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We have graduated!

My first year of school at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa was also the first year for music director, Dr. Lee Nelson. My first year of school at WartburgTheological Seminary was also the first year for our New Testament professor, Dr. Troy Troftgruben. In both cases when it came to the final year these two men felt as if they were seniors (or final year students) with us. There was a camaraderie built because they had been with our classes from the start and we had only known there leadership and guidance rather than a previous director or professor.

When the Wartburg College class of 2013 graduated so did Dr. Nelson. He graduated into making it, but also into creating a choral program that continues to thrive and grow in prominence. When the WTS class of 2017 graduated so did Dr. Troy Troftgruben. He graduated from a pastor-turned-professor to a fully fledged seminary professor.

Well…it is hard to believe it, but we have been doing ministry for four years. We have graduated together!! It was about this time four years ago that I had just come back from Germany and was excited to finally do what God has been calling me to do. I think these past four years have included a lot of growth and learning from both pastor and congregation.

Normally at a graduation speech there would be some canned or cheesy version of “Go out there and make something of yourself! You have the world at your fingertips!” While these may be used too often, they have a sense of truth to them. May we as Augustana Lutheran Church continue to make something of ourselves and our church for the sake of Jesus Christ. May we continue to know that Jesus has given us keys to the kingdom…that is keys to knowing how to love our neighbors and community along with keys to sharing the good news.
With the utmost love for each and every one of you I say thank you for making me a truly blessed pastor who has the pleasure of doing ministry with you.
“Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful.”
Hebrews 10:23
Liturgical Nerd Notes –
Funerals or Celebrations of Life?

           When someone passes away at our church there is usually a funeral, possible graveside committal, and a luncheon following it all. A lot of times people don’t like the word ‘funeral’ and so they call them a “Celebration of Life”. I have found this change is an earnest attempt to not make it sound so grim. This is especially true when you know the deceased would never want people to be dreary, but instead remember them for the good times.

A celebration of life has to do with celebrating the past in the present. We celebrate the life they lived. We share stories of memorable times with them. We think of the accomplishments they achieved. These are usually happy times which definitely need to be celebrated. Funerals, on the other hand, are about the present and the future.

Funerals acknowledge the present grief and yet at the same time celebrate and commend the deceased to be with God for all eternity. Funerals are only grim and desolate if they stay strictly in the present. If funerals are only about crying and hearing the ‘good ole’ hymns then they are indeed a depressing event for someone who has died. That is why it is so important to lift up the future promise! We celebrate the life lived, but also the lift they are still living with God. We celebrate the promise of life we, too, have thanks to Jesus.

Should we call funerals a “Celebration of Life”? Yes, if you acknowledge it is more than just about the past and present. It is about the eternal future of the deceased’s life as well. My opinion: Call a funeral a funeral. Call the
post-funeral luncheon a ‘Celebration of Life’. People are eating, catching up, and reminiscing memories of the one who passed away. That definitely is a celebration of life.  
Council Highlisgts
Meeting of June 27, 2021
We invite you to pray for the members of the church council.
Pastor Reed Pedersen, Bryan Johnson, Emily Johnson, Bonnie Bandelow, Linda Papoccia, Kathy Atwell, Michael Carlson, Nick Swanson, Laura Rickey, Jeanine Lees, and Jeannie Westerlund
May God bless them, and direct their deeds in peace, that they may be faithful servants of Christ.
* The Council has begun signing up to help counting again. Each week two council members will help count the offering along with our Treasurer, Gordon Rehn.
Bill Hiebert will be doing pulpit supply on Sunday, July 18, due to Pastor Reed being on vacation. Nick Swanson will lead worship. This will be a non-communion service.
Pastor Reed let the council know that things are going well with the new church secretary.
* The date for the Congregation Meeting Concerning the Church Parsonage has been set for August 15, following worship. There will be a written document explaining all the options for the parsonage along with the council and property committees suggestion.
Steeple Update: A crew from Indiana came and fixed the leak in the steeple that was causing water to drip onto the organ. They will be coming back August 4th to give a quote on renovating the rest of the steeple. They have asked to use our parsonage to stay the night since the nearest hotel is in Geneseo. The council has agreed that this is okay.
Dennis Lehr, church custodian and bookkeeper, notified the council that he did not wish to do both roles anymore effective July 31st. He preferred the bookkeeper role, but asked for a slight raise due to the time commitment. The council voted to keep Dennis as Bookkeeper and approved the annual raise of $890 for the role.
Diane Ladewig and Don Norberg said they would take on the full custodial role. The council voted and passed the expanded role.
* Next council meeting: August 22nd following worship

Worship on July 4th will be outside in the front lawn of the church. Please bring a lawn chair or you can worship from your vehicle.

July Birthdays
01   Vivian Hutchison
03   Stephen Sayre
05   Garrett Pysson
07   Nicole Bruckman
14   Emma Jones
15   Loran Anderson
       Kenlee Carlson
17   Connie Dismer
19   Nelda Stephens
       Patsy Crippen
20   Mark Lindquist
22   Rachel Engnell
24   Amanda Peterson
       Rachel Swanson
25   Heather Poppy
26   Roger Catlett
       Nathan Swanson
27   Donald Lindstrom
28   Dena Mueller, John Poppy
29   Olivia West

July Anniversary
03   Dick and Sally Rehn
09   Martin and Nicki Ruthaivilavan
19   Jessica and Wade Carlson
20   Ansley and Joyce Carlson
21 Rolland and Barbara Carlson
31  Aaron and Ashley Poppy
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
 On behalf of the Sunday School Education board I want to give a great big thanks for a successful, fun, and God-filled Vacation Bible School. We cannot thank the kids enough for being such good sports. We  cannot thank all the volunteers enough for all the help and supplies they lent for this occasion. God’s blessings be to you all!
Pastor Reed Lee Pedersen
P.S. Shout out to our fantastic Sunday School Education Board to putting everythingtogether too!   
We would like to thank our church family for the prayers, cards, food and memorial gifts in memory of Betty Willett. We feel so blessed to have such a great church family!
Thank you,
Mindy and Kevin Poppy and family
Thank you so much for the service and luncheon. It was wonderful and afforded out family the opportunity to see each other after a very long time 

The Family of Paul Larson
Pastor Reed will be on vacation towards the end of July. Because of this there will be no midweek worship on July 22 or 29. Also, the midweek service on the third week of July will be on Wednesday the 14th.
Assisting in Worship
July 2021
Communion Assistants
   04  Laura Angelos                 
   11  Bonnie Bandelow          
   18  Ken Poppy
   25  Kevin Johnson    
   04  Gordon Rehn                           
   11  Doug Nelson                    
   18  Kathy Atwell  
   25  Patsy Crippen 
   04  Wayne French 
   11  Ken Poppy Family      
   18  Michael Carlson
   25  Kevin Johnson Family  

Communion Set-Up
   04  Kathy & Rock
   11  Diane & Wally
   18  Nancy & Steve
   25  Lori Foley

   04  Bonnie Bandelow & Linda Papoccia
   11  Emily Johnson & Laura Rickey
   18  Kathy Atwell & Jeannine Westerlund
   25  Emily Johnson & Linda Papoccia

Wayne French, Mindy Poppy,
Gordon and Nikki Rehn

Altar Guild                   
Sally Rehn, Mindy Poppy
Assisting in Worship
August 2021

Communion Assistants
   01  Everleigh Ruthaivilavan 
   08  Mindy Poppy                             
   15  Wally Ladewig
   22  Kathy Atwell
   29  Ruth Swanson                

   01  Nicki Ruthaivilavan 
   08  Connie Dismer   
   15  Rocky Atwell
   22  Kevin Johnson
   29  Ruth Swanson

   01  Ruthaivilavan’s  
   08  Jeanine Lees 
   15  Jan Gritton
   22  Dwane and Randy Newman
   29  Mike Lowery

Communion Set-Up
   01  Laura Rickey
   08  Diane and Wally Ladewig
   15  Rocky and Kathy Atwell
   22  Lori Foley
   29  Steve and Nancy Gray

   01 Kathy Atwell & Jeanine Lees
   08 Michael Carlson & Jeannine Westerlund
   15  Emily Johnson and Laura Rickey
   22  Michael Carlson and Jeanine Lees
   29  Laura Rickey and Bonnie Bandleow
Rocky and Kathy Atwell
Bob and Linda Papoccia

Altar Guild            
Sally Reinhart, Connie Dismer
     July 2021           
        Nancy Gray         
     August 2021 
                          Bonnie Bandelow

It is your responsibility to find a replacement if unable to serve
G.W.O.H. Sunday Date Chosen
September 12, 2021

Augustana Lutheran Church will be partaking in God’s Work Our Hands Sunday on September 12. On this Sunday our members gather for worship then go out to do projects for our community. Activities for G.W.O.H. Sunday range from helping beautify our park and town with different paint jobs to tying blankets we can give to shut-ins and nursing homes.  All of these serve the purpose of doing God’s helping work in the world through our hands.
We will be celebrating G.W.O.H. Sunday along with Rally Sunday for our Sunday School. To do so, our Sunday schedule will look like this:
9:30- 10:15am: 1st Day of Sunday School
10:30-11:00am: Worship Service
11:00am - 12:00pm -
Rally Sunday/G.W.O.H. Brunch (Pancakes and Bacon!!!!!)
12:00pm - 2:30pm: Community Projects 
Swedona Lutheran Church
1493 Knoxville Road
Lynn Center IL  61262
Homemade Ice Cream Social
Saturday, July 24
Serving from 5:00 - 7:00pm
Sloppy Jo Sandwiches     Hot Dogs
Potato Salad     Baked Beans
Chips     Drinks
Homemade ice cream
Toppings (chocolate or strawberry)
Apple, Peach, or Cherry Pie   
Sign up for receiving alerts and prayer chain requests
from Augustana via text messaging
 Augustana is trying to get with the times. In doing this we have a text alert system. This is used in two different ways.
First, we give mass texts to the church community if worship were to be canceled or augmented on a short notice. This text message allows church members to receive news conveniently. Church alerts would only be given when needed. We would not be bombarding your cell phones with news that can be posted on the church newsletter.
Secondly, we are sending prayer requests via text messaging rather than the calling tree. Each text will have who to pray for. If you are someone that does not like to text or does not have the ability you can still sign up for prayer chain. When a prayer request comes in you will be called.
Each member has the option to sign up for just church alerts or just prayers requests. You can also sign up for both!
The more people we have signed up the more efficient our church can be with reaching out to our members. Please email Pastor Reed ( or call the church office to inform us of your cell phone numbers and which option (church alert, prayer request, or both) you would like.

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