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We need to let our MPs know that we don't want the UK to leave the EU. They can stop Article 50 by voting against it in Parliament. We want to fill up our MP's letterboxes and give them evidence that the will of the people has shifted. Your MP is voted for by you and they should be sure to listen to your views. Their responses will give you and your fellow constituents a good idea of who is representing you.

Tips for writing to your MP

  • It is best to not send an email or generic template.  Write a personal letter and post it to them, as they are much more likely to give you a considered and personalised response.

  • Include your address and the date you wrote the letter.

  • Send it by Recorded Mail, if you can, so that you know it has arrived.

  • It's good to be clear, firm, passionate and heartfelt - it does not help your case to be abusive or threatening.

  • Keep to a couple of subject areas, some ideas to help you are below.

  • Ask them questions to try and find out their views.

We all have our concerns about the direction the country has taken since 23rd June. What are your main concerns about the UK leaving the EU?

Below are a few subject ideas that could help.  We haven't gone into too much detail as this letter should be from you.

What's the plan?
The terms of leaving are being decided in private, by a small clique in Government.
The uncertainty has already lasted for 6 months, how much longer until we know what is planned?  Is this really the way to run a country?
We potentially face a 'Hard' Brexit, but the advisory referendum was only on the UK's membership of the EU.

Misleading Leave campaign
The Leave campaign is famous for the lies they told, like the £350m a week promised for the NHS.
Many of those who voted to Leave have since changed their mind now that the real costs and consequences of leaving are better understood.

Break up of the UK
Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to Remain.  There could be a push by either for independence from the rest of the UK, if they are forced to leave the EU against their will.
In the case of Northern Ireland this instability could also put the Good Friday agreement at risk.

The Environment
There have already been indications by some MPs that they want to repeal regulations to protect our natural habitat.  EU regulations that could be at risk include clean drinking water and blue flag beach standards.

Flawed referendum
The referendum was advisory but a narrow majority is being treated as a landslide.
16.1 million people voted to Remain and 63% of the total population did not vote to Leave (includes those that voted to Remain, under 18s, UK citizens living in the EU).
It was an ill-conceived referendum.  A super-majority should have been required to make such a momentous change.
The referendum was called because of split in the Conservative Party and not in the best interests of the UK.

The Economy
The Autumn statement on 23rd November laid bare the real cost of leaving the EU.
£122bn worse off by 2020. £234m per week extra borrowing over the next 5 years (but what about the £350m extra revenue we were promised by the leave campaign?)
A weaker economy means even less services at a time when many are already struggling with austere budgets.

Loss of EU rights
We could lose our EU citizenship and the rights that it currently offers us.
Great uncertainty for over 3 million EU Nationals who call the UK home.
We have a Government that is keen to repel the Human Rights Act and replace it with a weaker Bill of Rights.
Potential for employment rights to be weakened if we leave the EU.

Local impact
How has this uncertainty affected you and your neighbours?
Do you own a business and have you had to scale back your ambitions because of the uncertain and costly post-EU future?

The Somerset MPs are

Name (Party), Position on 23rd June - Constituency

Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger (CON), Leave - Bridgwater and West Somerset

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON), Leave - North East Somerset

Mr David Warburton (CON), Leave - Somerton and Frome

Ms Rebecca Pow (CON), Remain - Taunton Deane

Mr James Heappey (CON), Remain - Wells

Mr John Penrose (CON), Remain - Weston-Super-Mare

Mr Marcus Fysh (CON), Leave - Yeovil

Send your letter to 
MP's Full Name
House of Commons,

Thank you from Somerset LOVEs Europe.
Together we can stop the UK leaving the EU.  There is hope!

The small act of writing to your MP can make a massive difference in the campaign to stay in the EU.  Please ask your friends and families to join in with this campaign.  We would love to hear back from you with your feedback on writing to your MP.

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