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A Time to be Made at God
I find most people get angry at some point in their lives. Maybe it is a person that made them mad or a situation. Some people get loud and red in the face when they are angry. Some people shy away and disconnect from the problem. Me, personally, I usually find myself in the loud and upfront category. In fact, something I continue to work on as a pastor and human being is trying to remain calm in the midst of my angst-y situations. 

Ecclesiastes 3 says "For everything there is a season.and a time for every matter under heaven." It goes on to talk about all the things that happen to us in this world: life and death, killing and healing, weeping and laughing, building up and tearing down. There is a time for all of it. There is not always a reason, but there is always a time. There are good times and bad times that exist in our lives. While the good times of our lives can be joyous, it seams that during the bad times there are a lot of questions that can arise. For example, why is this happening to me? (Side note: Do you ever ask that question when are going well? If you do, is it always because you think you deserve it? Food for thought...)

There are times when we will not find a good answer for why bad things happen to us. It seems we have done everything right, but, there we go, stuck in another bad situation. The truth spoken in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is that everything, good and bad, happens to us. Sometimes there is not a reason why it happens. Does this sound like something that has happened to you recently? Does it seem like it is happening to you now or to someone you love?

When we do not have a satisfactory answer to the question we may even get mad at God. Is that okay? Should we feel guilty about directing our anger towards God

Before I answer this question I would like you to know I firmly believe anger is not a primary emotion. It is a secondary emotion.This means when one becomes angry it is because of a deeper primary emotion at the source of the situation. We get angry only when we have first been made sad or hurt. I do not believe you can find a primary rage that someone carries .It is always has a source of sadness or being hurt by someone or a situation. With all that in mind, is there a time under heaven when it is okay to be mad at God?

Yes, I would even say it is natural!

You do not need to feel guilty on the occasions you find yourself being mad at God, but you do need to understand the real reason you are angry. What is causing the hurt? What is causing the sadness?

Being sad and hurt will happen in this imperfect world during our imperfect lives. There will be a time for jumping in joy and there will be a time for broken hearts to be engulfed in anger. There will not always be a reason for everything, but we can hold onto our faith in a God who sent Jesus to this world for one reason: to show God's love for us. Jesus went through the ups and downs. Jesus died on the cross so that we can have the promise of a peaceful, pain free life some day. Lastly, it is that love God shows us through Jesus that makes me think God will take our anger and just keep on loving us.
The following have been elected to positions of leadership and trust at Augustana Lutheran Church:
Bonnie Bandelow secretaryBryan Johnson  vice chairmanNicholas Swanson, Emily Maertens, Jeanine Lees, Mindy Poppy, Linda Papoccia, Jeanine Westerlund, Kathy Atwell, Michael Carlson and Pastor Reed Pedersen
Contact info. for all Council members found on Website Leadership Page...Link HERE

May God bless them, and direct their deeds in peace, that they may be faithful servants of Christ.
Council Highlights 
No January 2020 Meeting

The council would like to give special thanks to Rocky Atwell and Ed Williams for their many years of service

The Church council like to welcome Kathy Atwell and Michael Carlson to the council. They were unanimously approved by the church at the annual meeting to serve a 3 years term. 
Special Thanks !!!  

Thanks to everyone who helped make my 90th birthday at church so special! I appreciated the beautiful cake, the many thoughtful cards, and your presence at the party.
    Lois westerlund
Outreach Committee will meet after Sunday worship on February 2nd.

February Birthdays
02  Seth Carlson
04  LaVerna Stromquist
10  Trace Lindquist
11  Noah Green
12  Kallie Carlson
12  Kyle Youngberg
12  Jeremy Lees
12  Brooke Norberg
13  Kendall Carlson
14  Nancy Gray
15  Julie Carlson
15  Jackson Dismer
15  Bianca Youngberg
16  Dennis Lindstrom
17  Randy Newman
18  Wayne French
21  Dellmore Brodd III
21  Ila Wilson
22  Brian Engnell
22  Daniel Pysson
26  Laura Angelos
27  Ashley Owens Horberg

February Anniversaries
14   Richard and Lovedee Gunnerson
24   John and Luara Angelos 
Church Modernization Projects Update

Augustana Lutheran Church would appreciate your continued support towards the Church Modernization Project. Our goal to raise $105,000 in three years to help pay back the Endowment Fund used to pay for these projects. Current status:
Goal = $ 105,000
# Pledges Received = 31
$ Pledged = $ 65,590
Total $       = $ 94.002

% of Goal (Pledges) = 62.5 %
% of Goal ($)             = 89.5%
Short newsletter for a short month...
As Deanna recovers from her broken knee she suffered in December, she graciously plans to take on the role of making bulletins and newsletters for the church from home. This newsletter was put together by Pastor Reed (let's hope he doesn't have to do it again.) he apologizes for the brevity. There should be a bulkier newletter in March. 

Ash Wednesday 
February 26
Worship Service 7:00 pm

Midweek Lenten Worship
Luther Hall 

Wednesday evenings in Lent
Theme: 7 Deadly Sins

Light meal Served
Serving Schedule;
March  4  Joy Circle
March 11  Peace Circle
March 18  Men's Bible Study
March 25  Faith Circle
April  1     Luther League
Community Lenten Worship
Service and Luncheons

The Orion Area Miinisterial Association is once again sponsoring Friday noontime worship services and luncheons during Lent. Different area churches will host each of the gatherings. All are invited to join their sisters and brothersin christ for worship, good food and fellowship. A $2.00 donation per person is requested for each lenten luncheon. The overall theme this year is : Favorite Psalms.

Date                Host Church   
Feb. 28                  Orion United
March 6                 Mary, Our Lady of Peace
World Day of Prayer 
March 13               Faith Family
March 20               St. Paul Lutheran
March 27               Beulah Presbyterian
April 3                    Augustana Lutheran  
Counter Schedule - February 2020
 February 2   Linda Papoccia & Nick Swanson
February  9  Bonnie Bandelow & Emily Maertens
February 16 Linda Papoccia & Bryan Johnson
February 23  Emily Maertens & Jeanine Lees
Communion Set-Up February/March 2020
February  2   Kathy Atwell
February  9  Wally and Diane Ladewig
February 16  Steve and Nancy Grey
February 23  Laura Rickey
February 26  Kathy Atwell (Ash Wednesday)
March  1   Lori Foley
March  8   Kathy Atwell
March 15  Wally and Diane Ladewig
March 22  Ken and Diane Poppy
March 29  Steve and Nancy Grey
     February 2020        
      Nancy Gray
                                Jeanine Lees 
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if unable to serve.
Acolyte Schedule
Note: please be at church no later than 15 minutes before the service. Find Pastor for instruction.
If you cannot acolyte on your scheduled date, trade with someone else and let the church office know ASAP about the date. (309.521.8127) Save this schedule and parents phone numbers.
Laura / Katie Angelos            309.235.5910
Jennifer / Kile Johnson          309.428.5433
Laura/Ashley Rickey              309.235.4259
Michele/Sophie Selander       309.721.3162
Diane/Emma Poppy               
February  2   Ashley Rickey
February  9   Logan Selander
February 16  Katie Angelos
February 23  Emma Poppy
February 26 7:00pm   Volunteer Needed!..Ash Wednesday Service
March  1   Ashley Rickey
Narch   8   Logan Selander
March 15   Katie Angelos
March 22   Emma Poppy
March 29   Ashley Rickey

See Upcoming Events on our website for the most Up-To-Date schedule information

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