule an appointment. Thank you! 
Thanksgiving Worship   
Tuesday, November 22  7:00 PM
Our Thanksgiving worship will be at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Orion on Tuesday, November 22 at 7:00pm. In this worship service our three congregations join together for thanksgiving and praise. Individuals from each of the congregations will take part in the service. Communion will be served as part of the service.
Following the service we gather in the Ark for a time of fellowship and dessert. Please set aside this date and time and plan to join our sisters and brothers in Christ.
Potluck Luncheon
To celebrate the beginning of the Advent season,  following worship on November 27th, a potluck will be held in Luther Hall.  
November Thankoffering
The Orion Area Food Pantry is seeking assistance providing families with holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. To help provide these meals the Food Pantry is requesting persons or groups sign up to bring the items listed below to church so they can be combined and distributed to those in need.  Meats will be donated by the Orion Fall Fest Committee with corn and beans provided by the food pantry.  Monetary donations may also be made to provide some items or an entire holiday meal for a family. Cost for meals excluding meat, corn, and beans is $31.50.
Since distribution of the Thanksgiving meals will be November 15th items should be returned to the church no later than November 13th.  Sign up today to help make the holidays happy and joyous for other families in our community. 
Assisting in Worship - December 2022
(October can be found on the calendar)
Communion Assistants
04  Kevin Johnson
11  Wally Ladwig
18  Ken Poppy
24  Ruth ASwanson
25  Jeanine Lees
11 Everleigh R
25  Everleigh R

04  Dave Westerlund
11  Gordon Rehn
18  Linda Papoccia
24  Rocky Atwell
25  Laura Rickey

04  Kevin & Emily Johnson
11  Bob & Verna Bergstrom
18  Steve & Nancy Gray
24  Rocky & Kathy Atwell
25  Dave & Jeannine Westerlund
 Bonnie Bandelow,  Sally Reinhart
 Ken & Diane Poppy

04  Laura Rickey
11  Lori Foley
18  Diane & Wally
24 4:00   Steve & Nancy
24 Jenny Lind  Kathy & Rocky
25  Kathy & Rocky

Altar Guild
Sally Rehn, Sally Reinhart, Diane Poppy
Homebound Communion
          Doug Nelson

04  Michael Carlson
11  Laura Rickey
18  Linda Papoccia
25  Emily Johnson

November 2022
     Nancy Gray
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if unable to serve 
Parish Nurse Minute
Your eyes are an important part of your health. Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam. You might think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy, but visiting your eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to really be sure. When it comes to common vision problems, some people don’t realize they could see better with glasses or contact lenses. In addition, many common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration often have no warning signs. A dilated eye exam is the only way to detect these diseases in their early stages. During a comprehensive dilated eye exam, your eye care professional places drops in your eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupil to allow more light to enter the eye the same way an open door lets more light into a dark room. This dilation enables your eye care professional to get a good look at the back of the eyes and examine them for any signs of damage or disease. Talk to your family members about their eye health history. It’s important to know if anyone has been diagnosed with a disease or condition since many are hereditary. This information will help todetermine if you are at higher risk for developing an eye disease or condition.  

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